shhhhhh……a quiet afternoon


It was a busy morning, with a trip out to get groceries.  Then, back at home to: nurse-the-hungry-baby-put-away-groceries-clean-up-get-David-off-the-bus-make-lunch-eat-outside-clean-up-again-let-children-play-clean-the-porch-put-children-to-bed-for-naps-and so on…..

But how lovely that a new, beautiful, inspiring book came in the mail for me today!  Just the excuse I need to S L O W down…and what a treat to welcome an unexpected gentle rain fall, too.  Rain smells so nice, doesn’t it?  I took my coffee and my book outside.

Sometimes beautiful things make me choke back little tears…and this book is full of the stuff that makes my heart sing.  Vintagey stuff, warm memories, aprons, bright colors, outdoorsy stuff, new ideas, simple but good food and recipes, “how-to” projects, animals, adventures outside (like sleeping under the stars), gorgeous photographs so that at times I just slowly turned pages to soak them in instead of trying to read every word.  All written by a woman brave enough to put action to her dreams, so very inspiring to me….I’m a hesitant sort a gal.  Sometimes I don’t even know/realize what I want until I see it in front of me, then I recognize my dreams and let my mind soar…and this book opened those longings in me for a little while this afternoon.  I came away with a renewed desire to spend even more time outside, to beautify my home and be creative, to open my eyes to the special pictures my eyes can see here in my own life…like my children’s rubber black boots lined up by the front door, Caleb’s left behind crayons and coloring book, the pretty (but dirty) fiesta dishes in the sink, Rich’s work gloves left behind, my own grandma’s yellowed recipes written on index cards, and so on.

I’ve got more ideas, and more plans, and more things to look forward to, all from a little quiet time in the afternoon.  Whether or not I’ll get to them will be left to see.  *I’m gonna try*  It’s so nice to dream.

After a while, I let the children get up and they took a bag of peanuts (in the shell) out to their new playset and they sat under the roofed section as the rain came down, cracking peanuts and throwing the shells off onto the grass.  I had the background sound of both the rain and my chattering, laughing youngsters having fun in the rain, but not really IN it.  One baby was warm and soft in my lap, too, wrapped in a flannel blankie.  Pass the tissues, my eyes are tearing up again!  Isn’t life grand?


My hot peach-flavored coffee was just the thing!

The book was full of aprons galore~


This cute little spot was set up outside for the children, all child-sized things~


This section was about picnics~


More aprons~and little Sethie readin’ with Mama~folding his hands so nice.

I was wearing my favorite, made just for me sweater, that I’ve had since I was a teenager.


Just behind us, in the corner of the flower garden, were my peonies in bloom, enjoying a nice washing~


**sigh** Thanks for stopping by my little place on xanga, and for liking me, even though I am sort of sappy.  I know I am, I just can’t help it! 

Well, Seth is starting to call, and I have a vegetable lasagna to pop in the oven for dinner.  Time to go back to “playing house”~

Have a cheerful night, all!



0 thoughts on “shhhhhh……a quiet afternoon

  1. You are a breath of fresh air.  Your posts are so uplifting and encouraging–I love reading them and getting a glimpse of your day!!!!I love your tablecloths–you make the simple things in life so pretty and inviting!!!

  2. Oooh. I’ve contemplated getting that book for quite awhile. šŸ˜‰ I have all of her other books, refrigerator magnents, subscribe to her magazine….and yes, I even own her Rambling Rose Farm Girl Bedding from Belks!!!! šŸ™‚  (spent a fortune- but love it!)I think I should go ahead and get the Outpost book. šŸ™‚ Looks great!  I’m glad you had quiet time for yourself this afternoon!

  3. Oh, do be sappy…I love it…that is one reason I know we are kindred spirits! What a beautiful description of the beauty in your day, a few moments in the midst of raising your family.

  4. this year things in my life changed drastically…in the midst of the unsettling i found your xanga site and read a few posts…then i subscribed so i could read it regularly…your writings are so full of warmth and friendship and family and love of life…it fills a “sappy” spot in my heart that makes it easier to get along this new path life is taking here…thank you for letting me share in your life and adventures…it is like a treasured visit each time i read your posts…>^,,^<linda

  5. I think the reason books like this are so important for us, is how they remind and inspire us to simply ENJOY our children, families, and homes. ENJOY through creative, homemade, simple, and happy ways. You always recommend the best books, and I have never heard of this one. THANKS!P.S. I LOVE rainy days, they feel so cozy!

  6. Everyone needs a little sappy-ness, if you ask me.  I enjoy it thoroughly, myself. šŸ™‚  I’m intrigued by the thought of this peach coffee you speak of.  Not a flavor I have tried, sounds interesting!  I’m so tickled by your entry today, thanks for writing it.  I hope you have a great night.  Much love, Trish

  7. Yeah, I know the feeling! I’m currently reading a book about women caring for women (more like women as caretakers of everyone) and it dates from 1850 – 1940. Times were different, yet I still try to bring some of that lost era and homeyness to my family’s lives. From the look of your book and comments – you have a good start doing the same for your family!

  8. I always love reading your posts. You are such a neat, unique person. šŸ™‚ You make me want to appreciate life more and savor every moment. I’m so happy you’re feeling better.

  9. Sappy works just fine for me. I think we must be kindred spirits! I love all your musings. Often when I read your thoughts, and look at the pictures you take, I see and feel your heart, and I just love you so!

  10. Your post makes me want to sit out on my patio and read a book in the rain.  How relaxing you make things sound.  My mom passed down the love of aprons to all her daughters, and I wear one every single day. I can’t make dinner or clean the kitchen without one!  I might get this book for my mom. Thanks for sharing.I noticed something too, we have the exact same engagement ring!!!  How funny!!!  And I think the same wedding band too, I have a very thin gold band!  =)  Have a good day!

  11. Your post does that for me…you know, inspires me, encourages me…. That book looks really neat.  I love those aprons around the table in the picture.  I like the table cloths on your little table on your porch too:).     

  12. If I saw this in the bookstore I would think of you! The thing of it is, is that you live in a house and on property where many of you “country dreams” CAN come true, like your chickens and your gardens!  I do not think that you are sappy I think you are just grateful!So cute how Seth is folding his hands, and the tablecloth looks like it could be a photo in the book, was it inspired by the book?

  13. Shanda would you mind sharing the title of the book?  It looks like an awesome book and I love reading those kind of books and dreaming too. 

  14. Sappy ~ NO ~ A Heart full of LOVE ~ YES!!!  Don’t ever change, its a beautiful attribute.  Love the porch – Love the Book – Love the Peonies – Love the Vintage linens – Love the Coffee cup – (I have the same, except for the monogram is “R” of course, we Must be Kindred Spirits!) – Love the Baby sitting on Mamas lap – Love your Sweet Posts!  Blessings ~

  15. sometimes you just need to slow down…that always feels nice…I am a sap too, when it comes to beautiful things….and also a sap at the airport when I see a mom and kids waiting for daddy to come home, and they are holding signs….I always cry when they see him coming and the kids run to him…*tear*

  16. Shanda~ I went to the library last night and grabbed a copy of the book too! You are right, the photos are lovely! I dont know about the bathtub idea though???? šŸ™‚ ~amy

  17. @ecmollymadi – Ha Ha!  I thought about that a lot since I read it.  I like the IDEA, however, Rich said (I asked him for his input) he would much rather go in a hot tub regardless of the chemicals.  And, I was wondering how on earth she empties the tub?  You would think the water would pour right into the hot plate underneath and I sure wouldn’t want to empty it out by hand!  The picture of the outdoor tub is lovely, though…..I tried one of her potato salad recipes last night (the southwestern one) and it was delicious.  Do you think you would enjoy sleeping outside?  I’ve gone camping before but not since I had children.  Sleep is too precious to me these days, but she makes it sound so nice!

  18. Shanda~ I like to camp but I dont like waking in the middle of the night for a hike to the restroom. We have tents, but would love camping more with a camper! I love the pic of the bed outside. It looks so peaceful. I guess if I could, I would sleep in a hamock with my hubby on the front porch. That would be my bed on a perfect cool night. You are right, mom’s need sleep and no one/ nothing needs to voluntarily mess with it. Have a great weekend with your family. ~amy

  19. Oh thank you for mentioning that book! You had posted one by her around last summer, and I had been trying to figure out what it was because I wanted to check it out from the library again but had forgotten the title. Now I will search by author. I’ve been doing some crafty projects lately…I’ll have to post some pictures on my xanga soon. I know what you mean about not knowing what you want until you see it. I looove looking at books like that.

  20. That VERY book is sitting right next to me as I write. I’ve been pouring over all of it’s loveliness for the last couple of weeks. I came across your blog a little while ago and I am so enjoying getting a glimpse of your sweet life. Thanks for sharing your quiet time with us! Blessings, Melissa

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