I can hardly believe it’s Friday!  Rich just left with the children (Jacob, Ethan, Grace, and Caleb) to go take care of business involving our new vehicle purchase….now that baby is here Rich is buying me a new Toyota Sequoia.  Since they don’t make it in any shade of green (my first choice) I picked red instead.  It seats eight, and that’s all that matters to me. 

David is in school…..so I’m home with baby Seth, who is sound-sound asleep in his little bed.

Things are going well….amazingly well.  For me, the biggest challenges to overcome after a birth are the mental ones….feelings of anxiety and loss of “control” as we adjust to a newborn’s needs.  Seth’s first night home was a little uncertain/anxious for me because we couldn’t get him to settle down until 1:00am.  He was very “snorty” and it was bothering him not be able to breath out his nose the way he needed to.  The dry air, I guess.  We all did end up getting some sleep and yesterday (our first full day at home) was a good day.  I don’t remember much of it at this time, though.

Last night was much better for Seth, he isn’t snorting anymore and he slept so peacefully.  We were in bed by 9, he woke up to eat at 11 and then at 3:45.  Then up again at 7 something.  And each time he woke up, he was only awake long enough to fill his tank and then back to sleep he went.  And he’s sleeping now, too. 

He’s so dreamy.  So tiny.  Rich and I adore him…looking at him, holding him, talking about how sweet he is to each other.

I thought you might like to see pictures of the children holding Seth for the first time.

Grace held him first.  My sister Amanda and her husband watched the kids for us while I was in the hospital and I was so happy that she made sure Grace looked pretty when she came for a visit (she even had polished nails!).  I felt so happy looking at my little red and brown bird/Grace. 

Grace enjoyed holding Seth, and made me laugh when she said, after just a few minutes, that he was heavier than he looked.  (I guess her little arm got tired out!)

The nurses LOVED Grace, just loved her. 


And then big brother Ethan got a chance to meet Seth.


Here is another picture of Ethan with Seth.  David was hovering about, and I love the look on his face in this picture.  And Ethan looks so loving.  Papa is making sure Seth is safe.

DSC_9792 (3)  

Jacob couldn’t go to the hospital because he was home sick with a cold.  So, he held Seth when we got home.  Jacob isn’t bashful at all about baby, and talks to him all the time.  He wrote a note for Seth, too.  This is what it said, “Welcome Seth.  Grow up healthy and strong, And may you like Thomas the Tank Engine as your brothers did before you.  And may you like guns.”


And here is a picture of Davy-do with Seth.  One of my most special memories will be of David, when I was pregnant with Seth, asking me so sweetly, “How’s Seth doing?”  At least once a day he needed to know.

And, now that Seth is born he is still asking me……..”How’s Seth doing?”


Caleb said, “I don’t want to hold Seth!”  But, once we got Seth in his arms his eyes lit right up so happy.

The first thing Caleb said when he saw Seth was, “I’m BIG NOW!”  It was so precious.


Sitting here, remembering and writing about the past few days, I’m realizing again how quickly the time goes by.  This is such a sweet, sweet time….I’m starting to cry because I want them to last forever right now……I’m so thankful to God for Seth…… and I want to hold on to every moment with him and his brothers and sister.

The house is quiet, there is a fire going in the living room.  I think I’ll scoop my sleeping little one out of bed and go cozy up on the couch for a while. 

Love, your ol’ pal, ~Shanda

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  1. Such sweet pictures  
    Also… just wanted to say… you are going to LOVE your Sequoia we’ve had ours for 6 years now  we bought it just before we had our 1st little one and we just had our 4th two weeks before Seth joined your family   It is a wonderful vehicle… especially with kids
    Keep snuggling that sweet baby of yours… you are right… (my oldest is only 5) but I see already they grow up way too fast!!!  Give that cutie a snuggle and a kiss for me

  2. The pictures of the kids holding Seth are great. I love Grace’s red shoes. I really like Caleb and Seth too. Cherish those moments dear friend. Hold onto them. Glad you and baby are doing well.

  3. SHANDA!!!!!! Where have I been??? I stopped by to say, “How are you feeling” and “Not too much longer, hang in there.” I can’t believe he’s here and you’re already home! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! He’s precious! I’m so very happy for you all, and I am wishing more than ever I could reach right through this computer and get in on some of that baby cuddling! He’s so tiny and cute!

  4. Looking at the pictures of the children holding Seth made me smile, but when I saw the photo of David and his question about Seth my eyes teared up. How precious your children are, how deeply God has blessed you and Rich

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