my blog, the memory preserver

I’ve taken a few days to get my thoughts in order about “why I blog”. . . .

I have discovered that I absolutely L O V E blogging, (which certainly is a good reason to do something!) and yet there is a nagging little voice in my mind that whispers things to me that make me hesitate in sharing so much of my life on here.  So, after some thinking, I came back again to the real reasons why I blog. . . . .

Why do I blog?  The main reason came to me last night, when I was going through old posts and I got up to show my husband some of it.  He sat down, and looked at a photo that I took of him and our two youngest sons, almost two years ago.  He looked, and then he sighed with tears in his eyes, and said, “It’s too sad to look at that picture, because they aren’t that little anymore!” 

“But, honey”, I replied, “Life does go by so fast, that’s why we want to make these beautiful memories.”

And, it’s also why I want to record them, too.


The Jacob, Ethan, Grace, David, and Caleb that I knew last year, are not the same children that I know and have this year. . .time marches on. . .I can see it clearly in my online journal.  All the little things in life that I do enjoy and value as a mother—baking, making crafts and homemade play dough, redecorating their bedrooms, the funny things they do and say, writing cute little stories for them, going for all those many many nature walks, apple picking together, the fair, Disney, the beach, first airplane rides, Grace missing her two front teeth, Caleb growing from a baby to a little boy, David starting Kindergarten, my adventures in homeschooling, Rich’s job changes, our move from our old house to this house, the death of my great-grandma, birthdays, adventures with good friends, the books I read, the recipes I love, our new baby on the way. . . . .IT’S ALL HERE. . . . .and those things represent a life that God gave me, a beautiful life that I love and value highly.  A life that should (and I pray it does) glorify a generous, loving, heavenly Father, who does all things well, who created a world and pronounced it “good”.  Who loves with an abundant love, and provides more than we need to get through this pilgrim journey.

Each day, each moment, counts for something.  My children will quickly grow and that’s okay.  But, while I have them here, under my roof, I want to devote myself to giving them the best life and upbringing that I possibly can.  I get tired and grouchy, and that’s part of it all. . . . .we have good days and bad days. . .but that’s the way it goes and that’s okay. 

So the reason why I blog is for myself and my family.  I’ve tried writing in journals long hand but I don’t record as much that way.  I don’t have time to scrapbook my photos.  I tend to blog here almost every day and it is so fun for me to click to “this day last year” and see what my little clan was up to on that day.  My blog makes me laugh and cry and sigh and thank God for my life. 

The reason why I blog and make it open, for all to read, is because I know for a fact, by all the emails and responses I have received, that “people out there” enjoy reading about a family that loves God.  In all the ugliness of the world, it’s nice to find families that have the same Christian values and beliefs, it’s encouraging to get to know other people who want to relish in the life God gave them.   Christians have a connection, and we are family, through Christ.  We can use our blogs to lift each other up and inspire one another to KEEP ON.  Just like I’m so very encouraged by many of the blogs I visit, I also hope and pray that mine, too, is a blessing and refreshment to others.  Some people can do those things, better, by “going out and being there”, such as a visit or a phone call.  My gifts involve writing, and the limited time I have, as a mother,  to “be there” makes it easier to sit at my computer desk, or by writing out a card for the mailbox, during a free half hour, to try to encourage some else.  I do so love to open my arms wide, and show God’s love to anyone who seeks it.  But, because of the stage of life that I am in, I am a “behind the scenes kind of girl”, so the computer is a perfect place for me to express myself, or encourage someone else.

Because I am a Christian, my soul is filled with Christ, and His beauty.  Anything, anything, ANYTHING you see or read here that is beautiful, that causes the tender heart to melt, IS FROM HIM, not me.  All good things come from above. 

But, of course I still wrestle with my flesh.  The bad days just show that we are all still human, “only a sinner, saved by grace”.  Even saved ones have struggles, sins, and problems.  I yell, I get mad at the kids, I am selfish, I fail as a wife and mother at times, my house is usually quite “lived in” and never ever spotless, I sometimes make unladylike noises that startle my husband, but I love my life and wouldn’t change a thing.  I wouldn’t trade the life (my family and my God) for a million dollars!

I’ve seen all kinds of very nice blogs. . but mine is my life’s memory preserver/recorder because I want to remember this day



“The whole life of man is but a point of time; let us enjoy it. . .”  Plutarch


“Now’s the day, and now’s the hour. . .”  Robert Burns


“If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.”  Maria Edgeworth


“In the morning, I say: ‘What is my exciting thing for today?’. . .Don’t ask me about tomorrow.”  Barbara Jordan

“Every man should eat and drink and ENJOY the good of all his labor, it is the GIFT of God.”  Ecc. 3:13


Hold tight to the sound of the music of living,
Happy songs from the laughter of children at play;
Hold my hand as we run through the sweet fragrant meadows,
Making memories of what was today.



Tiny voice that I hear is my little girl calling
For Daddy to hear just what she has to say;
My little son running there by the hillside
May never be quite like today.



Tender words, gentle touch, and a good cup of coffee,
And someone that loves me and wants me to stay;
Hold them near while they’re here, and don’t wait for tomorrow,
To look back and wish for today.



Take the sky, and the green of the forest,
And the gold, and the brown of the freshly mown hay,
And the pale shades of spring, and the circus of autumn,
And weave you a lovely today.



We have this moment, to hold in our hands and to touch,
As it slips through our fingers like sand;
Yesterday’s gone, and tomorrow may never come,
But we have this moment, today.

~William Gaither


Rich felt the baby move yesterday morning!


~To all my friends who visit me here, thanks for coming along with me in my journey as a wife and mama, and friend.  I thank God for the old friends, and new friends, who keep in touch with me, and encourage me, through my online journal. 

Have a lovely, blessed day, oozing with the goodness of God!



0 thoughts on “my blog, the memory preserver

  1. so cool that your husband felt the baby move!  I barely feel it myself so I think it will be a little while before my  hubby feels it.  Will you find out the sex?
    I don’t comment a lot but i’m glad you blog 🙂

  2. Most bloggers at one time or another question their blogging.  I think it’s good to step back and evaluate the “why” of our blogs.  If we have a purpose, is it a good purpose or a selfish purpose?  Sometimes it seems a person may blog for comments or for new subscribers but when you let go of that and blog because it’s what your heart wants then it is truly a blessing to the soul.  I’m thankful for your blog although I’ve not been able to chat with you much about it by leaving comments or messaging, I’ve not been able to stop by many blogs lately.  Anways, your blog is a true blessing to many people and I’m glad you take the time to do it for us and for yourself.

  3. Amen and Amen.  I am blessed that you blog….you have a great way of expressing everyday life, the blessings of God and sharing your beautiful family.  It all blesses me.  I wish that I had all our memories so recorded…they are in the hundreds of pictures we took….and in many albums and boxes.  So nice to have the journal.  I also see how fast the time went when they were small….my favorite time of life…though physically exhausting.  All those nature walks, homemade crafts etc. is the cement for your life. I wrote a friend last night and said how blessed I am that my boys all love the Lord and love us!  So, thank you and keep going!  We sometimes miss those cries, “Our daddies home, our daddies home.”  (that is what that sweet picture of Rich and the boys always makes me think of).
    I was also thinking that blogs are such a good way for us to get together as women and encourage each other in our lives.  I would so love to be able to drop in and have a cup of tea with you on your porch…but you are a bit far away so I am able to do so here.  Yay!  I “pat” your sweet tummy from afar, and wish I could feel the baby move.  Bless you! Jenny

  4. I love your blog….yours is partly the reason i moved to xanga (because i saw how you preserve your memories and ws refreshed by them) so i can upload more pictures without having to resize them therefore it is less time consuming and i ca preserve more of our memories. I too blog just about every day.
    Thenkyou for being so open and for your sweetness.

  5. Your look back at those precious pics of your beautiful blessings….made my heart smile…and really didn’t know what that felt like…till now…I hope to chronicle my future children’s lives on My Xanga as well…because I know how precious it can be to see where you have come from and where you are right now…I am thankful for you, Shanda. I am thankful that you are a sister in Christ, and that you admit your faults and that things aren’t perfect…There are things in my life that I would like to see change…and I know that it will take some time, but I know that I can work through them with God’s help…(still can’t wait to hear if that baby is a boy or girl…)

  6. I related to this a lot, as we are just starting our little family. I want to have a place to record our memories, and I love sharing them with others. It is a blessing to invite others into your life and to be invited into the lives of others.

  7. You say things so well!   I was worried at first that you were going to say you were not going to blog anymore.   I have to admit one thing I look forward to each day, or every other is reading your blog.   Even on a day when you are having a bad day you have a way of wording things that make so much sense.   I love reading your blog and hope you continue to blog.   It is a great way to keep a journal.   I don’t tend to journal much, but I feel I should:)   I hope you have a great day!

  8. I too like to blog. I am not a gifted writer and sometimes have a hard time expressing myself in words but it is nice to vent and let thoughts out. I do like your blog and love staying in touch this way.

  9. I love your blog – and blog for some of the same reasons.  I love to take pictures – surprise, surprise! – and tell stories with them.  It is also a fun way to let our children know what is going on in our lives – especially our daughters who don’t live very close to us.

  10. Shanda, that is so true for all of us, I think.  The days of chatting with a sweet neighbor over the backyard fence are loooong gone.  And many of us are unable to be much involved in church ministries due to our (much enjoyed) responsibilities at home.  But I still feel the need to minister to others in some way, even if it is just a “pat” on the back to say “good job!” or “keep at it, the hard work is worth it!”  So, I’m am glad for our blogs as well.  It opens up a door for us, that if guarded carefully, can give access to other sweet Christian ladies or allow us to reach out to those who don’t know Christ. 
    I’m a faithful reader of your blog, though I rarely comment.  I’m here lurking and enjoying this little glimpse into your daily life.

  11. “””sigh””” I too love reading your blog for exactly the reason you stated in your post…Thanks for allowing us “in” to your lives…it makes me long for my family to get started quickly…March 21st(my wedding day) cannot come soon enough! Thanks again!

  12. That is exactly why I blog! I am actually looking into having my hubby put my blog into a hard copy and get it bound. I would like to give it to my children as a gift someday. I would be devastated if I lost my blog.

  13. I am so thankful for your blog, Shanda!  I am thankful for the friendship we have developed after becoming “xanga pals”.  You have a beautiful family, and a beautiful gift in your ability to share your days through pictures and words.  The love of Jesus shines brightly in you!  Much love to you my friend!

  14. So beautiful!  Your poem made me cry.  I am going to go off and enjoy my family now, and that is why I read your little online journal.  I haven’t made any comments lately because everytime I come on xanga, it keeps saying program not responding….not sure what the problem was or is.  Have a good day!  I also need to start doing some updating with my online journal too, I have kind of gotton out of it for awhile.

  15. I remember you recently were pondering about what type of Christian service you had to offer. Do you remember that blog? Anyway, I think writing inspirational messages with pictures added is a definite gift and contribution that you make!I’m curious, I write for journaling purposes, too. I started out printing my posts to paper and putting them in a binder. Then the whole thing got away from me when I became so ill last summer. I’m curious, do you print your blogs so your children can read them someday?

  16. I’m going to look into having my blog printed out, I think. I don’t write a long-hand journal, but I would love to have my blog to have my children look at one day, because I blog is just like you said, a way to capture the memories. And, of course, since most of my family is so far away, it’s a way for them to see what I am doing, too.I love reading your blog to see what you’ve been up to, because it seems we don’t get to talk hardly at anymore. Busy lives…

  17. I definately feel I am in the presence of God when I visit your site.  I cannot explain how your life influences mine, but it does.  I think of how beautiful your heart and home are and I am intrigued and challenged to make mine resemble just a bit of yours.  Beautiful, beautiful post.  I does just make my heart melt. By the way, I L O V E George Winston! 

  18. You have a lovely online journal/scrapbook….it will be a blessing to you and your family as you write, and as you re-read….and it is a blessing to those of us who read it and share your lives just a little bit. Your love for our good Father shines through your words and pictures, and is an encouragement and a delight to me when I come by to visit. Thank you for sharing your light with us. God bless you and your beautiful family, and your tiny new little one – Celia

  19. Oh, dear Shanda … how YOU have encouraged us!  I so wish I’d had a blog, a camera, and a friend like you when my son was growing up all those years ago! This is so beautiful!  Thank you for allowing the Lord to work through you to bless others here!  I know I haven’t been too consistant in visiting around, but I do look forward to reading more of your life on line!  Many blessings to you and your family!  Hugs ~ Deborah <><

  20. I am fairly new to the xanga thing but have found myself to enjoy blogging for some of the reasons you mentioned though I ‘m not as adept at putting my feelings into words as you.  On a side note-I am legally blind and I so appreciate the instrumental music on your site-I cringe when I visit someone’s site and I hear music start b/c usually it is something raucous I simply cannot hear my screen reader over and hence cannot enjoy what they’ve written or comment on their updates.  Thanks for a wonderful site! 

  21. I am one of the many who enjoy reading your blog, Shanda.  I don’t comment much but have followed your family here for probably close to 2 years now.  Even though I’ve moved to a different site, you’re still in my RSS!  Thank you for giving us glimpses into your life and family.  Thanks too for your willingness to be authentic as you share your times of discouragement and weakness.  You have been a friend even though we’ve never met!  🙂

  22. I also come to your blog everyday looking for another bit of joy, insight, praise…etc.  I often find myself thinking of you and your family, so I stop and say a little prayer for you all.  I found something on ebay the other day that made me think of you and once I receive it, I will ask for your address and send it to you.  No, we have never met, and may never meet, but I think of you as a friend.  Your Mom and I have the same birthday and are the same age, do you remember me now? Thank you for blogging sweet Shanda. YOU are indeed a blessing

  23. I am so grateful for your blogs, for the things you share about your life, and the inspiration you give to mothers and sisters in Christ.  I hope you’re having a great weekend!  I love you! Lish

  24. Great post!  I think we all question why we do this from time to time.  You hit the nail on the head!  It is fun to look back and see what you blogged about over the past year or so.  I am coming up on my one year at xanga and I was thinking that I will read all of my posts on the day of my “anniversary”.  I don’t blog everyday or even every week, just when I feel like I have something to share.  May God bless you and your beautiful family!  It looks like he already has!

  25. ~i too have had times of stepping back to examine my motives in blogging… especially when it’s brought criticism or unkindness from others ~ yet, bottom line.. i think the good far outweighs the bad. and like you – i’ve found it the easiest and most FUN way to journel! 🙂 there are lots of times i keep posts private (i like that option on xanga) – funny when i first started blogging i had no idea anyone could even read it! shows you what i knew – 😮 then discovered this whole community of wonderfully sweet christian women that continually remind me how grateful i am to be part of the very BIG family of God. YOU are my sister in the Lord – and i’ve loved getting to know more of your heart and love for Him…glad your conclusion after these few days was to KEEP BLOGGING!!!! 🙂 🙂 :)wishing you a restful afternoon there~ A.

  26. i think it’s a good idea to print your posts also… maybe it’s just me 😉 but i always worry that if the whole system crashes all these things i’ve recorded will be lost.and you know short-hand? i’m impressed.. wish i did.

  27. I thank God for your gift of words. You write so clearly the thoughts of my HEART…which are always hard to express in mere words.I also thank him for your artisit eye of seeing the simple, elegant beauty found all around us, and capturing it with your photography.
    Last of all, I tahnk God for your precious Christ loving family… and the hope for the world it gives me

  28. Even though I’ve never quite got my blog up and running, I just wanted to tell you that I really love your blog. I love looking through the pictures of your family. You are a real inspiration and encouragement to me.

  29. Glad you enjoy doing this cause I enjoy reading them and am blessed by them as well.  I loved the picture of Daddy apparently kissing the little boys goodbye…with the coffee mug in hand and the little one on tippy toes!

  30. Thank you so very much, this came right when I needed it most. I have been asking myself questions about my blog and have faced some critical responses to my blog/and life choices. Your words reminded me again why I blog. I started blogging for the very same reasons, and have grown to love it. I don’t really want to run away and hide or evolve into a safe and fake/semi-fake blogger. Sharing, caring and being real is vulnerable and not always pleasant. I believe it is worth it, and I know I do love to do this and I will continue. Thank you for your blog, you do inspire me!

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