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  1. didn’t know a book could do that!I threw a wooden ring (something you hang plants from) at my brother’s head once…big old knot on his forehead…but it was funny to her that he enjoyed the attention at church…this is one for the scrapbooks…

  2. Oh boy!  Oh boys!!  Poor Davy-do!  It looks like he will survive and big brother looks sheepish.  When Jake had stitches, he couldn’t wait to go to church because he knew that everyone would want to know what happened.  Hang in there, mama.  Being the mother of boys is not a task for the faint of heart!  Have a wonderful week!

  3. Bless his heart!  That’s one not too easily forgotten!  I’m sure that Ethan feels just awful … hope David feels better soon! Stopped over from a blog ring … sweet site!  Blessings all around to you and yours!  

  4. How we ever survive childhood …God must have His angels working 24/7Poor Ethan…tell him I slammed the door on my sister Jenny’s finger and cut off the tip when were young!I’m glad Davey’s eye was not hurt.

  5. RAW meat! raw meat applied to eye helps! But hey, what a story they will tell when they are old guys sitting around the table at Thanksgiving and laughing about it all. hugs from sc

  6. Poor kiddo…I never got a chance to talk to you yesterday to see what had happened.  E definitely looks “sheepish”. 🙂  Hope you had a good weekend, and I HOPE we can catch up soon!

  7. OUCH! That looks painful, poor little guy. I can totally relate to the “life with boys is so fun. You never know what will happen next.” Every time I hear a thump or a cry I say “what next”. Hope you have a relaxing week.

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