(Jesus led me all the way)

Update on Pastor Steensma:  My mom just called and said, “I have wonderful news!  Pastor is off the respirator, sitting up, and eating!”  I could tell by my mom’s voice how relieved and excited she was to hear this news.  She called me as soon as she got the message.

Thank you to all who have prayed for him!  It seems that God is answering in an amazing way.  We truly have been uncertain as to whether he would survive.  So far, so good!  *THANK YOU * 






Someday life’s journey will be o’er, And I will reach that distant shore;
I’ll sing while ent’ring heaven’s door, “Jesus led me all the way.”






If God should let me there review the winding paths of earth I knew;
It would be proven clear and true~ “Jesus led me all the way.”





And hitherto my Lord hath led, Today He guides each step I tread;
And soon in heav’n it will be said, “Jesus led me all the way.”




Jesus led me all the way,
Led me step by step each day;
I will tell the saints and angels as I lay my burdens down,
“Jesus led me all the way.”

~hymn written by John W. Peterson

Sometimes the Holy Spirit puts a specific song in my heart and this hymn is the one I’ve been playing on the piano and humming today.  It seems like a fitting song for the day marked as “Patriot Day” on my calendar.  The children and I watched the History Channel this morning, about 9/11, until my heart was so heavy that I turned it off.  Why is it that they show those poor people jumping away from fire and death, to certain death below, on television?  It seems disrespectful to me.  Seeing the people running from burning buildings is bad enough, but at least we are seeing people who made it out alive and still had hope!  There was no hope for those who jumped.  The whole thing is heartbreaking. 

That’s why, today, as I post all these pictures, I think about LIFE.  The earth is full of the GOODNESS of the Lord.  In the faces of our children, the bright blue sky, and all the millions of little things that he’s given us to cause us to wonder and praise Him; like wild apples, monarch caterpillars, rushing streams, brightly colored leaves, sunshine, wooly bears, even the spiders that the children and I saw. . . .

My family, and each day, is a gift from God.  Today I took the children to the library.  I had a 40 dollar fine to pay and it feels SO good to be “in the clear” again!  I came home with some beautiful children’s books to read aloud to David and Caleb.  I love it when they say, as I reach the last page of a particularly good book,  “Read that one again, Mom!  Please!  Read it again!”  I love seeing the older children curled up in various cozy spots, reading the books that they got to choose and bring home.

We also made cookies today.  One small sentence, that to me means so much.  The sounds, the smells, the joy of David and Caleb as they helped me dump in the ingredients, taste the vanilla (“it was bad,” said Caleb), and crack the eggs.  The mess we left in the kitchen.

The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day here in New England.  My heart aches because of what happened seven years ago in our country.  But I’m so glad that I have this moment, and that Jesus leads me, and will lead me safely through every day until I arrive to the final destination— Home, to heaven—to the BEGINNING (not the end!) of my real life, with Him.  Like C.S. Lewis said, this earthly life of ours is only “the cover and title page” of the real story of our lives.  And in Heaven, “each chapter is better than the one before.” 


0 thoughts on “(Jesus led me all the way)

  1. I remember singing that song. It’s a good one, yeah? What a comfort to know that He is leading. Even when, like some have, we must pass through the flood or the fire. I know that bad things do happen to good people, and that life is not fair, but GOD is just, and His promises are strong and right. We will never give us more than we can bear. I trust in His goodness. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. I can’t tell if you’re barefoot in that one picture, but you are certainly aproned, in the kitchen and pregnant. :)That hymn is so beautiful. I love the pictures. They do speak of life and living it wholeheartedly.

  3. Sam was looking at the pics w/ me, and he said, “I want to go to their house, Mom.”  Yes, I share his sentiment.  He and Caleb would have a blast as much as they love Thomas.  šŸ™‚

  4. I wrote a similar post a few days ago. Why can’t that which is good just be left as good and not picked apart until it begins to look bad???? I guess I was on a rant, but I DO see good all around me – in those who are Christians and in those who have NO religion, but just good heartedness within them.The news and magazines would rather focus on all the trash and bad in the world. It may be the majority, but it’s not 100% TRASH & BAD!!!Surely your leaves aren’t currently that color???? Is it really looking fall-ish in your neck of the woods and those are NEW pictures?

  5. I love the pictures!
    And I feel the same way about the 9/11 footage. Some of it is important to watch, to never forget the people who gave the ultimate sacrifice that day and the change it brought about in our world. But there are some things just too macabre for my taste and I have to change the channel at those points.
    As another happy aside, I adore that apron! It’s too cute for words!

  6. I loved these pictures Shan!  I think one of the worst things to see on the videos from 9-11-07 is the people jumping to their death.  I don’t understand why they have to show that either.  I’m so glad you chose to celebrate and remember LIFE!  Love, Lish

  7. Lovely post…..I loved reading the words along with the pictures of you and your children enjoying the wonders God has created. I will try to message you the great email someone sent to me today ….it was about God being there with each person on 9/11. So good to know He is always with us! love , Jenny

  8. What a wonderful post.   Praise god that the pastor is doing so much better.   I like your last post with the pictures to, they are all good.   Homemade cookies sound good:)   I have been doing some baking lately to.

  9. Great GREAT pictures! I love how you capture the happy little moments in everyday life
    I am so excited that FALL is around the corner… we don’t have brilliant leaves yet, but, they are coming!!

  10. Could you please send some of those colorful leaves my way, down south? I am waiting for engagement pictures to be taken with those wonderful colors as my backdrop!!! I love your apron too. Is that “Mary Engelbreit” fabric? It looks like cherries…I love her stuff! I bought my “Thank You” cards in her designs…Anyways…glad you are having a good day and enjoying life! That is really what it is all about huh?

  11. I couldn’t believe you had colored leaves like that already!  We’re still in 90 degree temps here in MS!  One thing I miss in the south though is the brightly colored leaves.  They just aren’t as vibrant as in the north.  But, we don’t get the ice so I won’t complain!

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one who racks up the library fines. šŸ™‚ Are the leaves really that red already there?? Wow! That caterpillar in your picture is a black swallowtail! We recently picked some off some dill plants at the farmer’s market and looked them up. One died and the first ones we got blew away in our butterfly net/house thing, but we still have one that we’re waiting to emerge. šŸ™‚

  13. wow – those are some deep colored leaves. so soon?? your nights must be getting pretty cool… seeing the leaves and apples makes me wish for fall… even if just a tiny bit. there are pieces of it you just can’t help but love!you are the most martha stewart-ish mommy i know. like you in the kitchen w/ your boys. and the apron!!! i feel inspired~

  14. I am so pleased that Pastor S is doing better. Thank you Lord!! I am of the experience that when much prayer is needed for God’s servants He raises them up to do so. All glory to God. Shanda thank you for this lovely perspective and post. I love the look of real apples in the hands of small children. I was swept back to moments of story telling with my kids. (Charlie, Champion of the World and Wind in the Willows were two of our particular favorites) Keep enjoying life love, you are so good at it. hugs from SC

  15. Praise God for Pastor Steensma’s improvement! That is an encouragement to me to continue vigilance in praying for healing even at times when in my flesh I don’t believe it is possible. I definitely want to be consistent in praying for my husband.The pictures of the children and nature are so precious, and I LOVE the one of you standing in your kitchen with your (cherry!)apron and two small boys! Now that is a yummy picture in more than one sense of the word!

  16. Beautiful post, Shanda!  I also was sad as I thought of the events of 9/11.  I’m thankful to hear that your parents’ pastor is doing better.  Praise the Lord!  I like your apron- I’m “into” aprons right now.  I’ve made two more off that same pattern.

  17. What a lovely post…it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your faith and your outlook….sometimes when our own “glasses” get foggy, it helps to have a friend loan us theirs to look through for a moment and help us get our bearings again. God bless you and your family.

  18. I haven’t had the time to leave comments…but I keep coming back to this post because of your beautiful photographs. I love each one…but especially the look on Caleb’s face while holding up the autumn leaves!

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