5 minutes

I sat down to read a letter.  Jacob had a question on his schoolwork, I got up to go help him.  I knocked over someone’s full glass of apple juice and it splashed all over the floor.  I cleaned that up and as I did, the dog all of a sudden started galloping through the living room and knocked Caleb over, who started screaming and crying.  I yelled for Jacob to get the dog (to put him in the basement) and picked up Caleb to comfort him.  He had a messy diaper so I took him in my room to change him, meanwhile Jacob chased the dog.  The dog ran upstairs and peed on the rug.  Jacob cleaned up the dog mess and finally got him downstairs and I got Caleb cleaned up.   I gave him some infant tylenol.  David started screaming, “MOM, LOOK MOM LOOK” so I looked.  He was very excited because he was throwing a square toy around and it ended up on the kitchen floor spinning like a top.  After I congratulated him,  I sat on the couch, and to get Caleb to stop crying, (he has a big bruise on his knee from the dog knocking him over), I sang him “Little Red Caboose”.  In a somewhat strained voice.

And, lest I forget this 5 minutes, I came here to record it.

Now, back to my letter.  Or, I would be better off phrasing it like this:  Now, back to my letter if I can find it???????????  I hope that it calms me down.  LOL

0 thoughts on “5 minutes

  1. What a ride.  It sounds like a scary mommy version of “If you give a mouse a cookie…”    Someday years from now when your house is quiet and “empty,” you will marvel at how much chaos once occurred in the span of 5 minutes!!

  2. I had to print this off for my dil who feels overwhelmed with her 4 children sometimes ~ hilarious!  By the way, was the letter calming?  . . . or did you ever find it??  LOL!

  3. I had a day like that last week. Having 4 animals can make for a chaotic day in itself then add 2 children under the age of 1 and it has its crazy days. I hope the rest of your day is relaxing. πŸ™‚

  4. Awww……the joys of motherhood!  LOL  I hope you get a peaceful break today!  I had a good laugh at your expense though……..yes, you can do the same to me anytime!  LOL

  5. Ohhh do enjoy these moments.  I know that sounds crazy but after seeing your little ones grow up (even when you think they never will or that you will ever get anything accomplished) and they fly the nest (my two oldest have) you will miss those days!  I still have two at home and I do try to enjoy each moment I have with them – it goes too fast!
    You handled things so beautifully!  What a blessing you are to your little ones and what a great example you are to them!  I love seeing that!

    xoxo Cat

  6. Sorry for that but, I didn’t bring my camera to the wedding. I’m hoping Jo will post some pics shortly as she was the photographer in the family for the day. I’m anticipating some really cool photos of the bride and groom  
    The pictures of your daughter below are fantastic.

  7. Ah, such is the rich life of a mother… lol! It’s good to know that we all walk in very similar shoes. Great post Shanda! Have a blessed night.

  8. I have had days like that!  Hang in there… and pray for some ‘stillness’ so that you can rest and rejoice in the shadow of His wings!  Sometimes, all I need is 15 minutes of stillness to catch my breath.  It usually does the trick and I can recharge and be back and running again.  πŸ™‚

  9. Ah, yes.  I had almost forgotten how much I appreciated prayer before meals!  It afforded at least a little bit of silence till everyone got quiet and then only one voice – in a soft tone!
    Enjoyed your post.

  10. WoW! A lot was packed into that five minutes! Haha! It is easy to laugh when you are not in it right? My goodness! What memories! I have some like this that I remember from my childhood that we laugh and laugh about now!! Isn’t God’s daily grace amazing!?! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your fun with us…it is nice to know that other households go through the same everyday things that we do…and it was encouraging to see a good response to it too! Thanks! Hope today is maybe a bit calmer…or less exciting!

  11. You’re writing abilites made me feel as though I were actually there in the midst of the chaos!  Or is it that it was familiar because this happens so frequently at my house as well?!  I often wonder how we as mommy’s don’t go over the proverbial edge…..(Praising God for his extra measure of Grace!) Notice how all the mommies whose nests are empty said to enjoy it because it is a fleeting time in our lives?  My mother tells me that at least three times a week : )  I’m SO glad you took the time to share it! It reminded me that I’m not in this alone….Have a great day!

  12. Hi!  It’s been ages since I’ve commented over here and said hello.  I actually get to enjoy your wonderful posts each day in my daily subscription email.  But when we moved in January, we had to downgrade to dial-up.  Now everything is so slow to load!  I hardly get to see your pics, and I’ve never heard your music until today!  πŸ™‚  Anyway, here I am at work, on my fast computer!  πŸ™‚  (Don’t worry…I haven’t punched in yet!  Integrity!!)  πŸ™‚  I just thought I’d stop by and actually SEE your beautiful pics of your family and home.  Thanks so much for sharing.  I really enjoy reading your posts, as we share the same faith in Jesus, and a love for family, home and poetry.  So anyway, have a lovely week.  And I’ll catch you again sometime soon!  (I keep calling to see if we can get DSL in our rural area.  Soon, I hope!)  πŸ™‚  Be blessed!!!!!

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