a pig amongst fiesta, and other rambling thoughts


If you ever noticed the curser on my blog…..than you may have an idea that I just might have a thing for piggies.

And not just these sorts of  piggies, although I do love them, too.  These ones belong to Caleb. 


Yes, I do think pigs are cute.  I have a collection of unique pigs (not any ol’ pig will do)…a cast iron one from Sturbridge, a small carnival glass piggie bank, a white china pig with purple violets on it that I found at an antique store with my Aunt Colleen, and others.  My family (mainly my Aunt Colleen, Aunt Mary, and my Mom) see pigs and think of me.  (LOL)  This weekend, when we celebrated Christmas with my parents, my mom presented me with several more pigs, including the young Miss Piggie who is now sitting proudly amongst my fiestaware.  She has privileges because she matches the dishes so well….don’t you think she looks good?  Mom and I got right up after I opened her and put her in the cupboard.  She can stand guard and look cute.

Well….what else is new?  I’m happy to say that after a tiresome day yesterday God granted me a lovely night’s sleep last night.  Oh how I needed it….I still got up several times but I never had trouble getting back to sleep and my sleep was deep and restful.

Rich is home from work today.  For Christmas, he gave me a card with ten dates written in it that were for my own personal days off…all throughout the year.  Today is my first official day off.  He even brought me breakfast in bed.  He came in the bedroom with two eggs and two pieces of toast.  He said, “They aren’t the prettiest eggs in the world, but I know they’ll taste good.”  When he gave me the plate, I laughed so hard….because the eggs were fine but the TOAST was burnt!  It wasn’t too far gone, so I still ate everything.  And it was very good.

All of our trees in the view out my window are coated with ice and the sun is shining behind them, making them glitter and glow so beautifully.

The kids are watching the birds out the kitchen window….cardinal, blue jay, little chickadees, woodpecker, etc…we set up several feeders and they love watching the birds.  Yesterday I put peanut butter and birdseed in a grapefruit half and strung it up to one of the feeders.  I call it the “grapefruit swing”…I hope the birds are impressed as the children were.  David was so inspired that he spread a piece of bread with p.b. and birdseed and ran it out back to put on the ground under the feeders.  A bluejay is working at it right now, as a matter of fact.

I took this picture of the dripping ice yesterday—-I was out on the porch. 


Icicles are so pretty, aren’t they?  I found two little ones outside, dangling from an evergreen, and brought them in as gifts for David and Caleb and they breathlessly thanked me like it was the biggest treat in the world.  They ate them right up…..delicious!

My mom, for Christmas, also gave me a ball of 100% cotton yard and a crochet hook to get me started on a dish cloth.  I was working on it yesterday.  After I took the picture I added a lot more to it, and now it’s almost done.  Mary Jane’s Stitching Room is an inspiring book that I’ve kept out so I can look through it now and then.


During one of my “crash on the couch” moments yesterday, Jacob observed, “Mom!  It seems like you’re on the couch every chance you get these days!!”  To which Ethan quickly replied by saying in a shocked way, “That’s because she’s PREGNANT, Jacob!”  I just smiled and thought, “How nice not to even have to defend myself!”  And how nice that my boys are being educated about living with a pregnant woman, lol.

Yep.  The couch is a nice place to be these days….but, I must admit….I’m starting to dream of spring and walks in the woods again.  I really miss being in the woods.  The boys go out to walk the dog and I make them give me nature reports when they come back inside.  The other day Ethan brought me a tall tall thick weed to show me.  He liked it because it had a thin vine twirled around and around it.  It was decorated with vine.

This morning I have a doctor’s appointment (at 9:45).  I may try to go to the bookstore afterwards if I have the energy.  Rich, like I said, is taking care of house and children all day and I feel SO FREE!

Have you noticed my baby countdown?  Only 13 more days until my due date!  I’m getting soooooooooo excited.  Of course, the thought of labor and delivery doesn’t much excite me, but when it’s all over what a happy moment that will be!  I’ll have to teach Rich how to post Seth’s first picture to my blog so he can do that for me.  I wonder how many of you are checking my blog just to see if I’ve had him yet?    Such sweet xanga pals I have!  Thank you for your prayers and encouragement, it means so much to me! 

Love, ~Shanda~



0 thoughts on “a pig amongst fiesta, and other rambling thoughts

  1. Oh yeah, I’m waitin’ on that birth, alright!  Love your grapefruit idea ~ I may have to go dig my grapefruit rinds from this morning’s breakfast out of the trash!  LOL!  I love baby piggies too ~ those little toesies just melt my heart ~

  2. You got it right, Shanda. I check every single day to see if your little guy has been born. I have a little friend in Guatemala who is also expecting any time, but it’s her first baby. It is a girl, and as of our last conversation was crossways instead of head down. They are expecting to do a c-section. My little friend is exactly that — LITTLE, and at one point in her pregnancy had lost down to 78 pounds. I often look at your site and think about the difference in women — in confidence, abilities, resources, family strength, and even spiritual resilience. How very much I love your postings and your experiences. They give me so much hope for the families of today. Blessings to you and your precious family. May God give you much courage and joy over these next weeks. ~Mary Ann

  3. I hope you enjoy your free day today:)  The couch is not a bad place to be:)  Especially when you are pregnant.   I miss being outside to, I don’t have the land that you have but being inside all day long is working on this Mama:)

  4. WOW…a “free” day.  You’ll feel lost going to town alone won’t you.  LOL.  What a great gift from your husband.  (I don’t think they fully realize the gift that that is!!!).
    Only 13 days.  Can’t wait to see your little one.

  5. I love Caleb’s little feet — I took pictures of Ruby’s little hands and feet yesterday! I love the pattern of your dishcloth — I’ve made several of them and I really like them — they make nice gifts too! They also make nice washcloths and I wrapped a lovely bar of soap in one, tied it up with a pretty ribbon, and used it as a little gift for someone special.

  6. Awwww….how sweet that your hubby gave you breakfast in bed! You said, “And how nice that my boys are being educated about living with a pregnant woman, lol.”Your boys are being taught by example how to love, adore and respect a woman. I am always completely and totally in awe at how ‘together’ y’all are and how loving your family is. I love reading about your family!Praying for a quick and easy delivery, and YES, I think we are all so excited for you!

  7. Even though I have only found your blog very recently I have become anxious to get to it everyday to hear your thoughts for the day and to see your beautiful pictures. I LOVE the pigs. I collected pigs for probably 10 or more years. I still have them, but, I don’t really buy any anymore. Not sure why. Maybe I should try that again. I just wanted to say that I think you are lovely. Your site has become one of my favorites to visit. I love all of the stuff you make, sew, crochet…. I am a stay at home Mom of 3 but, didn’t really learn any sewing skills from my Mom. (she doesn’t) My favorite Granny made every single outfit I wore growing up in the 70’s (yes, some of the patterns/materials were scary) She made my Mom’s wedding dress and all of her bridesmaid’s dresses. By the time I thought I might like to learn to use a sewing machine, she couldn’t see well enough to teach me anymore. Anyway, you inspire me and when I grow up I want to be just like you.:) (this is funny, because I am 37) Congratulations on having only 13 days til Baby Seth is due to arrive. I hope that you have a wonderful labor and delivery. That has always been the easy part for me, the pregnancy part always terrible! I am a “morning sick” the entire pregnancy person, only all day AND night. So, after being miserable for 9 months, the L and D didn’t seem as bad as it could have been. It was more like sweet relief.Hugs from Georgia…Jenny

  8. Cute piggie!  Neat how it fits right in with your colors.  I think it’s sweet that they are bringing you bits of their walks.  It truly is a good experience for them to be around pregnancy and babies.  They will learn so much and be good fathers!
    Praying your dr appoint is going well.

  9. I don’t really ever comment on stuff! but I love caleb’s little piggys!! and your new piggy in the cupboard! and Yes I check every morning to see if there was any news on whether you have had Seth yet or not!! good luck with everything.. I pray that it goes smoothly for you!

  10. I must admit my prayers for you are becoming more frequent as you near the end of the pregnancy.  I’m sure you are anxious to hold your new little bundle and to get outside with energy to enjoy God’s creation.  Someday you should line all your piggies (your collection) up and photograph them so we can admire their uniqueness.
    Hugs to you my Xanga friend!

  11. blessings on a safe and speedy delivery. It is all so fresh in my mind beings my baby is only 6 weeks old. I dread labor during my entire pregnancy and after all the pain is over and i’m holding my sweet newborn, i think, why did i dread this for 9 whole months, i’d do it all over. So be encouraged!!!! it will be over soon and the sweet baby will be in your arms soon. Have a fun carefree day 🙂

  12. Somehow, I’ve lost track of time and didn’t realize your due date was so close! The fact you slept so well last night is a real blessing!!!Rich is so sweet to offer you “alone time” and I know you’ll enjoy every minute of it!

  13. Your piggy is so content sitting on that shelf:)
    13 more days WOW that will go by amazi ngly fast!!
    A day off….what a lucky woman!!

  14. What struck me first and hardest was memories of eating icicles myself. I was the eldest child in a house full of siblings and I can so remember bright, chilly winter days when I and the two youngest sisters would go “sparkles” hunting. Sister Seven even brought along a special basket so she could share with the others when we returned home. Good memories… Thanks for bringing them back to mind.

  15. I do check everyday!! I am excited for you! I just got into crocheting this winter, and I love it! Your crochet stitches look different than mine – hmmm. I still have much to learn. I am going to see if our library carries that book. 🙂 Enjoy your day off.

  16. Of course I check every day!  Your due date is quickly approaching!  Your new piggie looks just right sitting with the fiesta.  Enjoy your day off!  You are so blessed with a loving husband and family!

  17. Thanks for taking the time to post when you’re so busy with a large family and a large belly. LOL  No, your belly looks just right.  Seriously, your posts brighten my day so much!  Spend as much time on that couch as you can and enjoy your day off.  Thank God for sweet and thoughtful husbands!

  18. Glad to hear you are having such a delightful day…and so well rested. I am sure even the burnt toast tasted good in bed! Yes, we are checking on you and praying for you and baby Seth. Are you usually close to your due date? I am always over…I say I need to cook them extra long! Love the cute little piggies..I always loved playing that when I was little and with my own kids. So fun that your new piggy matches your valentine display. David just stuck his piggies on the desk…they are huge!! More like fingers than toes. I expect your sons will be quite tall too. Hugs! Jenny

  19. Ok, Shanda…..I just had to get on here and let you know about my little adventure today.  I am soooooooooooo excited about your instructions on doing the corn bags that I was eager to get out to buy all my supplies.  First stop was the local feed store……..all they had of whole feeder corn was a FORTY pound bag!!!  I just decided to go ahead and get it…….it was less than $8 with tax!!!  They probably thought I had a whole bunch of chickens to feed!  LOL  Landon helped me pick out some flannel at a local fabric store (he gets a Thomas the Train warmer!).  So, I am ready!  Hopefully I will get a chance to work on them this weekend!  I have enough feed to make some for the whole neighborhood!!!  ( I am sure they wouldn’t mind!  LOL)
    Anyways, thanks again for sharing!  I can’t wait to get to work!

  20. You just gave me a laugh about the conversation between Jacob and Ethan.  That was funny!  I do wonder if there will be a day that I sign into xanga and find out your delivering or Seth is in the world.  That will be a happy happy day!  That is so sweet of Rich to give you a day off.  He is such an awesome Husband!  I love you.  Lish

  21. @naturalmomma1 – try this link……
    I had to sign up in order to get their free patterns but the one I’m currently using is listed (it’s the pattern for a potholder and a dishcloth, I’m just doing the dishcloth)…..Have fun!  I’m so glad you’re going to start, we can inspire each other!
    @taracotta7 – I love that!  I had a chuckle about the 40 pounds of corn and your joke about making them for the whole neighborhood.  Let me know how it goes, maybe you can post a picture on your site, too?  Have fun!

  22. I must admit that I’m checking my subs MUCH more often in anticipation for your new arrival!  What beautiful stories and tales as usual!  Hoping you had a wonderfully, freeing first day off!

  23. Yeah! Fiesta!!!
    I still want to re-arrange mine like your inspiring Valentine’s display, but I’m sick (AGAIN) so I just don’t have the energy.  Maybe next week.
    Yeah, crochet!!!
    I hope I get through my long window project soon so I can do “new stuff.”  I have a vintage crochet book I like to look through.  The comments on how important fine crochet is to a well-appointed home make me LAUGH! But it does have a lot of good patterns!
    My boys are like that with pregnancy, too, since I was bedridden for mine.  They see a prego woman out and about, and they say, “Hey! She should be home in bed! Let her husband and children take care of her!” Their wives will thank me some day. : P

  24. I must admit that I am checking in daily to see if you are still pregnant with little Seth.  I can’t wait to see pictures.  Makes me almost want another blessing…..but I think I’ll try and wait until out youngest gets to be at least one. 😉  But I must say that at 9 months he is sooooooo big and well not quite my “little” baby any more, although he is still my baby…if that makes sense.
    God Bless,

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