Davy-do and Caleb, too! scramble eggs

I read this the other day:


“Just as it is good to get one’s fingers into the soil and plant seeds, so it is good to get one’s fingers and fists into bread dough to knead and punch it.  There is something very positive in being involved in the creativity which is so basic to life itself.  Home-made bread, home-made cakes and pies, home-made vegetable soup from home-grown vegetables or from vegetable market purchases, home-made jams and jellies, home-made relishes and pickles–these are almost lost arts in many homes.  For growing children at play, there is nothing so interesting as ‘doing things’.  To ‘help cook’ is one of the most enjoyable things of childhood–to say nothing of being a sure way of producing good cooks.  A child can cut up carrots at a very early age, with no more risk of injury than from falling down outside at play!  A child can mix and stir, knead the dough and be given a piece to make a roll man, cat or rabbit with raisin eyes.  A child can fry eggs or make scrambled eggs–one of mine did every morning from the age of three!  The kitchen should be an interesting room in which communication takes place between child and mother and also among adults.  It should be interesting in the same way as is an artist’s studio, as well as being a cosy spot in which to have a cup of tea while something is being watched or stirred, or while waiting to take something out of the oven.”

~ Edith Schaeffer




First of all, I have to tell you all that yesterday morning I woke up with zero desire to take care of my house and children.  I was grumpy and I could not bear the thought of another day. . .of Caleb having accidents in his pants, David losing his temper, Grace disappearing outside, Jacob and Ethan being loud and well. . .LOUD,  being too hot, the hours too long to fill, not wanting to clean, oh I had myself all worked up from the moment I opened my eyes!  All I could think was that I wanted a DAY OFF.

PRAISE GOD I remembered to pray!  Before the children were even awake, I was on my knees telling the Lord how I was feeling and asking Him for strength.  I told Him I wanted to glorify Him with my day.

And, do you know, the miracle of prayer never ceases to amaze me because those feelings all flew away instantly!  I came out of my bedroom to find Caleb bending over his choo-choos and looking into their round faces.  And that is where the other children found me, sitting on the floor with Caleb.  They all came down and gathered around with us and we had a fine ol’ time, playing with the trains and talking, everyone still in their pj’s with sleepy eyes.  I was amazed at how unified I felt with them, when just a few minutes before, I wanted to run away! 

Then it was time for breakfast and I let David make it!  His confidence level has soared to never-before seen heights, because of his newly discovered talent.  He cracked all the eggs, stirred them up (I poured the milk in), added salt and pepper, and added them to the pan (after I heated it up and added butter so they wouldn’t stick).  He stirred them until they were cooked and was so proud to sit at the table and hear us all compliment him on his eggs.

He was so so CUTE!

And, guess what?  Later on, after we were home from shopping and it was late afternoon, I caught him in the kitchen going at it again TWO MORE TIMES!  He is the “mad egg scrambler”.  I had to make a new rule for him.

“You are not allowed to scramble eggs unless you ask first”

When his Daddy got home from work, he heard every detail, in David’s happy little voice.

I can’t tell you the last time I had to mop up SO many raw eggs.  Ew. 

Also, one of my fiesta bowls got smashed.  (Not the one in the picture, thankfully!)

But it was all worth it.

So.  Should Caleb have a turn this morning?  After all, if Mrs. Shaeffer’s three year old could scramble eggs, I’m SURE that my three year old can!  To be continued. . . . . .



(Caleb, 3 years old, stirring his eggs)

Hi~ I’m back~ Bless his heart, the little guy did it!  He was so cute.  I had to keep my hands on his hands to crack the eggs, he laughed as we broke them into the bowl.  He stirred them up just fine but I did raise my voice in excitement a few times when I caught him attempting to taste his mixture.  The stove was nerve-wracking, I had to stay very close to him to make sure he didn’t burn his little paws. 

David was scrambling his own eggs at the same time, with an air of authority.  Look at him, keeping an eagle eye on his little brother:


Caleb was proud of his eggs, in a shy way:


You did a good job, baby!

0 thoughts on “Davy-do and Caleb, too! scramble eggs

  1. That’s too sweet! I LOVE the book, Living Life on Purpose by Kym Wright. After reading it, we’ve made life skill lists on spreadsheet of things we would like the children to learn. It helps keep me focused on what is left to teach before driving, college, etc. We aren’t very rigid about it but use it as a guide. One thing the children look forward to doing is cracking eggs. The last three children have been told by older siblings, “Only (X) amount of days until your 3rd birthday! Aren’t you excited? You get to crack eggs!!” Now the baby is 3 1/2 and everyone knows how to crack eggs. Jay (11) and Avonlea (9) now scramble and have moved on to fried eggs. We have a special shelf in our pantry that holds items just for the children to make. We are in the habit of allowing them to make lunch at least 4 days a week and breakfast at least one day. The shelf holds oatmeal, some cereal, jello, some soups, mac ‘n cheese, crackers, peanut butter, bread, etc. The older children know how to make other foods from scratch but these are quick and easy foods that they can make without too much of a mess. I highly recommend looking in to participating in county fair baking contests. My son won over $50 one year and he was about 7yo at the time. He has since gone on to participate in other baking contests with 4H and such. Thank you for the encouragment. Blessings,Stephanie

  2. I think a lot of the time we start to focus on the things we have to do today in our homes…like the cooking, cleaning, and general keeping everyone in one piece.  Sometimes we loose sight of enjoying our children while they are still that children.  
    I think I would find a cheap plastic bowl for the kids to mix eggs in…my older ones can make cookies, quick breads and eggs.  My two youngest love to cook things in the microwave.  And also to help out in the kitchen. 
    I’m off and running this morning – hopefully I’ll get a chance to blog later.

  3. It is inspiring how you take delight in both playing and working with your children – just engaging them in the course of life! That book recommended by GranolaMomma looks like a good one to check out.

  4. Between you and my mother…oi!  You should have seen all the stuff she had my daughter doing yesterday!  She even was using the food saver!  My dd, who normally runs the other way the minute she sees me take it out was standing there, holding it down so that it could seal bags….amazing!  And soooo proud of herself!  So I can imagine how proud Davy is of his scrambled eggs.  And what a relief for you to not have to scramble more eggs. 

  5. My boys (3,5) LOVE to crack and scramble eggs. I once had to clean an entire carton of eggs off the floor. UGH! That was a very sweet post. I need to remeber to start my day off that way. They grow so fast, and I don’t want my children to remember me as cranky and out of sorts. Thankyou for that reminder. ~Jerusha

  6. How wonderful Shanda that you are including your children in the joys of everyday life and teaching them how to cook and letting them learn and have fun. Your boys are too cute. I am happy to see that their eggs turned out great and that everyone was happy. I am sorry to hear though that you had to clean up raw egg and that your bowl got smashed. have a wonderful day.

  7. As I’ve written in many posts, my 7yo (Rissy) is our chief helper. She’s learned to make sausage and eggs this summer. She started dinner last night – ground beef for taco salads. For the other children, I’ve moved the peanut butter down low and they can make sandwiches of PBJ or bologna & cheese without my help. Various chips are also available.The only rule: Ask Momma FIRST!I’m glad you ended up not having a dreadful day – despite the raw egg clean up! I did that and cleaned up juice spills several times this past week while Annamarie tried to learn from Rissy!!!

  8. Good Morning Shanda……Thats so cute with your boys scrambling eggs. My children do their own cooking too. But I have to be there first and they have to ask me first. Thats the little ones. But Jasmine and Douglas do the cooking for them when I am not home. But I usually have something in the crockpot for supper.
    Isn’t the Lord amazing!! How you were feeling (i remember feeling like that many days) and you told HIM and HE just wiped it all away. And you were able to enjoy your children. Don’t let the devil steal your joy. “THE JOY OF THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH.”
    You mentioned that Grace just disappears outside. Leslie, Michelle and Darcy do that to me too. They are out in the backyard. Its all fenced in now. But they take their rollerblades or bikes and disappear down the alley. They decided that its alright to go around the BLOCK!!! Of course I was very upset with them. In the city I don’t allow them to do that unless I know what they are going to do. It frustrates me. I’m sure all the neighbours up and down the alley can hear me calling all my childrens names. LOL!
    Thank you for sharing about your family, your thoughts and feelings. You are an inspiration. God Bless You Shanda.

  9. Hope you like scrambled eggs…looks like you’ll be eating them often!!  It’s funny how moms are, we’d like anything our kids did.  Eggs every day for breakfast and lunch?  Sure, as long as my child cooked them!  : )

  10. They did a great job! I need to loosen up a bit I think and let my kids at it! OH, it’s so hard! But worth it as you said! I finally got my new fiesta bowls yesterday and was thrilled! :o) Hurray! The boys look just so sweet cooking! Yummy!…but I totally agree about the Ew for the raw eggs! Yuck! Thank you for sharing the importance and the treasure of prayer!

  11. I just love that Edith Schaeffer quote!Aww, what sweet precious children you have…you are truly blessed!As for waking up and having zero desire to do the things around your home, we all have days like that, really!Sometimes it helps to just say a prayer and ask God to give me the desire, thank Him for having a home to take care of and then turning on some good upbeat praise music and getting to it!Wishing you a blessed weekend!

  12. you are adventurous!! I don’t think I would let my kids crack eggs and be at the stove..I give you mega mommy points for that today! Isn’t prayer wonderful?!? I have times like that and then times when I miss out to pray… well I seem to have lost the rest of the day in God’s grace….but I am glad He teaches me through the rough times when I forget…. and brings me back to Himself. But I love when you are totally helpless inside and all is in despair and you go to Him in prayer and find that He takes care of everything…even if your morning would not have been the way it was… and it got chaotic.. you had already had won the battle on your knees!!

  13. Great post, Shan!  Kids really do love to be involved in the kitchen.  The picture of Caleb shyly looking at his eggs is precious!  Praise God for answered prayer!  Happy Friday to you, friend!

  14. We have a son named Caleb too, but he just turned 18. Savour each stage, they grow up in a hurry. God bless, ~ Pete”I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing, therefore choose life, that you and your descendents may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19

  15. I feel like you did sometimes… Thankfully we do find things to pull us through. When my floor is a mess right after I cleaned it and then Jyllie does something cute and funny and I forget about how the floor made me mad. She is worth all the messes she could ever make!
    The only thing I let Jyllie help me make are brownies( she helps me stir them) so far and she also pours veggies in the pan when I make dinner. She just likes to dump things at this age!
    Love you all,

  16. I can not imagine letting my kids crack eggs… what is wrong with me??? I suppose I should try it sometime. I always use my kids ages as an excuse. With 4 kids, ages 5 and under, it isn’t easy, but I need to remember that it isn’t impossible. what book was this in? I have one book by Edith Schaeffer, I guess I need to re-read it.

  17. i love every picture u posted..just look at ur babies ..children would never need to worry ..in their little world just full of love ..fun ..laugh and simple.. i fancy them
    love tg

  18. My kids love the kitchen, they are allowed to help with breakfasts everyday and baking – if they want.  But Thursday nights are our special days, they take turns picking their meals meat,veggie and any side then I try to let them “run the kitchen” while I try to keep my mits and opinions to myself and just help them out.  It’s always fun (in a sometimes stressful way,for me, if we have to many unintentional messes) to see what they come up with and they do a great job.  It’s a great life skill and they are having fun doing it and get great satisfaction out of contributing to the family.  I love your pics of your eggs makers!

  19. So cute Shan!  I love when God transforms us from a grump to be more like himself.  I’m so glad you let Him in and changed your day!  I hope you’re having an excellent weekend!  Love, Lish

  20. Its amazing what prayer can do, and you have reminded me that I need to do more of it. Thanks for sharing your morning and it looks like you guys had soo much fun! It inspires me to do something with my son but when I get him again next weekend.

  21. Oh I could kiss that little face! Great post – I know the feeling about being grumpy b4 you even get out of bed. I’m glad you got a little bit of train time with your babies.

  22. I love the title! What a happy adventure…right there in your kitchen.  What a great mom you are!  Cooking with little boys can be a challenge….but so worth the good skills and wonderful accomplishments.  My husbands big hands did so well working with the boys…they made pies together.  so cute.
    Even better the good reminder to give up all those feelings to the Lord.  What a blessing that He knows our frames so well and came and answered your prayer.  Jenny

  23. My soon to be 15 yr. old daughter loves and has always loved to be in the kitchen.  I can remember her putting a telephone book up on the kitchen cabinet and calling it her “recipe book”.  lol!  My 10 yr. old son is just now showing interest in cooking some.  Kuddos to your little guys and their scrambled eggs.  I am totally impressed with them. 

  24. I agree with E.S. thanking for that quote it was so inspiring, I had watched a show on her and her husband and they talked about how she was in the kitchen.  I need to read her book!
    So cute that last picture of him looking down at his creation!

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