what to wear if you don't want to get pneumonia

Grace is getting a cold and wanted to go outside so I cautioned her that she better put warm clothes on so she doesn’t get pneumonia.

She just came downstairs with tights, socks, long underwear, pants, a dress, a shirt, a long flannel nightgown, and a coat on.  In that order!




My dear, loving, loyal. fun, happy, SPOILED, xanga readers:

After receiving an email from my brother, and reading and laughing over all of your comments asking “where is the picture”, I paid Grace a dollar and she put everything back on (except the shoes, but you get the idea) so I could take a couple photos of her anti-pneumonia outfit.  I am afraid, however, that what you were imagining was much funnier that the real deal—you be the judge—



Colleen was afraid that Grace simply exchanged the danger of coming down with pneumonia for the danger of over-heating.  Well, she did end up taking off the coat and the nightgown. . . . .  when I told her to put her coat back on for the pictures she said, “Oh, I left that outside.  It’s hanging in a pine tree.” (insert her giggles here).

Thanks for having fun and laughing along w/me today. . .





0 thoughts on “what to wear if you don't want to get pneumonia

  1. Great photos…I must say the combination of the outfit with only socks is rather humorous.  My kids leave their clothing outside as well.  Or in the car… I just brought in 3 coats today that were left in the car last week.

  2. I guess it pays to read blogs late in the day, sometimes! I’m just now getting on here and loved the story, as well as your pics! Since I HAD pneumonia, you certainly were right about her NOT wanting to catch it!

  3. TOO funny! it definitly made me giggle
    i had  double pneumonia for almost three months last year… it was NOT fun at all! this winter i’ll be sure to wear the outfit so it doensn’t happen again

  4. she’s adorable! and actually.. the outfit is not bad at all. she could probably walk down your local mall and people wouldn’t even look twice – well, maybe twice. but not 3 times!!he- he.

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