(like a shot in the arm)

Thanks to those of you who offered your encouragment to me,  in response to what I wrote about feeling guilty that I was not doing more at church.  I was getting mixed up, and confused, about what my real ministry is.  God used the things that you said to me here on xanga, His word, my own Mama, and also a couple of online articles (which someone sent me the links for) to give me the “booster shot” that I needed. 

So, a deep sigh of contentment from a tired mama~ a tired but happy one~ as I press on in my role as a wife, mother, and house keeper. 

Here are a couple of quotes for you;

“What’s wrong with rocking and cuddling and answering 100+ questions, and wiping snotty noses, cleaning up throw-up, and playing blocks on the floor?  This is kingdom work.  And it’s not just something to get through so you can get on to something bigger.  This is big.”

“Mary and Elisabeth touched the world by raising their boys.”

“Women have far too long screamed for the place of honor-rather than humble service.  It is in the home we learn to be like Jesus.  Any woman can be all spiritual with her Christian friends.  But the rubber meets the road in the home.”

~ Audry Broggi



0 thoughts on “(like a shot in the arm)

  1. Grea quotes from a wonderful godly woman.  (Audry is my pastors wife!)  I needed to read all your encouragement too… so know that I was uplifted as much as you were -and needed it as much too!

  2. Happy to hear that you are feeling better about everything. Some times it is hard to know everything that is expected of us a christian women. I’m so glad that you have found want you needed. God bless

  3. I am so glad you have awoken to what your real “job” for the Kingdom is right now…remember it changes as your journey with Christ changes. He is constantly teaching me things….my youngest is 16 now and how i miss those times of rocking and stories and bedtime prayers and singing to all three children…..what fun it was and i wouldn’t trade it for anything. There is so much you give right now that is worth so much more than anything else. I know it is difficult with what the world says and churches sometimes forget that as well. So be blessed with your job for right now because sooner than you know ~ you will have to be given a new one…..you are a Proverbs 31 woman, doing a wonderful job for your Saviour and blessing those around you ~ be blessed.

  4. Thank you for those words.  I too had to have a friend at church say “your mission field is your family” when I too had the same feelings you had. 
    I have stumbled upon your xanga site and have been very touched by your “humanness”.  It is great that you can share those feelings and I can then say   Ahhhhhh…..I’m not so alone with those thoughts after all.  
    You have a beautiful family.   Have a blessed day.
    Dawn from PA

  5. So good.  It’s cool that so many other moms believe this truth that what we are doing is one of the greatest things we could ever do.  We are making disciples–daily, and we get to start when they’re born!!!  It’s a natural relationship, a natural outpouring out of who we are as followers of Christ.  They get to see us live it out (and mess up) every day.  It’s the way He designed it to be!!!  I’ve heard of so many people who are touched by the children who grow up to be something “great”…and I remember that they had a momma who invested herself in them.

  6. I love the way that we have the opportunity of encouraging eachother here on xanga. It is really exciting to wake up each morning knowing that we are exactly where God wants us and that we have the opportunity of reaching the lives of our family for Him – we may really desire to go to the mission field, but really we are living right in the mission field! ~Colleen~

  7. You are very encouraging to others even when you are down, even when you are confused about your ministry, you still let God minister through you. Thanks a bunch. Glad you are feeling better.

  8. Dear Shanda….I’m so happy that you are feeling better. I love the quotes…thank you! I can see you going about your day with a smile on your face and joy in your heart!! Praise God!
    Enjoy your beautiful family today!!

  9. You are doing great girl!  I am doing the “single mom” thing this week as hubby is away on business and it is not alway easy by any means but we know we are doing the right thing by not just merely surviving but THRIVING in our homes!
    You continue to inspire me Shandra, in so many ways.

  10. Oh Shanda!  Your ministry as a mama is SO important!  I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better, and that you were encouraged in your roles as wife and mommy!  I mailed you something yesterday….

  11. read the quote about KINGDOM WORK (like the sounds of that) on Lys’ site this morning right before hitting the door – running like crazy – good words to stick in my head for the day!! and the other quotes are great too – – love the JOY you always display, tired or not, in what God has called you to do. thanks for that… always fun to see what’s on my shanda-friend’s mind for the day. 🙂

  12. Hi Shanda, I’m back! Your blog is the first I had to come visit. How happy you have made me feel. Listening to your dear music as I read over the days in your life I have missed. Your family portrait from Saturday is “just right” and those ice cream photos delightful..as were the eatable play-dough pictures…but how can Caleb be three! He was the baby, and only when he was napping could I see that little toddler I fell in love with. But wait…soon enough there will be a new baby! And pleas never forget the work you are doing is so important to the Lord’s kingdom…these precious children and your dear family are an ever constant witness to our fallen world of something so much better.

  13. It is so normal to feel that way and for others to try to make us feel guilty.  Sadly, it happens all too often in “church” settings.  Please be encouraged, and I think that you are, by the leading of the Lord in your life.  I am a pastor’s wife.  In my husband’s early ministry, I was made to feel this way and as a result I was running myself ragged trying to do everything or be involved in everything at church.  As I matured, and the Lord worked through me, I realized that I was the pastor’s wife–not the church’s wife.  It has made all the difference and brought real peace to me.  Keep up the good work in your present ministry.  It is your present ministry, for one day, your role will change and God will be waiting for you with your next assignment!

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