I’m a little baby, three months old. . . . .













My name is Seth and my Mama says I’m growing so much these days.  You wouldn’t think that a baby my age would be so busy but I am.  I do like to take my naps but there are other things I like to do, too.  My Papa says I am getting spoiled by all the people in my family holding me so much, but Mama says that I am not held enough, in her opinion.

I like to watch things.  There are fans on the ceiling that go ’round and ’round and I stare at them a lot.  I also like to keep an eye on my dangling friends above my bed and above my swing.  I like it when I can be carried around on my Mama’s shoulder and I can look around at everything.  I can pick my head up strong, but I do wobble it sometimes, too.

My swing is so much fun.  My Mama puts me in it and I go back and forth gently.  My swing plays music for me, or some bird songs or other sounds from nature.

My Mama wants me to love God’s big beautiful world and so I have already been outside a lot.  She takes me to listen to the stream, to watch the trees moving, and to breathe the fresh air.  She says that the sun makes everything grow, including her babies.  When I am in the house, she lays me down in sunbeams.

Everything she does makes me feel so safe, and so I do not cry often.  If my Mama says I am fussy, I do not listen…because if she only knew why I was fussy she would not mind.  Sometimes my tummy hurts, and one time my sister’s bunny scratched me.  Another time I got shots and just the other day my Mama pinched my finger with the nail clippers.  When things like this happen, it can sometimes take me a while to get over it.  

My happiest times are when my Mama is nursing me, or sleeping with me in her big bed.  Whether she is nearby or far away, I can sense it even if I am asleep.  That’s why, when I wake up in the night, I always start to cry.  It’s because I feel so lonely.  I know she doesn’t like to leave me at bedtime.  Sometimes she feels afraid that something might happen to me when I am sleeping.  She talks to God about that, and then I hear her sigh a little and say, “Yes, Father, I trust You to watch over my baby for me when I am asleep.”  And then she looks at me for a little while and touches me softly and then she goes away until I call her to come nurse me at about 3:00 in the morning. 

My other happy times include:  When my Papa comes home and talks to me and hugs me at the end of the day.  He calls me “smalls” and he sometimes lays me down on his bed to bounce me and see me smile big.  My big brothers love me so much.  Jacob calls me “little man”.  My sister sings to me.  My brother David likes to look at me and sometimes poke at me.  Yesterday on the way to church he even pinched my nose shut to see what would happen.  My Mama turned around quick when I made a funny noise.  She thought I was throwing up.  My brother thought it was funny, and when my Mama knew I was okay she laughed, too.

I can chew my fists now.  I can also move around better.  If my Mama props me up on pillows I lean way forward and then fall over on my side.  I just don’t want to lay still like that anymore.  I want to move!

My Mama says I drool too much.  And she is always wiping my chin for me to keep me dry. 

I can laugh now, too.  When she changes my diaper, I get excited and happy and then she tickles me under my chin and I laugh out loud!

She likes to take my picture and I don’t mind.  I can see a little light on her camera and I look at that and wonder.  She sure takes pictures a lot!

Yes, I am growing and changing.  Someday soon I will be able to do other things, too.   My Mama makes sure to enjoy me every day, because soon I will be even bigger!  She takes such good care of me and I hope that my Papa gives her lots of attention on Sunday, May 10, because that is Mother’s day.  I heard my Papa tease her and say he would go away to visit HIS Mama on that day, but he was laughing so I knew he was kidding.  He will give my Mama LOTS of presents, I think.


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