If it’s one thing I learned it’s to “never say never”.  As soon as I had schoolage children, I said that I would never homeschool.  I am now about to begin my third year of homeschooling. . . .(**insert laughter here**).

However, Rich and I know that we have to take “this homeschooling thing” one year at a time, and be open to the Lord’s leading.  This year we will embark on a new adventure. . . . .

We decided, months ago, that this fall our precious David will be going to public school. 

It all boils down to a big big lesson for us—-life as a Christian family is a lot about letting go of our attempts to control our own lives and the lives of our children, and allow God alone to lead us.  How else can He get all the glory?  He has a different plan for every family.

David, as some of you know, has some trouble with his speech.  He went to see a speech therapist every Monday at our local school for the majority of last school year and the therapist told me frankly that her advice to us was to put him in public school for a year or two, so that she could work closely with him, and that he would have the experience of a classroom of peers and a teacher. 

Also, to be honest, the responsibility of teaching him to read and write was too overwhelming to me.  Yes, I know many moms and dads do it, but I was so stressed out about teaching him the basics (even encouraging him to hold a pencil properly would cause me to walk away and count to 10) that I was losing joy (okay, I was totally stressing out!!).  My other children had all completed several years of Christian school before “I got my hands on them”.  A wonderful foundation was put in place for us by capable teachers and it has been less of a struggle for me to simply pick up where they left off in teaching Jacob, Ethan, and Grace (although homeschooling is never easy!!).  David has been told, “Jacob, Ethan, and Grace went to school to learn to read and write, and so are you.”  That way, he doesn’t feel like he is being sent away while the rest of his siblings get to stay home with mommy.

David starts school on August 27.  Now that vacation is over, this has become the next event on my mind.  I know that putting him on that school bus will be so hard, oh how I will miss him!!!. . . .I pray that I can do it with a smile on my face because he is so excited to go.  He especially wants to take a lunch box.  We already know his teacher’s name and the principal sent him a nice little letter and the book, If You Take a Mouse to School.  The public school that he will be attending only houses pre-K through 1st grade so it is very small and quiet.  Also, the Kindergarten class is only half a day.  He will be home before noon every day!

I share all this so that you can pray for him.  God is in control and I know that my God is everywhere, even in public school.  I know that He will protect David and give Rich and I wisdom to continue to be David’s guiding influence in his little life.  I feel so much freedom and joy in this decision (although Rich made the ultimate decision, it was too emotional for me to think through logically!) and I know that the reason why I feel such liberty is because I have put my child totally in the hands of God.  I trust my heavenly Father with everything, including my children, my dearest treasures.

I pray that homeschooling will never be my defining attribute (is that the right word?).  We don’t do it to gain favor from God, I don’t do it because I think my kids will turn out for the Lord if I keep them out of the world.  The mature person looks around and realizes that God saves people from every kind of background.  I will never homeschool out of FEAR, I will never homeschool to please my Christian brothers and sisters.  I will never let my children think that because they are homeschooled they have an “extra edge” on their relationship with God.  If homeschooling makes this family feel strong and proud than I pray to God that He will humble us fast.  The Bible is clear that our Father blesses the weak ones of this world, and is looking for humble men and women.  It is also clear that God resists the proud! 

I am weak, I need God, and that is the primary feeling I have as I face sending David to school this year, and as I get ready to teach the older three another year of school here at home.

We homeschool because the Lord has directed us, for this moment in time, to do so.  We have perfect peace that this is what He would have us to do.  The same goes for David and public school.  My desire is to educate my children in order to glorify Him. . . . .


Other pictures from the weekend. . . . . .

Country Living on our front porch:

The rockers get moved around constantly for the best views and/or depending on the way the sun is shining.

There is always a pile of shoes by the front door.


Coffee break:



We have had such nice rain for days now.  Typically, we will have a nice sunny day and then a thunderstorm, and down-pours at night.  It’s such a relaxing way to end the day.  I love listening to the rain.  Last year our lawn was so dry that it turned brown, this year everything is still so fresh and green.  I took this picture this morning:


And while I was admiring God’s beautiful morning, my cat was showing his love at my feet . . . .



Have you all been watching the Olympics?  I like to go to bed early but I’m afraid I’ll be staying up quite late while the Olympics are on, especially the nights when they show the women’s gymnastics competitions!

My brother and his family are still here.  We’ve been having a good time visiting and they will leave to go home later on today.  I hope to get some pictures before they leave.  Their daughter is so cute!

Have a great day, everyone!


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  1. Your thoughts on homeschooling are so good. We do have to do what is best for our children   and we can’t do it all ourselves. Every year presents it’s challenges and I hope you will have a great year too.

  2. I understand as all 3 of my children have had and continue to have some speech delays.  I think that sometimes the school experience helps them to branch out a bit and be able to practice their speech even more. 

  3. I LOVE what you had to say about homeschooling.  I feel the same way about multiple things–how I choose to parent, breastfeeding, childbirth, etc….  I think it is refreshing to hear a woman actually NOT define herself by how she teaches her kids or how she sleeps with her kids or how she breastfeeds until her kids are 9.  These are things we DO, but they are NOT who we are.  Pride so easily can creep in, and I have been so guilty of that in the past, and I pray the Lord protects me from it, from myself.  I want to honor Him no matter what I DO.  I’m glad you and Rich were able to make a good decision, and I definitely feel like it is the right one for Davy, that precious, mischievous boy!!!  By the way, I am watching the Olympics, well, some of it.  I watched the swimming and gymnastics semi-finals (and the few swimming finals).  I felt really bad for the US gymnastics team.  It seemed like they struggled so much in the semi-finals.  I hope they’re able to shake their nerves when they’re up against China.  As for swimming, I was ecstatic when we beat those mouthy French in the relay.  🙂

  4. Wow… what a big leap of faith!! That must have been a hard decision, but, boy what a testimony of faith and trust in our Lord!! I have been encouraged beyond words seeing how you have given up your precious children to the Lord, especially in the schooling area. What a blessing.I start my nursing classes on the 25th, so I will remember to pray for you guys as you get ready those last two days and then on the 27th when he is off for his first day!!

  5. What wonderful words and a great reminder for us mommies! I tell people all the time…”I don’t want homeschooling to define us, our love and light for Christ is how I want others to see us!” Why we homeschool is because it’s what God has called my husband and I to do for our children…sometimes I think families feel they’re not doing what’s best for their children just because they’re not homeschooling….there’s more to it! It has to be God’s will or it will never work for their family! It’s what we know God wants us to be doing for our children and our family…if the day comes when we feel God is pulling us into a different direction…it will be hard to let the kiddos go…but I know it will be what God wants our family to do! 

  6. it’s wonderful you are listening to the Lord through your homeschooling process.  one of my biggest issues when i homeschooled was the judgement and constant lurking i got from other homeschool parents that had certain ideals everyone whom homeschooled should follow.  as you said, each family is different and the experience for each child should be as unique as God made them.  we also took homeschooling one year at a time and i did not homeschool two of my three children.  it was not right for them but it was exactly right for the third one.  my sister homeschooled for nine years and this year her children are in public highschool for the first time.  they needed the structure and instruction for some more advanced classes.  they love it and have blossomed beautifully there.  bless you as you continue to raise your children the way the Lord leads you!!!  🙂

  7. We should always go where the peace of God takes us, and you have peace in this decision. It sounds like Davy-do is going to be in good hands. It will be good for him to experience a bit more, and also, as you said, to receive more in depth speech therapy. I will be thinking of you when you put him on the bus that morning.

  8. You have such a refreshing lack of dependency on METHODS for raising and educating your children; it is so important to realize that no method, formula, or system will make or break us or our children. Only Jesus and being sensitive to His guiding Spirit!”Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain that build it…”I’m so happy for you and Davy to have access to good help for the speech challenges, and I know it will be a great new school year for your family! Have a great week! ❤

  9. Oh I will be praying and praying for Davey-Do, our Bri went to public school till 5th grade and had many wonderful teachers. But how I cried after she got on the bus for kindergarden and I had to walk home without her, so I will be praying for you too! Later when we started homeschooling I was so glad I didn’t have to teach her to read and write. The Lord will watch over Davey and we can pray HE will prtotect and guide Davey’s heart, mind, and body while he is away fom home.

  10. thanks Shanda!!  I remember you commenting once on my site about how refreshing it was to find someone(the modesty article I linked too) who had “commen sense and Christian grace”, and I think that same statement could apply here……blessings!

  11. I will pray for David as he attends home school. I am glad to hear he is going to public school this fall. My mom is a speech therapist and says they learn so much more than if they don’t attend the school. He will do fine Shan. You are a great mamma and are doing such a great job with your kiddos.

  12. Each child is different and each child requires different things. I’m glad to see you are flexible. I think if people knew how I conduct our homeschool, it would curl some of their toes. I have one child with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (slightly autistic). I tried public school so the “experts” could help, but I was disappointed and brought her back home. She has been labeled “LOW IQ” with not a lot of hope in the learning arena. So, in homeschool I didn’t push – she was 7yo and still working in preschool books . . . Guess who picked up a book this summer and started reading (something I was told she would never do!)???Being sensitive to each child and their own specific needs is a gift we can give them as parents.

  13. Just up my alley.   we have to teach each child the sounds the alphabet make (kuh, buh wub mmm) sometimes taking months to achieve it.  with speech problems some of them have delay in the learning process.  vowels are the hardest to hear.  i think you made the right choice.  plus him learning the with the other kids in this kind of setting helps the learning process.  cos wee r awz tkng ts wayah (cos we are always talking this way) amazing this is how they write always…which is the way we want them to learn to write.  the spelling will come later on.  and socialization is also a good factor when he has a group of his own peer and he sees what everyone is doing.  have a great day

  14. “teaching him to read and write was too overwhelming to me” — I can SO relate — being led by the Lord is the Best education ever — you and your husband are right on target… I am the same way about teaching the kids the early stages stuff — I would never even tackle homeschooling if I did’t have help from my mom in that area

  15. Good Morning Shanda…..I’m happy cause Davy is happy to go to public school. My children always get excited to go back to school. Michelle in her earlier years Grade 1 and 2…she had to go and see a speech therapist too. There were a few things she needed help with. She doesn’t need the therapist anymore. I love how you put your faith in Jesus in taking this step. HE knows your heart and what you are feeling and thinking. And HE knows you are trusting and believing in HIM!!
    My children start back to school August 28th! Its only a 3 minute drive for me and a 10 minute walk for them. They are getting excited about being back to school. I always wanted to homeschool my children.
    Have a great day! I love your porch and the rockers!!!

  16. that was a wonderful post and I feel like I just got to know you better!!
    Yes God is in control and your child wont be ruined by this experience!! Thnkyou for sharing about the counting to ten pencil thing:):) It’s good to hear we mothers are not alone in our struggles:)!!

  17. You know that I totally agree with you on this. There’s no rule book for this parenting thing, only a guide book, the Bible. We have to lean on Jesus for His direction. “The soul that on Jesus doth lean for repose, I will not, I will not, desert to his foes…” God will protect him. Are the other kids jealous? Ainsley goes to school on the 26th. She asks me every day how many more days she has until school starts. 🙂 Hopefully, she’ll feel the same way months down the line, too.

  18. I think writersblock1117 said it so well, as everyone else that has posted.   It is hard to know what is the right thing to do, I think you did good trusting in Jesus to guide you and David.   I love your pictures!    Your porch is so welcoming.   I hope you have a wonderful day!   Enjoy your company, I’m sure you will.

  19. There is no ONE answer for every family. Praying for guidance is always the best course to follow. My son (youngest of the 4 children) also had speech problems. I was able to work with him at Speech Therapy at the University nearby. It took a lot of patience but it wasn’t long before his speech was up to par for his age. Teaching children to read and write does require a lot of patience and time but it is also very rewarding for both the parent and the child.

  20. Oh Shanda!  I know that this was not a decision you made lightly, and I know that you are going to have a hard time when Davy goes off to school, but you can have great peace knowing that you are doing what the Lord has led you and your husband to do for your family.  I love the pictures of your yard and porch.  So inviting!  I like your new profile pic too.  Your “no bangs” hair is very cute!

  21. Thankful that you have peace about sending David to public school.  Each child has different needs and he will receive the help he needs along with interaction with other children his age.  My sister is a Reading Specialist and works with K-1 children in  small groups and the children  make great progress  with their speech and reading in that setting.

  22. Well, I know you know how I feel about this particular situation, since Alex will also be starting kindergarten at public school in a few weeks, too.  God is in control, and you and Rich are armed with His word, and you’re doing what is right for YOUR family.  That’s what’s important.  I know it’s hard (I’ll be crying right along with you, Alex goes ALL DAY to school)   God is blessing your family in a great way, I trust He will continue to do so.  Take care, I miss you, I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to catch up yesterday.

  23. Lord bless you Shanda…as others have said …following the Lord’s leading is the best! I will pray for you and Davey-do.  I am thinking that your family is going to be a blessing to that school!  My older boys went to public gradeschool because I had health issues and had to give over my desire to home school to Him.  I was able to be very involved and they had a great experience.  We pulled them out before 6th grade and homeschooled 6th-12th.  Our Davey has always been at home…which was the best for him developmentally….but our big boys boys even suggested K-1st as being sooo fun at school
    Love the porch pictures and all the restful view!  Love, Jenny

  24. Praying sweety, for you and dear Davey to have the very best school experience. DanishDoll said it for me. My kids did home, public and Christian schools. Different kids, different times, different issues and the same Lord who knows how to give wisdom for all. blessings and wow I love that front porch! blessing and hugs, m in sc

  25. Thankyou for what you said about homeschooling. I was homeschooled, and I have been feeling so guilty about starting my son in public school for kindergarten. I see myself homeschooling at least some of my children a ways down the road, but now is not the right time. My oldest is 5, and I would have to figure out how to homeschool him with 3 other small children in the house (plus the new born I will be babysitting. I have been feeling like a ‘bad christian mom’. Thankyou for your comments. they were very encouraging.

  26. Great thoughts.. I think it was a great decision for David… it will also help you out AND HIM in the long run.. God knows what you all need and is best. I am scared to lay that first foundation of writing and what comes with Kindergarten….. so I feel your struggle…. It is neat to hear how God leads in various ways.

  27. Praying for you and Davy do!  I know you’re making the right decision and I am happy that you are confident in it.  I loved your explaination about homechooling being a decision not based on fear.  That struck a cord with me because looking on the outside in it appears to me that this is sometimes the main reason why a lot of parents do homeschool–a form of sheltering their children, which is good and bad.  I am not biased in any way but I admire homeschooling parents.  I hope that David enjoys school and that he will benefit from the expert and patient teachers.  Love you, Elisha

  28. That is so wonderful to hear we aren’t the only ones who truly believe that God directs us differently for different seasons and for different children when it comes to school! We have never been a “we will only homeschool” family, and because of that sometimes feel misunderstood by die-hard homeschooling families!! God definitely directed us last year to bring the kids home and has done the same for this school year, but we are praying on a year to year basis and hope to follow Him alone when it comes to the education (and everything else regarding raising or) of our kiddos! God bless you and give you peace as you send off little Davey-Do.

  29. Never will I put my children under the authority of those who are enemies of the gospel, who despise the lordship of Christ such that his name cannot even be mentioned. That we must NEVER negotiate.”…”Let me concede this. While biblical education is done by parents’ teaching the Three G’s (you have to read the book for that one) to their children when they rise up and when they lie down, the most grievous error we can make is to send them off to schools where Jesus is not plainly, fully, and publicly honored. In that great name may we hasten the day when no parent at the same time claims to serve the King, and yet allows his child to be trained by those who will not name that King. May it never be said again of any of those who name the name of Christ that they rendered unto Caesar the things that are God’s – his covenant children.”   This quote was taken from the book “When You Rise Up” written by RC Sproul Jr.  

  30. Praying that David will have a good year and a fun experience doing school away from home. Praying also that God will comfort your Mommy’s heart when he’s away from you. HugsBlessingsMelodyP.S. The pictures are so pretty. I can picture myself sitting on your porch and having a nice, long chat with you. 🙂

  31. like you I love the Olympics gymnastics!! oh, so much! I still feel it all inside every flip or routine – still remember when I was about six and saw Mary Lou do her perfect 10’s. yes, so fun to watch – can you believe the stuff those girls are doing these days? Amazing. . . we thought we were doing pretty amazing stuff back 15 years ago — now, it’s nothing compared to what they are achieving !

  32. HI Busy girl! I so very much admire your sensitivity to your family’s needs and that you are aware of the Lord’s nudge to homeschool some and send Davy to public school. Thank you for your story! I sent my “baby”, 14 yr, old Ryan, to high school when school started here on the 4th (ugh, I know it’s insanely early, AND steamy hot out here!). Letting him go hasn’t ever been easy, but I knew it would be okay because the Lord loves him even more than I do. Plus, I am getting involved with an awesome Mom’s In Touch group where we pray for the kids, the school, the teachers, etc. Before I know it, my last 2 kids will be out on their own like their big brother and I will be sad to not have them around!    I enjoyed your vacation story and all the pictures! I’m glad you had a great weekend! Mine was great but in a different way than I would’ve expected. I love it when He gets my attention and  I quickly figure out what He’s showing me! I’m usually a bit slow at “getting it”!! Well, I’ve got alot to do before crawling into bed. Oh, Olympics… I’ve only watched a teeny bit; I love gymnastics and swimming and track, but haven’t had the time to indulge in watching!  Take care! Invisible hugs, Gail

  33. I guess I’ll be the one to admit that I used to think homeschooling was the only way! (Yes, truly I did) But now in my more mature years (cough, cough) I have whittled it down to this: If your hubby says the boy child goes to public school, the topic is closed. Period. Your family answers to your husband, your husband answers to God, thru Jesus Christ. Your family does not answer (in schooling) to the local homeschooling community, your local church, your xanga friends, even your extended family. That is where your peace comes from. Bless you for having such a tender heart. Btw – this is my 17th year of homeschooling!

  34. I appreciate your honesty and your courage to make a change when needed! Our children are individuals and we can’t simply box them into what might be most applauded by those looking on! Jacob has been in speech therapy for about 19 months. We were just amazed at how clever his speech therapist was in creatively encouraging him to do what the rest of us had taken for granted but was VERY HARD WORK for Jacob. I know.
    I think that your public school will be blessed to have your family shining HIS light in there!!! What wonderful opportunities await!

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