getting excited about the little things


Jacob had a powerful hunger yesterday.

I took pity on him, and

so we made some cake and cookies.

I kept bumping into children every which way I turned.

It was fun.

David helped crack an egg into a bowl and when he finally got it open,

(“Put your two thumbs in, and open it like a door!” I always say)

He said in his dramatic way, “YUCK!!!   This one’s covered in egg juice!”

Jacob and I laughed and laughed.

As we mixed up the cake, I had the dishwasher running.

Soon, millions of soap suds started oozing onto the floor.

Someone ran to get a towel.

Jacob dropped down on the floor to play “fight the soapsuds”.

All in a day’s work, right?

I had Jacob beside me, and David standing on a big heavy kitchen chair,

and Caleb in his high chair.  Grace and Ethan came and went.

We were all busy in the kitchen and it did not take long to mix up that cake!

Caleb got to lick and beater and boy, did he enjoy it

I found myself standing and watching him,

with a smile on my face.

So, I had to run get the camera.  As I took his pictures,

I realized I was enjoying it just as much as he was.







“Get excited about the little things.  The big things don’t come along that often.  Enjoy the beauty of the day, the perfectness of God’s creation.  Take pleasure in each little accomplishment; there are many each day.  A letter well written, a clean, shining room, a beautiful casserole, a lesson well taught, a sale completed.  There is a wall motto that says, ‘Take time to smell the flowers.’  I guess that is what I am trying to say.” 

~ quote from a little booklet Colleen gave me called “Claire’s Corner” by Claire Killman, April 1979


28 thoughts on “getting excited about the little things

  1. I’m smiling too! Thanks!For some reason I  immediately thought of a song from waaay back. Wayne Watson sang something about getting so caught up in Big and Busy, that “little victories receive no applause.”That sticky, cake- battered sweet face and his mom receive mine!!! 🙂

  2. What a truely lovely post. It really made me stop and smile. Thank for sharing those wonderful words of wisdom. I just woke uo (because I slept too late…) so my day has just begun; I will work on seeing all of the little joys in life and stop to smell the flowers as I walk through the day.
    The picures are adorable! I still love getting to like off the cake batter when I cook

  3. I love the picture of little Caleb’s tongue wrapped around the beater…
    I’m glad you are enjoying the booklet…It came from Grandma’s cookbook cupboard.  When we found it I knew you would like it.
    Love You!  And you are one of the creators of special times and playmates from my childhood memories.  It is the little things that I remember about our playtimes together.  Climbing through the haystacks, looking for the new kittens, taking walks in the woods, building forts and secret clubs, swimming in the deep end of the pond, singing in harmony together, having sleep-overs, saying I love you from our front yards without making a sound…and so many more things…all little thing, all insignificant at the time, but the building blocks for a lifetime of memories. 
    I’m glad I got to share my growing up years with you…

  4. OOOh  I love the quote! That is how I try to look at life.And you’ve discovered my secret for weight loss…take pictures of people eating sweets instead of eating them!

  5. We had a really rough day today at the doctor’s and so after their naps, we baked up some chocolate chip cookies. I had so much fun with the kids and their faces and the beaters equaled little Caleb’s. Yes, it is so fun baking with little ones and seeing their excitement as they get to put in the chocolate chips or the flour. Glad you had fun too. Sorry to hear about your flat tire predicament, YIKES! Glad you’re alright!

  6. I believe children have the right idea…they enjoy the small and insignificant things that we are too busy to appreciate. I recently let my mother lick the beaters and it was like watching one of my children when they were young. Mom is 87…she still enjoys doing that….I think they were clean enough to just put away. : )

  7. This post really lifted me. I’m feeling a little down and overwhelmed by it all (life, motherhood etc.). It never ceases to amaze how you handle your five so well. I can get soooo overwhelmed with “only” four. Okay, okay…I’ll save it for my own blog, lol.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  8. Wow. You are such an inspiration with your smiles and reminders to enjoy the small things. This was a beautiful ~ and your choice of music just made it even better!

  9. Aww. I just love the pictures you took. That is one thing that I like about watching kids. They do some of the cutest stuff, and say some of the cutest things! That is why I’m looking forward to having kids of my own.
    Comment back,

  10. cute pictures!!
    ryc: thanks for the input.  I will look into that book.  I hope I didn’t sound to confused, but sometimes its hard to explain…Does God make these things happen, or does God use these things that DO happen to work in our lives for our own good….

  11. That is so cute i remember the day with my four it was always fun baking and now are four year old granddaughter loves to bake also and then lick the beater
                                                                     GOD BLESS,

  12. That quote is perfect, if I had read it somewhere else I would have sent it to you!  The pictures match the thought of the quote.  I also liked how you said “I was bumping into children” I can relate, you made me smile!

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