~more belly pics~

Rich arrived home safe and sound Thursday night….about 10:30-ish.  Thank you to all who prayed for him and for me during his business trip.  Thankfully, he does not have anymore trips scheduled until March. 

It’s been pretty cold here but it hasn’t kept us home.  I took the kids to the library on Thursday and then on Friday Jacob, Ethan, and Grace were with friends during the day from 11 until 5, which was really nice for them. 

Today Rich and I took them to the library again, because I had a book come in that I had requested.  Then we went to McDonald’s for lunch.  Jacob ate the most…..about 13 chicken nuggets, fries, and a drink.  He sure is growing fast.  They all are.  After McDonald’s we all went home for naps. 

I was able to get out tonight.  I met my sister and a couple of my friends for dinner.  Rich dropped me off and while I was busy there at the mall and with dinner, he took the children to Chucky Cheeses.  When they picked me up after a couple of hours, the kid’s mouths were all blue with cotton candy.  Caleb said so cutely, “Chucky Cheese was FUN!”  Even Rich admitted to having more fun than he thought he would have.  It makes me happy to think of them making that memory together. 

In the midst of the day, I did manage to get a few more belly pictures. 

Rich took this one, of the children all putting their hand on Seth.  I love it.


My dear daughter freshened up my toenail polish for me.  Yes, we’re using a math scrap-paper to protect the floor.


This is Rich putting his hand on my tummy….


Grace took these…….





When I look at these pictures I think about how tired I am (I can see it in my eyes).  But, I’m glad I went through the effort of getting the camera out and asking my family to help me take them.  After the baby is born, I know I will enjoy looking at these photos, as I remember what it was like to be pregnant, tired and all.  It’s been such a special, hopeful time.  I’m truly more happy and thankful than words can say.



0 thoughts on “~more belly pics~

  1. Good for you!  I never allowed pics of me pregnant.  Not a pretty site.  You are a beautiful, radiant, strong, healthy mother.  So proud to call you my friend!

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