Hello from a snowy house in a snowy state


I just saw two people on a snow mobile go speeding down the road. 

As I sit at my desk, I can see a gray sky and snow falling, swirling, and blowing down.  Church was canceled because of the snow storm, which is a very rare thing indeed.  We are taking advantage of the cozy morning together.  I got up this morning and made homemade biscuits and fried eggs.  Jacob made the bacon.  After everyone was fed, Jacob and Ethan went outside.  They have enough snow piled up from shoveling the driveway that they have made a fort.  Even the dog goes in with them and digs, digs, digs.  Ethan said, “Mom!!  It’s cold out here, but when we go in our hut, it’s WARM!”  They go in, wait a while, and then go back out to “take care of the animals”.  (pretend animals). . . . . .





I went outside briefly to watch them play and to fill up my birdfeeder.  The snow is half way up to my knees, light and grainy, and it is very windy and cold out there.  I wasn’t even tempted to go for a walk.

When I came back in, David and Caleb were sitting on the counter, playing in the flour canister, making a big floury mess.  I should have known they would get into mischief while I was out.


I had fun playing around with my camera until the battery ran out.  The children were all busy playing their new favorite game, “button store”.  They pay for them with bottle caps.  Rich and I sat and watched the action. . . . .





the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” sale!



Ethan was the store keeper



Our little cat, Patches, has a new favorite place to sleep; in the dirty clothes on top of the washer.  You should see how she vibrates when the washer is in the spin cycle!  It’s so funny.



Now, my husband is sleeping in his big recliner and Jacob is begging his siblings to go outside with him.  No one wants to.

DSC_4684 DSC_4677


We’re cozy.  How are you doing today?

How’s the weather where you are?

Have a blessed day!


0 thoughts on “Hello from a snowy house in a snowy state

  1. It’s VERY cold here with leftover snow from yesterday and some ice under that. Not nearly as pretty as the scenes you captured with your camera at YOUR house!Loved the cat story. I’m most fond of cats and have two of my own who keep me entertained.How is your father-in-law healing from his accident?Warm hugs to you from Oklahoma!

  2. We are staying as warm as possible today. Our church was canceled as well. We will probably bake some cookies later on to warm the house more.Loved the cozy post.You cut Grace’s hair? I just noticed…maybe because I just cut my granddaughter’s yesterday…and cutting hair is on the mind.Anyway, I like your hair, Grace!Catch you later,Dawn xo

  3. We had a heavy frost last night with lots of fog thrown in. This morning when we walked out to the car, I saw several beautiful cobwebs which were all frosty! They were so lacy and beautiful! I wish I had a camera to take pictures!

  4. It’s night now here. Today was in the upper 80’s/lower 90’s(F) with no breeze. Pretty much like every other day But we have more company so that makes it all nicer. Tomorrow I need to take the older ones to Abu Dhabi (where we lived last year) to get their braces tightened, and to visit friends, and to shop at some more familiar places. It should be fun, but I have to drive the 3 hours there and back (probably while they sleep ). Oh well, sleep is a poor substitute for coffee anyway. Have a great week! It looks like a lot of fun in the snow fort! Mine used to like to eat their dinner out there ~Pam.

  5. Brrrrr!!  It’s very snowy here, as well.  We woke up to about seven inches of fresh snow.  So very pretty!  Many churches in our area were cancelled, but ours wasn’t.  Our family was assigned to work in the nursery this morning, but I decided to let my kids sleep in with Sam.  (He was called in to work last night, and didn’t come home until 2:00 a.m.!)  So off I went…  ๐Ÿ™‚  There weren’t a whole lot of people at church today because of the road conditions.  But our nursery was lively, nevertheless!  ๐Ÿ™‚ 
    Have a wonderful day with your family, Shanda.  And thanks for sharing your cozy day with your xanga pals! 

  6. We got 6-7 inches of heavy snow last night and are now having strong winds, blowing it everywhere.  Church cancelled this morning and tonight ~ don’t think we are going to even bother getting dressed today ~ we are loving it!  It is now bright and sunny and 30ยฐ out.  We had a huge “breakfast” for lunch with hot crรฉme bruleรฉ coffee ~ hash browns with onions and garlic, scrambled eggs with cheese, served with salsa, little smoky links, grapefruit, toast ~ yum!  I made placecards on the computer for our family Christmas next weekend.  My camera is busy and I’m doing crosswords.  What a wonderful day!!!    Thank You, Lord!

  7. Sniff, no snow here, it’s sunny and 60, with a good breeze though.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to get to the 40’s.  Wish I could come visit and enjoy the snow with the We had the Christmas Cantata today and had a wonderful crowd in church.  I just need to make it to Friday, then I’m off until the Thursday after Christmas.  Enjoy the family! Suz

  8. i totally COVET your snowfall!  ๐Ÿ™‚  we had about two flakes fall this morning and then it was over.  LOL  that’s about the extent of snowfall in atlanta.  love the fun your family is having together this holiday.  bless you all!

  9. What is the weather like in southern Iowa? We are encased in ice. This was the worst ice storm that even the old timers can remember. Electric power is slowly being restored. We had to buy a generator so we could run our bakery. We have our electric power back, but many don’t. Trees are broken down everywhere. A bunch of fellows from our church went around and played pick up sticks. May God bless them. Now we got another 5 inches of snow on top of the ice. We had church this morning and will again this evening. We thank God for the beauty of even an ice storm. The saddest part is seeing the stately old trees all broken down. Albert

  10. nice snow you guys have there! Too bad it really only snows in the mountains in Washington. I love reading your blogs…and the music is a great background to look at the pictures…really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy…

  11. We have snow here, but not fresh.  Currently it is cold and windy.  We had to bring the sleds in the garage last night so they wouldn’t blow away- it was HOWLING outside!!  You all look warm and cozy! 

  12. Hey, guess what? My weather is just like yours! :)We had a day like that, too… all warm and cozy at home. It was quite nice to not have anywhere we needed to be and to just stay in our jammies most of the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Oooh, that snow looks beautiful and appealing. I think I would enjoy an excuse to stay warm and cozy indoors – that’s how I feel about rainy days. Last week my husband flew up to where we are moving and saw melting snow in the corners of the parking lots from a snowstorm the previous week. The climate was unusually warm while he was there, but I’m looking forward to the prospect of experiencing real snow for the first time when we move up there!As for the weather here, it was a beautiful, sunny day, and we are surrounded not by white, but lush green pastures full of rye grass that Papaw planted. I was just thrilled it was cool enough to wear my cashmere sweater – never mind a coat – to church this morning. Last Sunday was so warm, I had to wear a sleeveless shirt!

  14. We were getting mostly slush this morning…we still had services.  However by afternoon the freezing rain and sleet had turned back into snow.  So evening service (Caroling) was canceled and also choir rehersal… So Rog went outside with girls and I stayed warm and toasty inside.  Roger’s dad bought himself a new snowmobile for his Birthday yesterday.  So the girls are having a lot of fun on that with their grandpa and daddy (you won’t find me out on that machine!) 
    Madelynn is now making Russian Tea cakes.  And my youngest were playing dominoes until it erupted into a fight about cleaning up.  Molly and Rog are playing Nintendo now.  So that has been my day.

  15. My weather is just like what you had….snowy and yet so beautiful at the same time!!! You have such a beautiful family!! I always enjoy seeing pics. Our older cat, Ruby, enjoys the laundry, she is not fussy either, she will lay in clean clothes if necessary..lol…The other day I was emptying out the dryer and the phone rang, when I returned she was in the dryer sleeping!!! It was likely very cozy for her….she wasnt happy with me, when I removed her I dont think, she gave me her sassy look…lol…Have a great cozy night!!! Lisa

  16. Love those creative children!!  Looks like a fun day at your house — It was very snowy and icy here this morning — our cantata had been postponed from last Sunday night until this morning and so they decided to have church for as many as could make it there.  We live 1/2 hour away from our church (on a good day) so we ventured out on the icy roads, made it there safely and had a very good turnout — it was a blessing.   Other churches in the area had cancelled their services so we had a good number of visitors too.   Tonight’s service was cancelled and we were planning to take in a cantata put on by a community choir in our town but that was cancelled too, so we’re sitting here by a cozy fire watching the wind blow the snow all over outside — they say we could get winds up to 50 mph overnight — and they said it was going to be a mild winter!!  A cozy fire, electricity, food to eat, health — we have so much to be thankful for!

  17. Brrr… That snow looks wonderful. We are having temps in the 30’s (low tonight supposed to be 26) pretty cold for the south. Especially cold after having 70’s last week. That was unseasonably warm, I will give them that, but its quite a shock to go to church and have the thermometer read 33! The wind felt like pins/needles and we had snow flurries. The ground was to warm, so nothing stuck. (my kids were disappointed lol). You must have gotten quite a bit of snow for them to cancel church. Your house looks cozy and warm though. I almost just snuggle up in front of your fireplace and watch the kids play button store in those pictures. What a fun game! Have a wonderful week, and Merry ChristmasMelody(frugalmel)

  18. P.S. I had to laugh at the cat pictures. My cats are opportunistic. If they can get into a basket of clean clothes, they will. So far, neither have gotten on the top of the machine though. Too funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Amazing snow! Here in the South we don’t see so much of that where I live, although the mtns. get their fair share. We are giving our kids sleds (their first) for Christmas, however, so hopefully we’ll see some of it this year. The snow fort is awesome! My boys would absolutely love that. I haven’t had a minute to read or post at all since I got back from my trip to NYC. . .with the decorating, Christmas cards, Christmas play rehearsal, finishing shopping and baking, I’m amazed I even have time to sleep or type this comment, but I was surprised to hear from you and happy to read your post. I’m writing several posts in my head and hope I can write them for real some time this week. . .we’ll see—

  20. We don’t get much snow here either, so I’m rather envious of yours. Even the potential flurries didn’t pop up. I love that the boys dug a hut in the back yard, it reminds me of Little House; in The Long Winter they dug a tunnel from the house to the barn (I wonder if boys would be interested in reading that?) Their creativity is just amazing. I can’t wait to watch my own kids do things like that.
    Hope you have a wonderful week, Shanda!

  21. I always love your photos!  The ones of the kids playing button store, and the one of one of you kiddos in their “snow cave”!  I totally remember doing that as a kid.  Funny how we never worried about cave-ins as kids…And here’s something new that I learned about you from your pictures.  You have a calico (?) named Patches, and WE have a calico named Patches, and their faces kinda look alike!  COOL! : )  Check out my page in a bit and I’ll post one for you to compare….

  22. Wow!!   You got alot of snow!!   You have such great pictures, as usual!   How do you make your biscuits?   That sounds like a great breakfast!  What a great way to spend the day.

  23. We had a few inches a couple weeks ago here in Maryland. It lasted a couple days but wasn’t enough to make a snow fort. We wish you could send some of that snow our way! But we are asking God to send us a whole bunch…skies have been pretty clear so far though… We built a snow fort almost exactly like yours last year…but this year I think I’ll try to make the roof thinner. When things started to thaw I kept the kids out of it…and finally went out and made the roof fall in…The snow was so heavy I couldn’t pry it up with my hands or shovel. It worried me that if it had fallen on one of my kids I wouldn’t have been able to get it off of them quick enough… I appreciate you sharing your joy and thoughts with us. It always uplifts me to read your blog and your kids remind me so much of mine.

  24. OOOHH SNOW!  We have rain here tonight….this is our third storm in the last few weeks….much much needed rain in California!! Love all the family pics and the coziness.  My David misses his big brothers sooo much.  This is the first year with out them as they both got married…before they at least came home on and off from college.  So that is what David is looking for the most at Christmas…his brothers.  Before this year we also lived in a big house and had over the course of three + years, 2 diff single moms and their sons come live with us. They both are now married….but David had live in little brothers….I just don’t quite cut it but do try   You inspired me to get in the baking with him…so maybe tomorrow we will make sugar cookies Love seeing you and Rich snuggling, and Rich with Caleb.  Doesn’t it just make you love your hubby even more when they are loving the children?  God bless you all, Jenny

  25. We’ve been loving the snow too! Love the pictures of your family just hanging out together.
    You and Rich are too cute in that chair! ๐Ÿ™‚

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