Well, it’s been a busy weekend for us!  Thankfully, my emotions are starting to normalize after last week’s trials.  David is healing and seems better every day.  Patches’ death is a little less hard to bear.  Having Rich home for a long weekend has been wonderful.

On Saturday, I made baked beans and a jello cheesecake for our church picnic and we went to the park for a little while.  It was very windy and almost down-right cold!  Strange weather, but it was good to talk to friends and watch the kids play.  I found David pushing his little brother on the swing. . .without being asked!  So cute.


This is what the boys were doing in the backseat of the truck on the way home from the picnic:


They were wild and crazy!~constant noice of laughter and squeals. 


David was all worn out by the end of the day, so I kept him home with me on Sunday to rest.  The quiet of having just one child around was almost like a massage for my brain.  I was outside for a little while, laying in the sun on a blanket, and I felt so secure. . I knew David was safe inside the house and I didn’t have to try to keep track of 4 other children.

I did have a couple of meltdowns this weekend.  The worse one was Saturday night.  All of a sudden, after dinner, when I turned around to see my kitchen a disaster yet again, I just could not do anything more.  I don’t know exactly how it happened but I ended up yelling, “I’m DONE.  I’m going in my room and you guys are all going to clean this house for me!!!” And I did, I went in my room, shut the door, locked it, and got into bed.  After a while, I started to regain my sense of humor so I went out to see how they were doing.  Jacob was the busiest. . . . .what a tender heart he has.  They all were working, but he ended up not only washing the dishes that were in the sink, but mopping the kitchen floor as well!

It felt so GREAT to put my foot down.  LOL  And I did get a clean kitchen out of it.  It was wise of Rich to just let me vent. . . . . .we had a nice laugh over it later.

Okay.  Well, today was busy again, but we stayed at home all day, which was good.   This morning I tried to do various other things but decided (after lots of interruptions) that my family needed me in the kitchen most of all. . .so I basically puttered around cleaning, organizing a couple of cupboards, cooking, and generally making myself available to anyone who might need me.  I made potato salad.  I already had made 3-bean salad and a huge fruit salad so, along with Rich’s grilled hamburgers, we had a very nice Memorial Day picnic outside at our picnic table.  The kids were so wound up, happy.  Caleb sat next to Rich and hugged his arm after every bite of his hamburger.  When he wanted a “peekle” (pickle) he said, “I want a peekle!” and put his whole hand in the jar to get one. Then, he dipped it into his potato salad before he took a bite. Ethan and Jacob were also silly. . .David was too cold. . .Grace was the only relatively normal one of the bunch.

I spent time after dinner, folding a gazillion loads of laundry and putting it all away.  I made David’s bed and cleaned up their room a little (picking up lots of choo-choos).  I made the older kids clean their bathroom.  Rich gave Caleb and David a bath.  All that cleaning added another gazillion clothes to the “dirty clothes pile”. . .

The children are all in bed now.  It’s getting dark outside, my windows are open and I can feel a cool breeze.  I can hear all kinds of night time creature noises. . birds singing goodnight, the peepers, the frogs, all those sounds.  It’s actually pretty noisy out there.

Rich just opened a can of soda.  He’s watching a baseball game.  Guess what he did today?  He took Jacob and Ethan for a bike ride.  The boys were so tired when they got back, but I didn’t think anything of it.  Then, after dinner, Rich took Ethan in the truck to go measure how far they went.

10 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot believe my boys rode their bikes 10 miles!!

By the way, I didn’t just clean and cook all day.  I think my favorite part of the day was watching Rich and the boys all fish.  I sat in my chair in the sun, with my sunglasses on, and watched.  It was quite entertaining.

Here are some random photos from the day;


I was sad this morning because I had to clean this quilt.  I keep it folded on the top of our armoir in the livingroom and it was Patches’ favorite place to curl up and sleep the day away.  Today I took the quilt down, aired it on the porch railing, and used the lint roller to clean off all the white kitty fur that she left behind. . . . .

Since I had the quilt down, I took a picture for my xanga friend Polly.  She loves quilts.  I think Hannah will like to see it, too.  It was given to me by Rich’s Grandma.  It is a family quilt, made in the 1800’s by one of Rich’s ancestors (I can remember just how many “greats” back she was.)


Grace picked me these lovely purple flowers, from down by the stream.  I promptly put them in my lilac fiesta disc pitcher.


I think this next series of photos is amusing.  I can’t seem to even take photos without a small someone coming along to “steal the show”. . . . .

You may think I was all alone, enjoying some solitude when I snapped this one:


But, no,

“David, David!  Back away!  You’re getting in my picture!”

“Oh forget it!  I’ll j
ust make him part of it. . .”



My little buddies are always seeking me out! 


This is my favorite picture of the day, of lil’ Caleb (my 2 year old):


“By golly!  My mama put my life-jacket on me, but I put my goggles on myself, thank you very much!!”

And he walked around like this, perfectly content!

In other news, David caught his very first fish!

See it?


As you may have noticed, I wrote a bit more tonight.  I sort of made myself.  I’ve been thinking and talking in fragments lately. . . .I thought it was time to try to be a little more descriptive.  I hope it wasn’t too boring or confusing to read.  I’m tired out so I’m off to get ready for bed and go cuddle with my husband. 

Good night~

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  1. The quilt is beautiful, what a treasure. I collect quilts, anything quilted actually. I even own a quilted dress LOL. I love the lilacs, they are perfect with your pitcher. Your last picture is priceless, I LOVE his expression. Glad you are feeling better Shanda.

  2. Wow, a quilt from the 1800s…that is incredible. Makes me think of Laura Ingalls Wilder, whose book of articles and essays I’m enjoying from the library, the one you posted not long ago. I love all your book recommendations!

  3. I am glad to hear a chipper post from you.  It sounds like you had a wonderful day.  The picnic sounds VERY yummy!  Why didn’t you invite all of us?  šŸ™‚  JK
    The pictures are great……..I love how Davey put on his goggles.  Very GQ.  LOL
    I am going to have to try the “I QUIT” speech and see if I get the same results around here.  šŸ™‚  That is great that you have such great kids and hubby to let you have your evening. 

  4. Great post.  Way to claim some Mommy Solidarity!  We had such a busy weekend here…my LS turned 3 (still in shock about that), and between family that came to visit to celebrate and the big old-fashioned backyard barbecue we had with playgroup/church friends to celebrate, we are spent!

  5. Oh thank-you, thank-you for posting the picture of that very special crazy quilt. I hope you don’t mind but I put a copy of it into one of my quilt files. You again capture so much life, feelings, and love in your pictures! What a wonderful gift! Thanks for sharing it too!

  6. what a happy sounding day….and thanks for reminding me of what’s waiting for me in the morning…a gazillion dirty clothes….lol….I’ve been very lazy, lazy, lazy today…..Hubby got his first batch of calves today…that brought some excitiment to the little “house on the prairie”   =)

  7. Trusting that this coming week will be as good as this weekend has been for you, and that you are feeling back to normal again.Maybe some day another special feline will be enjoying this lovely quilt that Patches enjoyed.

  8. i have a pleasantly content smile on my face… just knowing by reading this post, that I do believe there is someone out there who I can relate to ! it truly is encouraging. Everything from the “clean it up yourself” and heading for the bedroom (LOL, I had one of those last week too! and I’m always so surprised how they rise to the call and out do themselves! Makes me think I’m not so needed as i make myself out to be! šŸ™‚ to the four boys picture, little girl who brings flowers… sitting in the sunshine watching wonders of children enjoying life. Thanks for the post here ~ on days like today, when i think maybe I’m all alone, this reminds me “No, I’m not.” :)blessings and lovely quilt. And purple pitcher!~lys

  9. I discovered your blog through Anna’s (Pleasantview). Beautiful! Inspiring! Your children are beautiful too!  We lost our sweet kitty back in January the same way as your Patches. Jester suited his name. He was an absoute clown. I understand your sorrow. It really does get better though. I still love to look at pictures of him though. Thankfully, we still have his “brother” Sylvester to love.
    I look forward to reading more about you and your beautiful family. Blessings!

  10. I’m glad you had a good day yesterday. We had a nice relaxing day, too. My parents are here and I’m so enjoying seeing my children playing, reading and just being with them.I loved your little mini-meltdown. We all have those moments. I’m glad they saw that they really needed to help you, and did it, without complaining or help from you. šŸ™‚

  11. Those pictures are good.   I love how Caleb put on his goggles!  That’s good that you had your meltdown & was able to laugh about it later:)   At least you got a clean kitchen out of it to:)   I’m glad you had a great weekend, the  food sounds so good!

  12. I love that quilt.  My grandmother has made me some quilts, I really need to keep them out because they are so beautiful.  I love how you are so real in your post about your meltdown.  Like others have said, it makes me not feel so alone in some of the things that I feel sometimes.  I think moms tend to think others don’t ever lose it, but we all do.  Sounds like you all had a wonderful family weekend.  I also enjoyed my husband being home for the extra day, it went by way too fast.

  13. Good Morning Shanda!!…..I just love coming to visit your blog. Its always so refreshing, funny, emotional (i’m very emotional), beautiful, beautiful blog. Oh My Goodness….the picture of your family and the rainbow just took my breath away. You will have to make that into a poster and sell it!! I would buy one. Or for a calendar!! That is just beautiful!! Your children and the birthday wishes to your brother just had me break out into a big laugh ( i love to laugh lots!!) Your son upside down…thats so great. Just being themselves. I love the quilt (i’m a wannabe quilt maker!!). All your pictures are just so great. I really feel happy after I leave your blog. But I’m glad you are feeling better. Oh I do that too sometimes I just get so tired of the mess all over. I just yell and tell them they have to clean up their mess and more and leave the room. They know Mommy is mad and they better get something done about the mess. And wonder of wonders they get it done. Leslie Lynn will even go around and wash dirty spots off the walls where little hands have been…..but I can’t stay mad for long and I’m out there in the kitchen helping them…LOL!
    Have a wonderful day with your wonderful, beautiful family.
    God Bless You!!

  14. Caleb’s photo witht he strap over his face is adorable, I could just eat him up!
    I was not home hardly at all for the weekend, this is the first day home, that is why you have not heard from me.  Thursday is going to be the same, with three different shoots/errands.  I miss hearing from you and it was good to come visit the blog and get caught up!
    The picture of the boys in the back of the truck made me want more boys! LOL!

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