As I near the end of this pregnancy, I’ve found myself doing a lot of sitting. . . .in my husband’s big comfy recliner, with my Bible and journals nearby. 

This morning, I read this in Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening devotional book and copied it down:

“Beloved, remember what you have heard of your Lord Jesus, and what He has done for you. . . let your memory treasure up everything about Christ which you have felt, or know, or believed, and then let you fond affections hold Him fast for evermore.  Love the person of your Lord!”

Each and every journey of life is different.  After graduating from High School, I went to one year of Bible college before Rich and I got married in 1995.  We had our first child a year and two months later.  The past 13 years of my life have been focused on loving and caring for my husband and our growing family.

God has taught me so much about Himself during these years.  How I trust Him!  How I love Him.  How I need Him as I do His will for me—to be not only His child, but to also be a wife and mother to the precious ones He has blessed me with.  I love my place in this world, despite the ups and downs, the fears, the burdens along the way, the sins He has shown me, in my own heart.  God’s bright love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness outshines the darkest day, and the darkest moments.  With Him in my heart there is always “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow”.

So, I’m thankful for this waiting time—when my life has slowed down.  I have time, now, to really meditate and think about my Savior (while doing a lot of sitting by the fire and keeping one eye on the kids).  I believe with all my heart that God understands a Mother’s life….how very busy we are with our young ones, how mentally and physically exhausting it often is, so I know that in the weeks to come when I am so tired and busy with a newborn, He will give me the grace I need. 

I also believe that this time, as I wait with my Bible in my hands and my journal in my lap, is a gift from Him so that I can be refreshed and filled, in preparation for the upcoming birthday of my son Seth.  I am so very grateful.  It will be another memory of His love and care for me, to treasure up.


I took all these pictures today.  Quick snapshots of my life.

Here is Jacob, with his legos.  He was so industrious today and did two days worth of school. 


My pretty little maid, all done with schoolwork for the day, and folding clothes for Mama:


Ethan, finishing up his reading assignments in my preferred sitting and thinking spot—Rich’s big comfy chair.  My Bible and journals are stacked on the table beside him, along with a few little books I was reading to Caleb.


Caleb likes to play with David’s Leapster:


Davy got home from school at 11:30.  He runs to and from the bus every day.  As fast as he can (like the gingerbread man).


The view I see:


“In Your name they rejoice all the day”  Ps. 89:16

“Let your godly ones sing for joy.”  Ps. 132:9b

“Restore to me the joy of Your salvation and sustain me with a willing spirit.”  Ps. 51:12

“A joyful heart makes a cheerful face.”  Proverbs 15:13a

“I would have despaired unless I had believed
that I would see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living.”
  Ps. 27:13


(verses that have touched my heart, and were copied in my journal, in the past few days)

Love ~Shanda~


0 thoughts on “~thankful~

  1. You look lovely 8 1/2 months pregnant!! Do you use any organized bibly study materials, or just “happen upon” (it’s a God thing) those verses that touch your life?  I yearn to be so saturated in God’s word that it just oozes from my being.  Sometimes it’s just hard to start. 
    Have a blessed day!! You have blessed mine.

  2. @srheam – I love Spurgeon’s devotional that I mentioned in the post.  That usually gets me going.  For the month of January I have read the Psalm that matches the date—so for instance, today I read the 27th Psalm.  Also, my word/theme for the year–to ENJOY life–has been a good starting point for devotions, as I look up verses about joy, rejoicing, happiness….etc….

  3. Oh the time of waiting……it can either be a precious time or an annoying time that drags on and on focused on all the aches and pains of pregnancy! So glad you are choosing the first!

  4. Great post, Shanda.  I love the pictures and the verses.  It is wonderful that you are able to enjoy these last few days before Seth arrives, spending time resting and soaking up the Word of God.

  5. I learned more of the Lord when I was pregnant with each of my children than at any other time in my life – for the same reason you mentioned.  That time sitting with Him and His Word, waiting on Him, depending on Him, was unique and quiet.  I was praying this week that He would speak to me – and I will listen and seek Him – again now as I did then.  This post is a great spiritual encouragement to me toward that end! Thank you!
    Did you crochet those blankets I see?

  6. I love the quote from Spurgeon, your focus, the pictures, and verses….OK, I guess I should just say the post! LOL So glad to think of you “soaking in” the goodness and grace of our Lord right now. I know the Lord knows a mommies life…as he created us, and sees us praying as we diaper, feed, and live with our young ones. He does know our need to draw away too Wise woman to spend that time. I delight in the pics of you all nesting together, and Davy running to be a part of school, and running to be a part of home! I have seen the Lord use the quiet I am forced to, by chronic illness. He draws me to Himself and teaches me, He has grown me in prayer, and I have spent much sweet time snuggled up with kids. Cute shots of you and Seth! I love them as opening and closing shots!

  7. Such beautiful thoughts!  Allie is sitting on my lap and couldn’t get over the last picture of your growing tummy… She also couldn’t understand why the baby in the graphic on the left kept moving around like that!  LOL  The imagination and wonder of children – what a joy!  I loved each of the pictures of the kids – so sweet to have shared in a bit of their day!

  8. Shanda, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, our trip was just so much fun! I love that belly! You look so cute! I am missing babies today. Mine is going to be 4 soon!!! Well, it won’t be long before we can all come over to check your blog and see a sweet baby in your arms. I’ll pray for you as the Lord brings you to my mind. Thank you for sharing those verses. I especially love Psalm 27:13. Now, go put your feet up and rest, lots of rest.

  9. Sweet pictures…again I have to tell you I miss seeing you.  I’m glad to see you’re doing well, awaiting Seth’s arrival.  hope you have a nice evening.  Love, Trish

  10. I love that sitting stage before baby comes…although, you know me, I can’t sit STILL.  I always had something in my hands–a book, yarn, something!!!  You have to take your mind off the anticipation!!!  I can’t wait to see Seth’s sweet face on here!!!

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