shanda la.



This is a “day of rest” for me at home.  I am here with Grace, who seems much better but did not sleep well last night.  I am about to go lay outside in the sun with her on a quilt. . .

But first, I wanted to share a photo from this weekend.  My name is unusual so it was pretty exciting for me to find a “Shanda Lane” not too far from my own house. . . . .



I know my family will get a kick out of this!


*Rest in the Lord today and spend time with Him. . .He is the very real hope and comfort of our souls. . . .


0 thoughts on “shanda la.

  1. That’s funny! I’m glad you got a picture of it. 🙂 I’m glad Grace is doing better also, but I did miss you today at church. You know, the alto section is getting quite small (another person recently quit). I would love to have you join us again in choir. 🙂

  2. AH…. enjoying the sun sounds like a fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon. How interesting that they named a street “after you!”  I fell asleep on our apartment balcony in the sunshine. It was nice to lie there and snooze a bit!

  3. Oh, thats cool, especially since it is bear your home!
    When I was born my grandparents lived on Elizabeth Street, when they moved a block awat my Aunt moved into their old house, so when I was little I was always thrilled to go visit “my”street

  4. Missed you today!  I’m glad Gracie is doing better this evening…I have been thinking about her and praying.  I’m with Cathi, we sure could use you again, if you ever want to come back. 🙂  Love you!

  5. Ticks, I hate ticks.  (said in my best Indiana Jones voice, which really isn’t that great).  I pulled one off my son last week and found one in the bathroom over the weekend.  My uncle and his girls each had one when they came back from a hike on Saturday.  His was a deer tick.  Between ticks and poison ivy, I am ready to move into a bomb shelter.

  6. It is rare, my spell check never knows what to do with it! LOL!  I like how rare it is though and would have stopped to take a picture of it for you if I had been the one to see it!

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