I was busy busy this morning.  Getting everyone ready, taking pictures.  I eventually realized that I was getting rushed and made myself S L O W down and enjoy my husband (who did all the ironing!!!!!), my 12 year old boy, 11 year old boy, 9 year old girl, 6 year old boy, 3 year old boy, and 2 month old boy.  Each so special and unique.

Sometimes on holidays, I wonder “What will this day be like next year?”  “I wonder what will happen between now and then?”  And I remember again how each and every day is a precious gift, one to record and remember and enjoy. 

My memories of Easter morning, 2009. . . .

. . .when I dressed the four older boys in khaki pants, white shirt, and matching ties.  Grace and Seth wore all white.

. . .when Ethan’s original outfit consisted of khaki pants that were about 10 inches too short, black socks, and pure white sneakers.  I squealed in horror and made him try again.  “You’ll wear black shoes even if you have to squeeze into them.” 

. . . when I did a photoshoot of the children indoors, because Easter morning was in the 30’s.

. . ..and Caleb dropped his choo-choo when he got out of the vehicle at church and got his pants dirty when he got down to get it.

. . . when I took Caleb to the bathroom to clean the knees of his pants, and realized he had no underwear on.

. . . when our baby Seth was only 2 1/2 months old.  His first Easter.

. . . .when 3 year old Caleb had to sit between Mama and Papa in big church.  I overheard Rich whispering things like this:  “Caleb!  Do you remember what I said to you?  Do you remember what I said to you?”  “Get your hands out of your mouth.”  “Put your foot down.”  “Sit still.  Listen to the Pastor.”  “Fold your hands.”

. . .. and he finally had to march Caleb out.  When they came back in, Caleb sat MUCH more quietly!

. . .when we ate our Easter dinner at Crackerbarrel around a long table.  All eight of us.

. . .when Jacob, Ethan, and David put their heads together while we waited for our food, and quietly looked through a Star Wars toy catalogue.

. . .and David said, with happy eyes, “Isn’t this place GREAT?”

 . . .and Grace helped Caleb with his food.  Cleaned his tie when he dropped macaroni and cheese on it.  Buttered him another corn muffin.

. . .and Sethie slept next to Mama in his carseat, up on a chair so she could look at him. 

. . . .when Davy and Grace each got up and walked over to look at Seth numerous times during the meal.  They love him so.

. . . .when an elderly couple walked up to Rich and the man encouraged Rich and told him he had a beautiful family, a wonderful family. 

. . . .when after our dinner, we had to make a quick trip to Walmart, and I nursed the baby  in the vehicle as we waited for Rich to get the dog food for Parker.

. . .and when we left, our trunk flew open and the stroller, a box, and the dog food all fell out the back, right in the road leading out of Walmart.  A young lady got out of her car and helped Rich pick everything up and wished us a Happy Easter.

. . . and David pulled Grace’s hair on the way home and was made to fold his hands for the rest of the trip. 

. . . .and when we got home, Rich made the older kids clean all the wrappers (from easter candy) out of the vehicle.

. . .and now…….the sun is shining.  My family is all resting.  The house is quiet and peaceful.  I’m not tired, and I’m having fun sitting here recording all these memories.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the morning:










I hope each of you are having a wonderful day! 

Happy Easter!

Love, Shanda

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  1. You are a blessed woman, indeed! Thanks for sharing your memories with the rest of us. Your family is beautiful. My favorite is the boys lined up in a row on the couch.

  2. That first shot is a beautiful family portrait!  And the others are wonderful memories, too — your portrait skills are growing as fast as your children!  Happy, happy Easter to all of you!

  3. What wonderful pictures! You really do have a beautiful family, a wonderful family. I just love your little Caleb… no undies! All of the pics are great, but I really love the one with Caleb on the stairs and big brother holding Seth while he is grinning away!

  4. Your daughter looks so especially beautiful amongst those handsome brothers of hers! What wonderful Easter memories from this morning!blessings on the rest of your day!

  5. I love your memories.  Sometimes I think it is neat to look on the day “from the mom’s perspective.”.  Glad to hear that other children pick at each other in the vehicle.  Hee Hee.  We deal with that too:).

  6. I always love that you depict the way things actually are.  Thanks for always showing your life with us all.  Your day sounded similiar to ours on many fronts.  May you and your family be blessed

  7. Your picutres are so beautiful!  I loved hearing all the little things about Easter 2009 for you.  You did such a great job dressing all of your children.  Grace looked so beautiful.  You do have a beautiful family . . . .Love you, Elisha

  8. Absolutely precious photos!  Seth is so bright-eyed ~ what a punkin’!  No underwear? ~ oh wow, that made me really chuckle.  Grace ~ you look absolutely lovely in that beautiful dress.     Blessings to all ~

  9. What a beautiful family and such wonderful memories. Sounds like you had a very eventful Easter :] The girl is precious. Her dress was beautiful as well. I remember my mom dressing us all up for Easter lol. Not anymore =/ ..

  10. Wonderful wonderful pictures! They all look so great in these pictures. Seth looks like he is going to have a cheerful personality, like he is so happy to be part of this family!

  11. Oh that little man Seth…his lovely smile makes my heart happy…Your beautiful children are so wonderful…I will send you the pic of the bunnies in a couple days…season tree at work didn’t work out…

  12. Oh Shanda! These pictures are precious! I bet when they’re all in their 20’s and 30’s, this will be the cherished picture that you and your husband will always pull out and look at. I love the big grin on Seth’s face on his big brother’s lap. So cute!!

  13. That is so cute So very cute–You have a Beautiful Family and it seems that you have learned how to enjoy them—I must learn to know all the boys names so I can say what I want to say.–The Picture of the oldest son–Is it Ethan? Holding Seth on the steps and Seths little tongue sticking out is darling–the little guy–3 year old is that Calab?–He looks so (was going to say)–ornery but that is not the correct word when I looked it up–It is not him at all I need another word lets see–Mischievous–That is a better word.
    Your discription of Sunday service brings back memories of long ago So very long ago.–I had to laugh about no undies–Trunk coming open–Rich”s expectations in Church and carring them out–Family’s ability to go to Cracker-Barrel and enjoy with all things in control–Gracie Beautiful Lady so capable of being the only girl–It was fun looking at all the pictures–Can you use –Hand-me-downs–Like we use to do?–Girl on R–Granddaughter

  14. awww! I love the one of your oldest boy holding the baby- I love his cute smile!! =) Hope your Easter was wonderful! Thank u very much for sharing the pictures w/ us- I enjoyed looking @ them. =)

  15. I love, love, LOVE these pictures of your children. They all have such a look of sweetness and innocence about them! I love the white on Seth and Grace. I agree with the couple at Crackerbarrel, you have a beautiful family.You made me laugh out loud with the episode of Rich dealing with Caleb at church! Oh, how familiar to one who grew up with many younger siblings! LOL

  16. Who made Seth smile?  They did such a great job!!!
    Grace is still a little princess, the choice of all white was perfect!!!  All of these are great..really so great!  I did the Ham, I found just what you described, they had it on Allrecipes with the bag and the maple syrup and all of it…it turned out great, also had scalloped Potatoes and green beans, it was a ton of work to do before church but was so worth coming home to!
    Love, JO

  17. What precious pictures!! I can’t decide which one is my favorite. You made me smile. I am glad I am not the only one who calls my son “Sethie”. Well, I don’t so much anymore, since he will be 12 years old tomorrow. Where did the time go?? It seems like not that long ago he was my little Sethie too. You have a beautiful family Shanda. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.Melody

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