homemaking journal


“This home is the backdrop to simplify life, slow us all down, and  teach our children about stewardship and the traditions that define our family.”

“All beautiful things work well together.”

“Every place I turn here, there is something that makes me smile.”

(quotes from Country Living magazine)

Before I get started on my day, I wanted to share another journal with you.  I started this one about 6 years ago as a way to have all my homemaking inspiration in one spot.  I use old magazines and photos to fill it with quotes, articles, lists, my own thoughts, and ideas.  I add to it every once in a while, when I’m in the mood.  I sit down with a glue stick, a pair of scissors, a pen, a stack of old magazines, and catalogues.  Then I clip, glue, and scribble away!  There are no rules!  It’s all for me!


If you looked in it you would see the things that inspire me to make my house a home.  The front cover is dark green and on it I glued this quote:


If walls could talk, we’ve often thought, what stories they would tell.
But if we’re slow to grasp the message of an open front door,
a clean-scrubbed floor, or a handmade object comfortable
with its age and imperfections, perhaps we’re just not
listening well.  The language of a house is visual.
The soul of a house is memory.  And it speaks to the heart.


(Here’s a peek inside:)

This is an article about the importance of raising kids to love nature.

The photo is of my Dad giving small Ethan and small Jacob a tractor ride.


“What feels like home?”

“As children, we were not busy making money, keeping appointments,
and meeting deadlines.  Memories of our youth may bring to mind places
where we could enjoy simply being.
Bringing these memories to the creative process of design
may help make your house feel like a home—
the place your heart holds dear.”


Creativity and fiestaware!


Windchimes (because our homes extend to the outdoors!)


“Make time for you” 

 I loved the basket idea. . .put a bunch of things in it that appeal to you–journal and pen, stationary, flowers, a book, pretty napkin, etc, and have them ready in a basket, to carry to your special quiet place.


Aprons!  “Every apron tells a story”


Cherry things!


My friends Lea Ann and Joanna know about this journal and they send me articles sometimes.  I love it when they jot little notes on the pages. . .I glue them in my book and a part of them is now included.  It always surprises me how much they know me.  Lea Ann made me laugh when she sent a clipping from a magazine about chicken coops!  Joanna even had this journal at her house for a few months, to look at and add to.   My homemaking journal is something I enjoy and it has helped me fall in love with feathering my nest.  Don’t you think that a beautiful home pleases God?  Homemaking is not a waste of time!

I encourage you to enjoy your HOME today– the smell of a burning candle, the warmth of the sun shining through your windows, the peaceful feeling of a quiet spot (even if you only have one like me, LOL).   Make your home a feast for your senses——

taste (like an inviting bowl of candy), touch (a clean soft blanket draped on the back of the couch), see (photos everywhere), hear (beautiful music and the sound of your loved one’s voices), smell (coffee and bacon). . . . . .



42 thoughts on “homemaking journal

  1. I have a notebook just like this too and guess what my favorite magazine to cut up is?  Country Living.  Lol.  In fact, I have a stack of pages I need to be gluing in when I have a spare moment.  Hahahahahahahah, spare….hahahaha.  I like how you add your own notes and stuff, I will have to start doing that.  Plus, I am always on the lookout for great quotes, but I keep them in a diferent notebook.  (Don’t ask how many of those I have, hehe).  Thanks for sharing yours. 

  2. WOW.  What a great idea.  I love how you and Jo are so good at hording these lovely ideas in journals.  Precious.  I LOVE THE APRON PAGE.  Who would’ve thought???  🙂

  3. I completely agree that to make a house a home requires committment, love and care. It is a calling. Your post today made me miss my home in America. I try not to think about it too much, but there are so many memories there of the kinds of things you mentioned in your writing — colors chosen with care, stenciling, special handmade curtains, etc. But none of that came to Denmark! LOL!  It is much more of a challenge here on our small budget, to make our small apartment a warm and welcoming place, but I do what I can. I always have something pretty hanging on my front door. I am the only one in our building who bothers, but I think it makes my home more welcoming if that is the first thing you see. I love colored glass, and have a collection of cobalt blue which is all around the house looking pretty. I love how the light shines through it. I also have a lot of plants because they make things feel more welcoming, I think. Candles, a basket of toys for little visitors, and plenty of framed photographs all add to the welcome.

  4. Oh…..*happy and wonderous sigh*   I am so ministered to by this entry…
    I so love this.   This is very timely indeed.  We’re seriosuly looking at an old home built in 1920 on 10 acres…it would be a change, it needs work but the properties just echo peace to my heart.  We’ve lived out in the country before and it was a special time…We’re wondering if those times aren’t beckoning us once again.
    Please pray for us in this decision.  We were amazed, all four girls were ecstatic upon viewing the home and the grounds, the barns etc.  My head is spinning.
    This is the wonderful side of xanga.  May God be glorified!  Love, ~Amelia 

  5. What a wonderful idea, Shanda. I collect things that inspire me as well but unfortunately I have to look in a million places when I want to look at them *sigh*, I am SO unorganized. I think I may just have to use your idea and create a journal of my own. Have an awesome day. Love, Michelle

  6. I LOVE it.  Hope you don’t mind if I steal the idea… we could all use a little inspiration and it’s a good excuse to let go of all those magazines once you’ve removed the important bits.

  7. Turning a house into a home takes thought, care, and creativity. You’ve got it. Thank you for sharing your journal…it is inspiring. Your granddaughters some day will enjoy looking through this…kind of like looking into your dreams a bit. The teacup inside the glass jar is cute. Happy homemaking today.

  8. I do love this idea! It reminds me of the idea collages you read about in so many books, only taken to a new level. It would also be a great way to weed through all the stacks of magazines I have tucked away.

  9. Your site is always very inspirational. This entry is exceptionally inspiring!
    My daughter-in-law has made  such a home for her 4 sons and her husband, a simple peaceful oasis(as peaceful as having active boys under the roof can be).
    God Bless you and thank you for the blessings you give to me.

  10. i have a notebook like this.  i cut any kind of inspiration out of wherever….and write on top of it with a sharpie marker.  most of it is home decorating stuff.  some of my inspiration comes from magazines like:  country living, coastal living, pottery barn catalogs, ballard catalogs.  i don’t know if you’ve discovered mary engelbreit yet.  her magazine is home companion.  (seems right up your alley!) 
    i look at quilts, the way chairs are covered, ways with candles, etc.  i love a cozy cottage look!  i have collected things that i love, thru the years, and surrounded myself with them.    things like fiesta ware, vintage aprons, vintage fabrics, vintage buttons, seashells, all sizes of bottle brush trees, old iron beds, etc. 
    i, too, LOVE being a home maker…which to me means making my home a cozy, warm, inviting place where people LOVE to hang out at.  ultimately, a place that reflects the glory of God! 
    your xanga site is a blessing!   you take time to smell the roses!  i appreciate that!

  11. Oh how marvelous!! I love this idea. I know of someone who has a big board she puts everything on, but I like the journal idea because it’s so much more personal and enclosed. This I will have to jump on immediately. Thanks and hugs!

  12. Homemaking holds a large and dear place in my heart. I feel that so many women underestimate the influence of homemaking upon their loved ones. There is just something about a flickering candle, pretty curtains, soft pillows, and extra touches that simply transform the feel of home. In a home where homemaking is highly regarded, you can just feel it. You go in and sigh and say ~ Yes!I could stay here forever!
    I love, love, love your homemaking journal and the things in it that are so precious to you. Thank you for sharing this inspiration!

  13. Haha! I took a bunch of photos but have not posted yet, you are much quicker than I am at getting stuff up!  It is a delight to have had it for a few months.  What this post does not show is how packed it is.  It is this fat sketchbook that is spilling over with ideas and clippings and quotes.  It is personal too int he way that it is very SHANDA, your style is what you find in your mags!  I always picture you with it on your front porch with warmer weather a stack of mags. some lemonade and you in your rocker!

  14. What a lovely idea! I love journaling and have several different journals – but that one is truly a wonderful idea. I love to see Mothers who love to be at home and beautifying their homes and taking time to still be creative and take time for themselves. Your profile picture is beautiful!

  15. What a great idea! You’ve inspired me! I must start one of my very own I have stacks and stacks of magazine articles that I just can’t bear to throw away! Thanks for sharing another part of you!

  16. Oh I love this post!  i have one of these journals too!  It was actually a sketch book that I turned into a journal.  I still add to it!  I feel like getting it out now!  I should bring it with me next time I come or if you visit me sometime I could show it to you!  I love you! Lish

  17. Beautiful journal!  I love this idea.  I had just decided to start one recently.  I have a few clippings, but I haven’t glued them in a notebook yet.  I also enjoyed seeing your journal, because it gave me an idea for you….

  18. What a blessing this was to read, Shanda!  Thank you for sharing this special part of your life, and inspiring me, as well!  I have issues of Country Living magazines from way back when they were first published in 1980 … they have changed quite a bit since then, and I’ve always loved sitting in my ‘quiet spot’ and looking at the older ones I’ve had these many long years, over a cup of hot tea … maybe I’ll make a journal myself … there are so many ideas I’ve marked in them!  I love the tea cup as a sugar scoop!  You have a wonderful week!Blessings,~ Deborah <><

  19. Great post!  When we did some remodeling a few years ago I got a lot of ideas from my magazines.  I love to sit on my porch in the summer and browse through them over and over — I always find something new in the old ones!  I too like Country Living, Country Accents, etc.  I’ve even picked up beautiful hard cover “Country” books at garage sales, library sales, etc. 

  20. Dropping in (and subscribed).  This is so cool.  I have the books to do something like this, but I don’t find the “me” time to do it.  Thanks for inspiring me to get in gear!!

  21. Ok I have a new idea now. 🙂 I like the journal idea. I have clipped pictures and articles out of mags before, trying to find my “style”. I usually keep them in a folder and then toss them when we move. I got through “decluttering” stages some times. I think I will start a journal and figure out what it is that draws me to these pictures/magazines/etc.Thanks for sharing part of yourself and being an inspiration.

  22. RYC: It was a donut mix. Very easy and we made about two dozen which was just right for my crew.
    Incidently, I dug out my stack of magazine pages last night and sat in bed til the wee sma’s cutting and brainstorming. So fun.

  23. In enjoyed your sharing – it was inspirational – an easy way for those of us with limited time to be creative…and it got me thinking about a lot more journal/scrapbook possibilities!

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