Home Peace

The following list is something I read recently and found convicting.

Cultivating Home Peace

Begin each day by taking note of, and appreciating, the blessings that are currently in your life.  (I love this idea, and at times I do write in my journal “things I am thankful for”)

Be the guardian of your words.  Words are powerful and can destroy in seconds what may have taken years to cultivate.  (ouch!  very convicting! and, very true!)

Make it a habit to look for and praise positive behavior and attitudes of your family members.  By recognizing and building up the positive traits, they become stronger, leaving less room (and little time) for negative qualities to take root.  (I love this idea!  So often I nit-pick my husband or my kids)


When your partner and /or children are speaking to you, look up from what you are doing and offer your full attention to their words.  (I practiced this as I typed, David brought me something that he found and I looked right at him while he told me all about it.  He didn’t seem too startled, LOL)

Make every effort to master a quick temper.  Seek to consciously check anger and impatience in yourself, as these are the streams from which negative words flow.  (Amen!)

Keep in mind that bad moods are contagious.  Try to differentiate between a sour mood and a true dilemma (your own as well as others’).


Never underestimate the power of an apology.  Be prepared to look at yourself with complete honesty and admit and apologize when you have snapped unnecessarily.  (I try to make sure I do this w/the children during the day, too)

Pride and stubbornness are inhibitors to happiness and will negatively influence your life.  Always accept a sincere apology, avoiding the habit of unforgiveness.  (ooooh, ouch!  thank you Lord, for showing me why it’s hard to accept apology at times. . .because of my own pride and stubbornness!!)

The human family is a precious thing.  In is within the family circle that we conduct our apprenticeship to life and make our first social contact.  Each of us is alive for a purpose.  It is our responsibility to find the gifts that were bestowed  upon us.  Once found, it is our joy–as well as our obligation–to cultivate and make use of them.  (so so true)

~Tracey McBride, in Frugal Luxuries by the Seasons


(Spot was in a box this morning, playing, so I took his picture.  Cats make me feel peaceful)

“God the Father is called the ‘God of peace’ (Hebrews 13:20).
God the Son, the ‘Prince of peace’ (Isaiah 9:6).
God the Holy Ghost the ‘Spirit. . .of peace’ (Ephesians 4:30)”

Thomas Watson

“. . . .seek peace, and pursue it.”  Psalm 34:14

0 thoughts on “Home Peace

  1. wonderful advice- I like the words on peace the best. In light of the quote, I think a better interpretation of Ps 34:14 might be: “seek peace and pursue HIM.” 😉 cool cat pics

  2. Amen! Wow, those ARE convicting words! But at the same time are simple and practical, which is encouraging. I will have to try working on a few of those.
    p.s. once again, when I read your post I stopped and lingered so that I could hear the rest of the play. I will have to look into getting that CD

  3. I loved this list, and in my mind added “don’t interrupt people” (my biggest self-imposition) Thanks again for the good words. Happy and Blessed New Year dear heart! blessings  and renewed love in SC

  4. What a great list!  I especially love the one about giving the person talking to you your full attention.  How often I don’t!  Donika started saying, “Mom!”  I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and say something, then she’ll say, “No Mom, LOOK WITH YOUR EYES.”  Wow… puts me to shame!!
    Thanks for sharing… I think I’ll copy and paste this and leave it leave it on my desktop for a reminder!!
    Have a wonderful day!!

    P.S.  I love your profile picture!!  Your hair looks so great!!

  5. Ouch. I needed to hear these today. You’re right, these can definitely be scripturally supported. I’m putting these on my desk in clear view, they’re just that valuable.

  6. Wonderful life tips!  I especially think the one about stopping what we are dong and looking our family members in the eye is so important.  : )   I too try especially hard on that one.  As a mommy, those things are soooo big. 
    You are such a sweet wife and mom…love your profile pic, very, very pretty like you!  Have a most blessed New Year and may we all carry Christmas in our Hearts year round.  ~Amelia

  7. Those are all great….good to focus on such practical ideas.  I know , especially when young I have said “look at me” with my boys when I want to make a point…but it goes both ways I can remember little hand taking my face so I would look directly at them. I also esp like noting good and being thankful!  Cute pictures of your kitty! ~ Jenny

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