the many adventures of Davy-do

There was a crane here yesterday, and the construction crew lifted the walls and roof of the garage in place.  I invited my friend Kathy over, she has 4 children, so that they could watch with us.  I took plenty of pictures but I’ll have to post them some other day.

After a while, Kathy and I went back in the house.  She was sitting in Rich’s recliner, reading, and I was in the kitchen.  I happened to glance out the window just in time to see Davy-do climbing up on the porch railing with Rich’s big blue and white umbrella, which was open.  “DON’T EVEN TELL ME” I said, and Kathy and I ran out to the porch just in time to watch David leap from the railing and to the ground below.  I wasn’t fearing for his life, but I was afraid he would land wrong.  Imagine if you had David standing straight and tall, and other David standing on his shoulders. . .that would be the height that he jumped.  The thing was, he didn’t even hesitate!  He jumped, landed in a shrub, and got up absolutely thrilled with himself.  I asked him what he would have done if he had a stick go in his bottom, he looked at me like I was crazy.  Of course that would not happen to HIM.  He mentioned trying to jump from the landing in the house, which is a much greater distance. . . .I said to him, “no way”. .with fear in my heart, what WILL this boy do next?

Then, later in the day, he found a small gingerbread man cookie cutter.  Do you know the story of the Gingerbread boy?  A little old woman bakes him in the oven, and when she takes him out he jumps down and runs away.  The whole story is about the various animals that he runs away from. . and he eventually is consumed by a fox.  David LOVES that story and when he found the cookie cutter he simply HAD to make gingerbread men for himself.  I wasn’t able to make him any dough so he took matters into his own hands.  He found some tortilla wraps from the bread drawer and sat on the kitchen floor.  He placed the cookie cutter on the wrap and then get up and STOMP STOMP STOMP until he got it through the **tough** tortilla wrap.  He had to wear his sandels in order to do that.  He managed to make about 5 of them and then I promised that I would make him dough. . “in the morning”. . . .

So, right now, he is sitting cross-legged on the kitchen table, carefully and quietly decorating his gingerbread men with sprinkles.  Yes, Davy and I mixed up a giant fiesta bowl of sugar cookie dough and the kids each cut out one tray of cookies (we will save the rest of the dough for another day). 

David will be the type of man who just has to take risks in order to feel alive.  He will probably climb mountains, fly airplanes, and hang-glide.  And I’ll have to let him.  That’s the scary part!  In the meantime, while he is only five, I have to try to keep him from maiming himself with his “ideas”. . . . . .


David, when he was three.

He’s like trying to keep track of. . .I don’t know. . something slippery.  You think you have a hold on him, and the next thing you know, he’s gone and you’re looking for him.  If we go for a walk, I have to keep my eye on him the whole time or he leaves and sneaks back to the house.  He’s the kind of boy that drives you crazy, but when he looks at you with all that fun and charm shining in his eyes, you just can’t help but give him a squeeze.


Every night, when I tuck him into bed, he talks my ear off ~and the things he says to me shock me into laughter.  He had to tell me all about his poopie yesterday.  I’m sorry, I won’t get into details, but he sure did (go into details, that is).  He ended up pausing dramatically at the end of his monologue and saying soberly, “Mom.  I think I’m SICK.”  I thought I was, too, but I didn’t tell him that.  I just said, “Yes, you probably are.  We better get you to bed right away.”  LOL


So, I just now got up to help him get a drink of milk and he gave me a big hug.  (He loves to hug me)  I squealed and said, “I’ll tell you what, you are COVERED in flour!!”  “That’s because I’m going to be a baker when I grow up” he said.  Boy, he sure is proud of his cookies.  He’s going to just eat one, and save the rest for a party.

“I sure was a busy baker!” he sighed, brushing the flour of his clothes, all content-like.


0 thoughts on “the many adventures of Davy-do

  1. Boy, do you have your hands full with that little boy. He is what my mom would say is ornery. But in a good way. But just look at that face he is such a cutie pie, you couldn’t stay upset with him for very long. Good luck keeping a hold of him haha. It sounds like he is going to keep you hopping for a long time to come.   :o)  god bless

  2. Davy reminds me of my son Eddrick, he makes you crazy and then delights your heart all in the same moment. Congrats on your pregnancy. I’m so happy for you all and I came from a family with six kids (which was absolutely terrific) and I’ll be praying for you to get the rest and energy you need. Hugs!! ` n

  3. Oh Shanda Banda, I have a photo so send to you, I wanted to post it did not have time.  Just a few days ago Eti, David’s twin did the same exact thing!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn’t believe it when i read it!
    Maybe they will become friends when they are older and sky-jump and mountan climb together!

  4. LOL – Shanda, you’re a great mom and I love how you just take everything in stride! That Davy – he seems to gravitate to heights, doesn’t he? Wasn’t it him that you recently found standing on the countertop in search of chocolate chips? LOL

  5. Good Morning Shanda!!  I just read your post from yesterday!! Congratulations…a baby!! I’m so happy for you!! 2 more and you’ll have the same amount as me!! Just kidding.
    I love your stories about your children. They are so funny and so touching. Thank you for sharing!
    Take care and have a blessed day!!

  6. LOL, isn’t it funny how when you are little the things you did that now you think, “I can’t believe I did that!”  You’d never do that now?? 
    My sister and I used to wade through the creeks at our local park. We had no reserve to do it.  We didn’t think of glass or the water moccasins or anything like that.  Now, I’m afraid to take my shoes off.  LOL
    When your a kid, you rarely are cautious about the things that may be lurking. You just don’t give it a thought (such as a stick in the behind….who would think of that besides a mom??)  As an adult, you’re looking all around while walking or whatever it is your doing. The “what ifs” and the kids look at you like your a crazy lady!! 

  7. Keep breathing! Keep breathing! It’s okay, Mom!!!! LOL I don’t know that I could live through the adventures you do!Reading about all of your boy’s stories, I think, is the reason God gave me 5 girls!

  8. I know a boy just like Davey and he grew up to be the man courting our daughter!Having talked many hours with Eric’s mom, the stories she has told me sound just like your Davey.Eric has raced motorcycles, flown planes, climbed mountains, and is an avid story teller…I feel my daughter is dating a force of nature sometimes, he is always on the go and always full of dreams and ideas,but he is also full of love and so generous. Eric’s mom and I pray a lot for Eric, I think I’ll add Davey to our list!

  9. I just love to hear stories about your Davy-do!  He is so full of life!  I had to smile about his monologue and his talking your ear off.  My five-year-old is a talker too!  When anyone mentions how much she talks, she says, “I’m quiet when I’m asleep!”  Sounds like the garage construction is coming along nicely.  I look forward to seeing pictures.

  10. cute –that is what makes Davey, Davey… I still remember the day I called you some years ago and you told me how he threw most of his toys out your 2nd story window outside…. what can I say…I am sure he was watching each one fall and estimating the time of which goes faster? ;0 
    Journal all these…one day they will encourage him as a father…. the memories, the fun, and it will also help his wife! πŸ™‚ lol

  11. That is funny about him, I’m sure though your heart did sink:)  How is the basement coming along?   That sounds so fun having them do sugar cookies.   He sounds like a hoot!

  12. I have a boy that reminds me of your Davy. Only mine is 23 now, and he still lives life on the edge. (He just recently went on a cliff climbing expedition.) When he was 6 or so, he put in a new light switch in the bathroom. I asked him if he turned off the electricity when he wired it. He said no, he was just careful!!!! I always felt he kept his guardian angel busy!
    PS — Congrats on your wonderful and happy news!

  13. Ahh the adventures of five year olds.  Cracks me right up.  Alex does crazy things everyday, he keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure.  We lost him briefly at Six Flags today, and I panicked.  Turned out, he was on a slide, the next area over, trying to be a big boy.  Yikes.  LOL

  14. Davey’s “jumping off” story reminded me of our son who was sure he could fly if he jumped off a friends huge tractor.  It seemed really high to him – and it WAS pretty high!  He still has a badly scarred knee to show for it – where the stitches didn’t hold with his too much bending the knee!  At 47, he’s survived and is fine except for being a little shy about wearing shorts that expose that knee!  At least Davey thought to use an umbrella – as if that would slow him down much!!  Cute.

  15. First, congratulations!!! (from the last post)  I am so glad to hear everything is alright and of course you trust God but we wouldn’t be human or mothers if we did not have concern and all the other feelings when something is not right with one of our children.  Praising God with you!
    I have a Davy-do too (but his name is Benny boy :)).  Some people may call him “ADHD” or “_____” whatever label but I know God created him this way for a very special purpose.  There are days (I am sure you know!) that he is a challenge but the extra big hugs at the end of the day make it all worth while.  He is a treasure!
    Congratulations again!  I can’t wait to see “baby bump” pictures! πŸ™‚

  16. Was he trying to be Mary Poppins??? That Davey-do sure keeps you on your toes. Ainsley is like that, too, no fear and just does things without even considering the consequences. They are so much fun and so scary all at the same time.

  17. What different adventures each of our kids take us on! They are all so different. Some shy, some hyper, some adventurious! Who has ever siad being a stay at home mom is borring??? No Way! Specially in a house of 5 kids…soon to be 6!!! I do have to thank you once again for the encouragement you are! I love the stories about the kids and all of the pictures and you burden to teach them about the Lord! Thank you for sharing! It has been a huge encouragement in mu life and a challenge to me as well! Thank you Shanda!!

  18. Congratulations! I just read your happy news! How exciting to have 6 kiddos! I love reading stories of the “great adventures” your kiddos take and try….keep sharing!

  19. I love Davy-do!Oh how quickly the time goes..I am so glad you savor these moments!Check your mail…I am finally sending the cake recipe. I am so sorry for the delay.

  20. Have you been watching Mary Poppins or did he come up with the idea him self. I would have been holding my breath when he jumped!! Jyllie has been climbing on everything lately I’m just waiting for her to decide to jump off one day!!

  21. Love you story, Shan… our children bring us so much joy and can make us anxious at times too. πŸ™‚ Davy-do is so adorable. I have missed you and hope you are doing well. Had lots going on in my life lately… hope you are diong good friend.

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