Lots of things going on around here, but all typical family moments. 

Rich left today to go to Atlanta, Georgia (for business) so I’ll be missing him.  He will be back, Lord willing, late tomorrow night. 

The children and I went for a walk today and found one more monarch caterpillar.  This brings the total to 10.  One caterpillar has turned into a chrysalis (it happened overnight) and today there is one beginning to spin it’s web to the top of the jar so he can hang down, too.  The rest are eating a lot.

Today Jacob, Ethan, and Grace went to my friend Carolines’s house (who has two children) for their first Art class of the school year.  Our families are paying a tudor to teach them once a week.  Caroline just called and said it went very very well.  I’m thrilled about this opportunity, my children all love Art and this will be one less thing for me to be responsible for.  While the older ones were busy with that, I took the younger ones to the library.

I ordered some homeschool materials today online. . .I ordered their math books and also a bunch of books that we needed,  from half.com.  I also threw away an entire garbage bag full of last years papers and stuff from our homeschool cupboard.  It looks nice and neat and empty again, waiting for the beginning of another year.   I plan on starting school next week, using David’s public school schedule to keep us all on track.

We have also been. . . . . . .


chasing butterflies



making peach jam


swinging on our tire swing


and, playing in mud





Oh yes, a bubble bath and clean clothes were a must after that episode!


another quote to encourage us all;

“You demonstrate your love to your child less by presents, than by the mother’s language of love–by caressing words and looks.  Love, in order to appear visibly and undisturbed, should be embodied in nothing but the tender mimicry bestowed by nature itself.  A look, a tone of voice, expresses it immediately; but a gift only by the medium of translation.

“Parents, teach your children how to love, then you will not find it necessary to enforce any ten commandments.  Inculcate love, and your child will have a rich ever-gaining or acquiring life.  Teach how to love now, in this cold world, which is the January of time. . . . teach how to love.”

~Jean Paul Richter


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  1. I think teaching your children how to love will be easy for you. They will see it by your life. I loved that phrase “…which is the January of time. . . . teach how to love.” From someone in their August time of life, that is so lovely. We have had some of those purple monarchs at our home as well. But haven’t had a muddy faced boy in just a really long time. sigh  Blessings darling friend, and thank you for all of your love. m in sc with love and hugs.

  2. That’s beautiful! I guess I never really thought about it like that, but love is the most important thing we could ever teach them, isn’t it? What a sweet little mud-splattered face!

  3. What a great post (as always)!  Those butterflies are so neat.  My kids spent yesterday collecting worms.  Love the quote on love.  I got your letter yesterday.  Thanks!

  4. Nice post. I think it is neat you enjoy being in your home so much. Oh how I struggle to show love like I need to. I mean of course I love my boys. But to really show and teach it to them….thanks for the encouragement.

  5. I made some peach jam a couple of weeks ago (freezer jam, of course!), and it didn’t set up well.  It’s weird b/c I’ve never had that happen.  It tastes great–nice and sweet–but it is very runny.  Is that a quality of peaches?  I wondered if it had to do with the fruit I was using. 

  6. Art class was one of my favorites–that and chorus & band.  It’s so important I think.  I can’t imagine life without art!  I can’t wait to see some of their creations!  Thinking of you and I hope you are doing well.  Remember awhile back when you posted about doing ribs in the crock pot?  Do you have that recipe handy to share?  I would really appreciate it!

  7. I’m glad the kids are enjoying the end of summer, and their art class.  Sounds like you’ve been having a nice time over in that neck of the woods.  Speaking of recipes as Lish just did, could you please e-mail me the recipe for those baked beans you made with the ground beef in them?  I would greatly appreciate it.

  8. Shanda, I don’t know about the rest of your homeschool curriculum, but I’m sure you have one of the best science courses around! Monarch caterpillars and the great outdoors you have there…it doesn’t get much better than that!The jam looks SO yummy! I found some peaches on sale and have been eating two almost every day lately! I hope everything goes well while Rich is gone; I know you miss him so much. Have a great weekend!

  9. I found some caterpillars too! They were all over the dill growing outside the farmer’s market yesterday. I let the girls bring 2 home and when I looked them up online I found out that they are black swallowtails. That peach jam looks yummy…I recently made blueberry jam. Peach butter sounds yummy too…I might have to try that if I can find a recipe.

  10. I pray that the days go quickly with Rich away.   Your pictures are very good, as usual.  The art class sounds very fun!   When does David start school?   Our kids go back on Sept 2nd.   Your jam looks so good!

  11. Judging from how wonderful your berry jam was that I tasted I am sure this peach jam is perfect!!!!
    The quote was really really good, terribly convicting but so true, it reminds me of, I think Agustine said it “Love and do as you please”  If you love if you truly love then all else will be in line.
    I was reading 1 John this morning and it kept coming back to love..Christ is in us, the proof is our love…
    The butterfly pictures are bright and colorful and make me think that you were out of breath with the adventure of chasing them!
    Have a great night my dear friend.

  12. Dear Shanda, with your busy days, how do you find time to take these wonderful pictures…they must be gifts from God, where your are allowed to breath and see and capture a moment…like these butterflies and beloved children. Then you bless us all by creating posts that continue to delight ours eyes and souls.

  13. That’s ironic.  My husband was in Atlanta, GA on a business trip as well.  🙂 He came home tonight but we sure missed him yesterday and last night. 
    I think it’s wonderful that your kids to do the Art class.  Something like that is an investment and is money well spent.  I am a piano teacher and love to see parents making life long investments in their childrens lives.
    Hope the time flies by while Rich is gone…..  (I always try to do extra special things with the kids while my husband is gone.)     ~~Heather~~

  14. What a pretty post!  Super quotes.  I said a prayer for you tonight as I was putting my kiddos to bed alone and thought of you being on your own too.  But I just realized I think I’m 3 hours behind your time?Oops.;P  I hope you had a good night!~Amy

  15. Oh sigh, sigh, sigh, to snatch a picture of a butterfly! And TWO, oh my! You must have a really nice camera to go with your eye for beauty. It’s great, too, that you capture your adorable children living life, being active, etc. And we get to see your “still life” photos. I am SO looking forward to seeing the soon to come pictures you’ll take of the trees in their autumn clothes. Thank you again for your mom/encouragement/love tidbits!!!! I’ve asked the Lord to please bring your Rich home safely tonight.

  16. It has been a while since I’ve checked in on you and your sweet family. Browsing your posts has been such a delight. You have blessed me as I read you commentary and saw your very very nice pictures!

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