(((BABY NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))



This morning, at 9:30, I had what I thought would be just a regular O.B. doctor’s appointment.  After I had my check up, my doctor reminded me that I had a scheduled ultrasound on Wednesday and then said, “You guys don’t want to know the sex of the baby, right?”

“Yes we do!  We can’t wait to find out!” I replied.

“Oh, you do want to know?  Do you want me to check right now?  We can cheat a little. . .”

So. . . . . . .I agreed.  I only had Caleb and Grace with me, the older boys were at home.  My doctor turned on the ultrasound machine and we all excitedly awaited the news.  Even my doctor  was excited.

After scanning around a bit on my tummy, and talking to the kids about what the screen was showing, she laughed and turned to me, and mouthed,

“It’s another boy!”

“Are you serious?”


She showed me “the part” on the screen several times. . .so, I’m 99% positive that the baby I am carrying IS A BOY.

I told Grace myself and she was very quiet, but after it sunk in she was A-OK which I knew she would be.   She said the part that made her sad was that she really wants to share a room with somebody.  So, I told her the baby could be in her room with her for a while and that cheered her up.

I called Rich and told him.  He’s so wonderful. . . .he said, “I don’t want you to be sad that it isn’t a girl, this is our baby boy!”

We both are falling in love with the idea of a new son.  I kid you not, I have tears in my eyes as I write this, because I’m so happy.  And now I’ll be looking forward to actually holding him in my arms and kissing his little face.

Even though he’s our fifth son/sixth child, HE IS ALSO MY FIRST because each baby is special and unique.  He is just as special as any of the other children.  He’s not a rerun or a “here we go again”.  He’s our NEW baby and we are all so happy. 

“This is the Lord’s doing, it is marvelous in our eyes.”  Psalm 118:23

After my appointment, Grace, Caleb, and I went to the IParty store and bought some helium balloons–one pink, five blue, and one “announcement balloon”.  Then, we went to a toy store and bought the baby a stuffed bear.  We came home and I said to Jacob and Ethan, “We have some news for you!!!” And they looked at the balloons and said, “It’s a boy???” and they were smiling from ear to ear.

What a day!  It’s the first day of fall and the day I found out I was having a boy!  I’m so excited that I think I need to go lay down for a while. . . . . . . . .then, we can celebrate some more!



0 thoughts on “(((BABY NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))

  1. How special to celebrate with balloons!  My sister had six boys and no girls, but she got some fine girls later when they married her sons!  My husband came from a family of seven boys and only one girl – oh the stories!  So happy for you.

  2. Boys are so special!  We loved raising our only son.  My in-laws have 5 girls, and out of all the other children, my husband and I got the only boy in the family to carry on the name!  We feel pretty blessed … and I can tell you are, as well!  Many more blessings on you, and yours, Shanda!  ~ Deborah <><

  3. Oh, congratulations!  What a wonderful idea you had to celebrate with the balloons, very cute.  Each new baby is soooo special!!  (My son always wants someone to share his room with, too-he got our baby girl for a year or so.;)

  4. Awwww. How sweet! And think of the very special relationship you and your only daughter will continue to have! Precious. Hope you are feeling strong and healthy and that the birth is a wonderful, blessed event.

  5. Oh, how I can soooo relate to this post. . .I too have tears in my eyes reading it because that is the way I felt when I found out we were having Hank, our fourth boy.  There was that little part of me that wanted a daughter, and with that pregnancy being our big “surprise” I thought God might surprise us with a daughter (as did everyone else around us).  Sooooo, when the ultrasound technician said to us, “Well, say hello to your fourth little boy!”, I could hardly get my head around that!  But as the news sank in, I became so happy!  Another son. . .a precious little baby boy to hold again.  From that moment on I did not wish for a daughter any longer. . .I was all set to go for a house full of boys.   He is now our little angel, the one who makes me smile endlessly. . .I really cannot get enough of him. . .we all love him so, just as you all will your new son. . .CONGRATUALATIONS!!

  6. Congrats, Shanda! Now you can find another boy’s name…I kinda was a little bummed like Grace in the beginning…but I know that this is what your family is meant to be…and that is a gift from God…

  7. Shanda! Congratulations! what a beautiful post! It makes sense that you would have another boy…you already have so many why not one more? and besides, God gave you a girl! You must have a wonderful capacity to love and care for your growing brood. God bless you and your family!

  8. Shanda, I am just so excited with you – the news of boy #5 is MARVELOUS!!! I didn’t read many of these comments, but the first one (geidlbots) caught my eye and I totally agree – God has given you the AWESOME privilege and honor of mothering future leaders! I still have to smile at the thought of you with all those boys, though, because you are so gentle and feminine, I don’t know if I would have naturally predicted you being surrounded by men. But really, it is so perfect. And you and Grace have a special mother-daughter relationship too. What a special family!!Love and blessings to you this week! โค

  9. happy news~ !though i feel grace’s disappointment… i remember being so convinced my 3rd brother was a girl! we were actually going to name him grace!! but grace turned out to be nate! ๐Ÿ™‚ and, because our home was small, he had to share my room ~ ๐Ÿ™‚ many.many special memories of reading stacks of books to that little guy before bed each night ~ i can’t imagine life without him – or if he were a her!! ๐Ÿ™‚ tell grace it’s pretty cool to be the only girl of all brothers too ~ and just wait.. SOMEday, she’ll have FIVE sisters – and will probably even get to help pick them out! love2you…

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