children, cats, and ducks

If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall.  ~Nadine Stair


My babykins will never say that. . . . .they are already going barefoot as often as they are able.

I went outside yesterday *not barefoot* and decided to take some photos of Grace, my little girl who is growing and stretching out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too fast for my liking.  The four boys jumped on the trampoline while I asked Grace to sit still just for a moment (please).

I only got a couple pictures


bare feet



and then this happened


“Mom!  Turn around and look!  Take a picture, quick!”


We had a pair of mallard ducks on the pond.  They came for a visit.

Here is Mr, sporting the classic orange footwear that seems to be the trademark for ducks.



Patches, our mighty female cat hunter, was quite provoked.  I did a blog about her last summer, in which she actually was catching frogs out of the pond.  Looks like she would like some duck, too.

Patches, they are as big as you, dear little cat!


But this is as far as she would go (haven’t seen her swim yet). . . . .

(Just a bit ago, Patches took a flying leap up to the computer desk and slammed into my camera.  She’s so reckless.  She just wanted to purr at me, “good morning”, now she’s curled up tight on the rocking chair. . . .my cat Spot is frisky, he’s batting at and rolling around with an easter egg.)







My husband is crazy-busy at work.  I haven’t seen him much this week (he leaves for work before 6).  Not sure when he’ll be back tonight, I don’t even ask. . .just expect a long day and if it happens to be short than I’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Today I am taking my children to a homeschooler’s outing.  We’re going with a group from church, to a park, to see maple syrup being made. 

On the way there, I’m going to treat myself to a Starbucks Honey Latte.  I had a sip of my friend Karen’s the other day and it was yum.  I have a gift card around here someplace for Starbucks.

Am I rambling?

Seems like I could share a quote or something more substantial.  Hold on.  Let me look.

How about a hymn?  Thinking about spring makes me hum praise hymns to myself.  Here’s an oldie but and very very beautiful:

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation!
O my soul, praise Him, for He is thy health and salvation!
All ye who hear, now to His temple draw near;
Join me in glad adoration!

Praise to the Lord!  O let all that is in me adore Him!
All that hath life and breath, come now with praises before Him!
Let the Amen sound from His people again:
Gladly for aye we adore Him.

~Joachim Neander 1650-1680 (his heart must have been soaring when he penned this hymn, did y
ou notice all the exclamation points?  What a beautiful testimony of praise!)


I hope you enjoyed the ducks. . .we sure did.  Grace came downstairs this morning and immediately went out to see if they were still there—they are!


0 thoughts on “children, cats, and ducks

  1. Watching ducks is peaceful.  Watching cats can be hilarious!  I love that first quote and as soon as my notebook turns up, it’s going in. 
    Grace is getting so big!

  2. I’m laughing at the ducks.  I was in the middle of writing you a letter last night when something crazy happened…I’ll tell you a duck story in the letter too…

  3. I remember singing this hymn when I went to Houghton College. Wesley Chapel had this HUGE pipe organ, and it sounded so majestic and amazing! Love the photos! You should get some kind of a logo or name to attach to these so that they have your mark. Fwren has one for her photos, as well as Seedsower. The photos of the ducks are amazing!

  4. What a beautiful moment you caught on film….your little girl laughing. 🙂  What a nice, nice photo!
    Everytime you post photos of your property and walks it makes me wish I was there!! Your home always seems so peaceful- even when you show glimpses of chaoticness! (lol)
    I love old hymns. Just love them. I’m watching the movie Amazing Graze tonight…..speaking of old hymns. 🙂
    Have a lovely outing with your homeschool group!!

  5. Grace is growing up so nicely. I’m glad they were there last night. We had such a good time. But I missed seeing you! You must have been hiding from me. :)The duck pictures are great.I must go clean up Lorelei… she is lathering herself with oatmeal…

  6. how exciting to have a pair of ducks on your pond!  Your cat made me laugh….I think Mighty Patches and Mighty Louie need to meet up someday…lol…he has prided himself in catching squirrels a time or two…
    I can understand your comment about your hubby working, and not planning on him till late, then if he shows up earlier, you’re pleasantly surprised.  I finally had to come to that conclusion too, it just makes it go better if I don’t stress over when he’ll be home.  Although the last while he doesn’t seem to work quite as late…..and now ball season has started, thrown in there with trying to move….I’m trying to come to a good conclusion about that too…lol…it seems the ball stuff is way more male oriented than female around here….=/

  7. What great pictures!   Those ducks are so pretty I’m glad they are still there maybe they will stay:)   I hope you have fun on your outing today, that sounds very fun!
    My husband has been working late to.   I used to get all stressed out when he would be home, but now I don’t expect him home early & like you I’m surprised if I see him as are the kids!   I hope you have a great day & enjoy your latte!

  8. I just love your post.  It makes me want to buy several acres!!!   I want a pond!  My little Koi fish pond isn’t quite the same as that!  (But still lovely in its own right!  LOL) 
    Grace is so beautiful!  She is growing right in front of my eyes.  Every picture!!!!  Can’t you weigh her down with books or something to make her stop growing?

  9. Another lovely post. Your ducks are beautiful…I hope they hang around for you…and bring ducklings to photograph.Asking Grace to sit still for a moment reminds me of days gone by…when I had that kind of energy. It is fun to watchthe activity now…sitting still. Have a fun field trip. I’d love to watch the maple syrup process…so please take pictures. Blessed day.

  10. Have a fun day on your outing. Sounds like a yummy trip! Such lovely duck pictures, I love ducks. I can’t wait til we get some in our pond to feed them and nickname them.

  11. I took an unplanned break from Xanga over Easter and your site is the first one I returned too….knowing there would be music, and photos to delight and greet me!  Grace is so lovely, her bone structure will make for gorgeous photos in the years to come   And the reflections with the ducks are fantastic, like abstract sheets of glass. I so enjoyed the trip to grandpa’s barn and the family photos too

  12. I love the duck shots, but even more the one of Grace laughing and of her pointing towards the ducks!  What a beautiful young lady she is becoming!

  13. The pictures are great!  My cat is quite the hunter too- attempting prey as large as himself.  You capture Grace so well in the photos of her.  I love the ducks and the reflections on the pond.  Hope you enjoy your outing and the latte.  Sounds yummy!  Beautiful hymn- I was trying to sing it, but my voice isn’t really ready for singing (I’ve been sick).  I love the line “Let the Amen sound from His people again”.  We should remember to praise God outloud!  I have a letter to mail to you today.

  14. Love the pictures of Grace. What a little young lady she is becoming. Beautiful shots of the ducks too. ðŸ™‚
    Your cat just cracks me up! Thanks for sharing that hymn ~ I love that one. Hope your trip (and your Starbucks) was great!

  15. Wonderful hymn of praise!Wonderful photos of the ducks…..AND your sweet girl.You must take the photos now, my friend. The days are fleeting. My baby girls are 30 and beyond. I have no idea how that happened….especially since I couldn’t possibly be much older.Alas…the mirror tells me a different story.Happy Thursday, Shanda!

  16. Oh my, I love the ducks!  Maybe soon you will have ducklings!  And you know what?  In that photo of Grace pointing at them, she looks like a young lady ~ she really IS growing up fast, isn’t she? 

  17. Another beautiful post, Shanda! What a blessing it is to share in your life here! The photos are great … and I must say, that’s a very brave cat you have there to get so close to the water … would you mind if I ask what camera you use?  When we were homeschooling, we went to see how maple syrup was made. We enjoyed that very much … in fact, I was just looking online yesterday, to see what the schedule was so hubby and I could, maybe, go this weekend … either that, or take a trip to the Children’s Museum with my 6 great nieces and nephews! It’ll be a fun day with the little ones, since we are empty nesters now!  I miss the pitter-patter of barefeet and laughter!  Love the hymn … yes, “let ALL that is in me adore Him”!  Thank you for sharing this!  You have a wonderful weekend!
    Blessings ~ Deborah <><

  18. Soon you will have Mack, Jack, Pack, and Oack following on behind Mr and Mrs Mallard (have you ever read Make Way for Ducklings?) Ah Grace and barefeet. As one who “barely” ever has shoes on and believes in the old German  idea that walking barefoot in wet grass everday is not just soothing but good for your health. WEll I don’t KNOW that it is, I just do it ’cause. Great photos again. Thank you also for letting me sing here at work. You often make my heart sing! Blessings and love in SC

  19. Grace is gorgeous – I love that first shot of her, and the close-up of her laughing. The ducks are also beautiful; it would be really neat if you all get some ducklings later on!

  20. I love the barefoot girl!  So cute about the ducks….and the cat is so silly.  LOL too funny.  The last pictures with the reflections are lovely.  I love that hymn…David and I used to sing that together several years ago.  I miss the piano….but I know we can still sing ….thanks for the reminder to praise the Lord! Jenny

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