Jacob wrote “A Dog’s Prayer” this morning for his Language Arts lesson.  It is fashioned after an example in the book, only that one was “A Horse’s Prayer”.  Ethan was inspired by Jacob’s work and asked me if he could do that lesson, too, and I agreed….eager to read what he would come up with.

I’ve been thinking a lot about homeschooling lately, and reading some books to encourage me yet again in this endeavor.  It’s reading things like the following that make me LOVE what we do here at home. 

Here they are, typed as written, both titled, “A Dog’s Prayer”

“To you, my Master, I offer my prayer, provide me a home, and I pray if I do not behave inside, then do not just hitch me outside, but provide me with a doghouse, so I will not be cold and unsheltered.  Give me food and water whenever needed, and walk me, at least two times a day.  Provide me with chewable toys, so I will not pass the day in boredom.  Do not kick or hit me but train me to do your bidding.

And finally, my master, love me, and I will love you, serve me, and I will serve you, and be good to me, for I am your best friend.”   written by Jacob, age 12

“Dear Master,

I am a dog that shall do no harm to my dear master.  So do not kick or leave me.  You don’t no what I go through.  Walk me every day and feed and give me water.  Do not muzzle me when I bite for it is just defence.  Take me to the vet when I am sick but pertect me from shots dear master.  Take me in when it rains oh master, and give me lots of love and treats.  Do not throw me in the water for abuse.  Do not sell me, if you do, sell me to a kind master nearby.  Finaly beloved master, do not crush shoot or laugh at me.  And you shall be my master for a very long time.

PS (give me christmas and birthday presents)

Your loving Dog”

written by Ethan, age 10


DSC_2412 (2)


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  1. These 2 made my day. You have very smart children who seem to have their heads on straight! Keep up the good work in teaching your children God’s word. Hope you and your family have a great rest of the day!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been waiting all day to see what they wrote.  They are delightful!
    “You don’t no what I go through.” – I’m so glad I never need pray THAT prayer!

  3. Ahh, those writings and boys are so sweet. So glad they have their dog to love and think about. Some of my favorite writings are those written for Bible journals. I love to read what they are thinking in connection to God’s word!

  4. God gives me what I need, when I need it.  I was about to throw in the homeschooling towel (so to speak) this morning.  Thank you for the reminder that there are WONDERFUL moments as well as the not so wonderful ones.  Your boys’ dog prayers were precious!
    Love, Hannah

  5. How very neat to read.  They have both have such a good way of putting things into words.  Especially Jacob.  I read his prayer and while it was fun and about a dog and his master it did make me wonder if some of the things he wrote tells about his relationship with the Lord.  I hope so.  Shanda, keep continuing on.  God is using you in such very awesome ways, to influence your children.  Love, Elisha

  6. Wow!!! from the words of babes… you are so fortunate to be able to homeschool your children….If I could do things over…I would homeschool mine…God bless you…(((HUGS)) very nice picture to go with the blog…

  7. What a blessing your children are. I love reading about them. How touching these prayers are and how amazingly eloquent they are for such young boys. They are a great reflection on you and your hubby.

  8. Great “Dog Prayers.” 
    I suppose you are having snow in Connecticut this morning.  It is snowing in Maine and sleeting in Pennsylvania, so we are staying in Maine an extra day.  It does not look like a good day for traveling.

  9. How creative!!  I love that they can “pray” even from an animals perspective.  Love the picture of the boys and their dog.  We are torn about the big dog thing.  I think my son would love it, BUT I know that mom would take care of it…the messes, etc. Maybe when he’s older.

  10. I love,love the dog prayers! The pic makes me miss our beloved Oliver who we had to put to sleep Dec.18th.Labs are the greatest dogs! (i love all dogs,but am partial to labs) Blessings to you and your family!

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