~Christmas countdown~ 10 days to go……….

We got our trees up this weekend!


Miss Grace, with her favorite Christmas ornament.  It’s always a special moment when we find her in the box.  We named her Charlotte this year (Grace might have guessed,  I chose the name with Laura Ingalls’ beloved rag doll in mind, those who have read the books know what I’m talking about)……


Here is a group photo of the gang, in front of their own tree.  We put it upstairs for them and let them hang whatever ornaments they have collected or made through the years.  I’m amazed by the strand of lights~ I’ve had them since I was a teenager….(my NY family might remember “Jamesway” which has been out of business for years, I bought them there and they are still working!)


Rich likes a neat and orderly Christmas tree and because he so rarely has an opinion about such things, I am more than happy to do things his way……he chose the colors, too….silver and blue with white lights.  I did ask for a big fat tree this year, and we love this one.  It’s a Douglas Fir and we bought it from the local fire department.

The tree is always magical in the dark.  I took this picture early this morning as I made Rich’s coffee and toast.



Can you believe it’s already December 15th? 

I hope you all have a blessed day,

full of the warmth of God’s love.


0 thoughts on “~Christmas countdown~ 10 days to go……….

  1. No! I can’t believe that Christmas is only 10 days away!Your trees are beautiful!!! That little nook looks like it was made to house a Christmas tree!Donika was looking at the pictures on your site along with me this morning. She said, “Mommy, I want to go there sometime.” She remembered all of your kids and relived along with me the day that you guys came to Lancaster. :o)Merry Christmas, Shanda!!

  2. So I can better enjoy the next few weeks, I’m wrapping ALL gifts today. I’ll bake what I can and would like to try your Jell-O recipe, too.It’s been 16 degrees all morning and this will be par for the next few days. Perfect time to bake, enjoy my children, and relax!

  3. Lovely trees.  I too like an “organized” tree.  I feel like I steal from the children’s joy….they wanted colored lights.  Maybe we will have two trees in the upcoming years.  Love the picture of your daughter with the doll. 
    10 days….YIKES….

  4. Great choice of names for the doll  ;o)   Lovely trees…..I have taken to letting the kids decorate ours to a certain extent…I have been surprised at how well they have done the last two years.

  5. Love the picture of Miss Grace with Charlotte- so sweet!  Your trees are lovely- we did blue and silver for years.  My girls have a small tree in their room, it’s not real though.  Enjoy these last few days til Christmas!

  6. I just love that you named her Charlotte. I had a doll named that when I was probably Grace’s age, thanks to Little House (and I still want to go visit Rocky Ridge Farm one day!)

  7. I love both trees very much….so lovely.  Some day, I’ll have blue and silver, but not until I change the color scheme in here.  I got a new artificial tree this year, it’s got multicolored lights, and I like the change it brings…I’m always a white light person.  Multicolored is just nostalgic to me, and it makes me feel like a kid again.  Anyway, I love the pictures.  Hope you had a great day.  Love, Trish

  8. love your tree. and i like them best in the dark too! i’d like to have a “jamesway” here ~ that is such a frustration every year buying new lights. i’ve just got into the habit of doing it, because w/out fail.. just as you get the tree all set, the strand right in the middle will go out! :/ :)happy 10 days till Christmas ❀

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