“Find yourself a home, make it the seat of your affections, respect it, cultivate it, appreciate it.  For in the spirit of home do you find all that is good and decent in life.  Homes build communities, communities make nations, nations of home-loving people make civilization!”  ~Sam Campbell, a Christian author of children’s nature and animal stories.



Rich and I, watching a movie with the kids Saturday night, after our company left.  Grace snuggled up to us, then David came along, so I asked Jacob to take a quick picture. 


Sunday morning, at the breakfast table.  I’ve been lighting candles in the morning, when I wake up.  They make the kitchen so cozy. . . .


After breakfast, Grace and I walked around the yard and ponds in our bare feet.  The grass was chilly and wet with dew.  Rich had just mowed the day before so we collected grass clippings on our feet as we walked.

What stood out to me that morning, was the sun shining on the dew, so prettily.






After church on Sunday, Rich and I bought things for a picnic and we took the children to a park by the river to eat.




Fage yogurt is the best I’ve ever tasted.  It’s our favorite by far.




I read Ecclesiastes this morning, by the light of the candles on the kitchen table.  I was up 45 minutes before the first child joined me.  I started a new journal, to write in as the Spirit leads me through my Bible reading, to fill with verses and thoughts pertaining to motherhood and homemaking.

What about Ecclesiastes 3:1-8?  (I just wrote down fragments, there is a lot more to the verses)

“A time to be born,
a time to plant, 
to heal,
build up,
a time to keep,
a time to sew, 
to keep silent,
to speak,
a time to love,
a time of peace.”

A mother and homemaker can do and teach all those things, to the glory of God.

I also tinkered with Ecc. 3:13, and 14a, making it more personal for me, “Every woman should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of her labor, it is the gift of God.  Whatever God doeth, it shall last forever.”

The Lord establishes our homes, gives a woman to a man in marriage, and gives them children.  The homelife is a beautiful gift, and when done to the glory of God, the rewards will last all through time.  On earth, our children will be blessed, our children’s children will be blessed, and there is eternal value, as well. 

I wrote down one more from Ecclesiates.  In chapter 10 verse 18, it says, “By much slothfulness the building decayeth; and through idelness of hands the house droppeth through.”

How’s that for encouragement to work diligently!  When we work hard in our homes, we CAN enjoy the good of our labor.  We sure sleep better, too.    (Happy Labor Day, by the way, LOL). . . . . .


I had to run quickly through this post, I wasn’t able to enjoy it like I normally do, because just as I sat down Rich came in and said, “Let’s take the children to the beach today.”   As I type, my family is buzzing about, getting their things together.  I’m looking forward to a day in the sun, watching the kids play, with Rich by my side.  Maybe I’ll get some reading in, and journal writing.

I hope you all have a blessed day today with your loved ones.  E
njoy it, as the gift of God that it is.

Love, ~Shanda~

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  1. I agree with the first 2 lady about the quote at the top the the post. Very encouraging and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.  I also like the pictures of the candles and the one of the morning light coming through the trees. :o)

  2. Your five children looking at the water brought to mind the old song, “Shall We Gather at the River” and I had to smile!”By much slothfulness the building decayeth; and through idelness of hands the house droppeth through.” Since I was busy entertaining guess these past few weeks, I won’t say I was slothful, but I can certainly attest to the fact “idleness of hands makes the house droppeth!!!” I have my (housecleaning) work cut out for me today!P.S. I wish I weighed less so I could feel more comfortable sitting on Jesse’s lap like you do Rich’s!!!Have a great Monday!

  3. I do so enjoy your posts!  How do you do it?  Bringing the children to the park in their nice clothes I mean.  If I brought my boys to the park after church, they’d be full of dirt and grass stains….and probably wet if we were by the river! 

  4. I just love coming here and seeing your wonderful photographs and to hear how God is using you daily in your lovely family. was curious as to what camera you use. You really have talent, thanks for sharing. Blessings~

  5. I so enjoy time together with you in your posts.  I love the candle and the dew esp. on the pansy/viola.  Hope your day at the beach is full of fun.  We are supposed to go today too….right now it is all grey and overcast as there is a hurricane in Mexico and we are gettting the clouds.  Hopefully it clears up later. 

  6. Good Morning Shanda!…..Love the quote. Your photos always calm me and inspire me…thank you! So love the candles on the kitchen table. My Darcy in bright colored clothes – at a park – with mud and water nearby?!!!! Uh – NO!! LOL! He likes to pretend things are happening to him and throw himself on the ground. His brand new school jeans for school I have to pre treat due to…..grass stains! lol!
    Hope you have a wonderful day at the beach with your all your blessings!!  God Bless You!

  7. I like the candles. They do seem to make things cozy. Thanks for the encouragement. I have a lot of diligent working to do on this Labor Day (lol) We are having a lazy/cleaning whatever you feel day. Mike is working on our churches website. The hurricane was not as bad as they expected, we shall see if they still need him! Have a great day at the beach!

  8. I just love reading your posts. My last blog was a “what if”. I was looking at pictures of old friends who had never married, never had kids, they just do whatever they want, whenever they want. I felt just a twinge of jealousy, but God has been sending me reminders every where I look as to why I do what I do. Because no matter what these friends of mine can do, my life is so much more fulfilling, and what I am doing now, will have an effect on the generations to come. Thanks for giving me yet another reminder that this thing called motherhood is the most important thing there is.

  9. I love the dew pictures, so lovely.  Thank you for all the uplifting quotes, they’re all excellent.  I love the picture of Caleb with Rich smiling in the background.  You can just see the love in that picture…so sweet.  I hope you guys have an excellent day at the beach, you sure picked a winner of a day. 🙂

  10. I loved your pictures of the dew covered creation!  I enjoy seeing all the pictures of your family too.  It amazes me how much they are all growing.  Rich looks so happy in the one at the picnic table.  The scripture you chose for this post is so great. I love the instrumental of Jesus loves me that plays!!!  I hope you had a good labor day.  We went up to your Mom and Dads to pick blue berries.  It was such a beautiful day here!  Love you, Elisha

  11. It’s always a joy to visit your blog. Your photos are delightful, and the love in your family just shines through your words. Thank you for sharing your love-filled heart and life with us! God bless you and your precious family, my friend.

  12. I have never before seen or heard of FAGE yogurt.  Is it just a NE thing?  We love yogurt around here, so I’ll be on the lookout for it. . .thanks for the tip.  Hope your day at the beach was lovely—

  13. I have never seen that brand before!  If I do I will buy it and let you know! 🙂
    I love the shots of the dew and the way you described your walk and your cozy kitchen in the morning!  So nice!

  14. I love the pictures of the morning dew… and the picnic ones!!!
    Everytime you put up a new picture of your lovely Grace, she looks older to me
    Oh… and I will be looking for that yogurt now (I LOVE yogurt!) but I have never seen it before!

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