At this moment, Rich is doing something very romantic for me.  We’re out of coffee for the 3rd day in a row, so he is on his way to Dunkin’ Donuts to get me a nice fresh cup.  It will be nice not to drink instant again.  The sun is just beginning to come up, and because little Davy-do was on the couch when he left, he took him along for an early dark morning ride with Daddy (and, maybe he will get a donut!)  Buying me a cup of coffee will add an extra 20 minutes to his already 45 minute commute, so I take this as the precious gift that it is.

But this post isn’t just about this morning.  It’s about yesterday;  it was late afternoon, the kids were outside and it was time for me to start making dinner.  I had chicken in the fridge so I pulled out my current favorite cookbook, “Flavors of Fall” and opened it up to look for chicken recipes.  Low and behold, on the same page as “Chicken Vermicelli” I read this quote:

The beauty that shimmers in the yellow afternoons of October. . . .who could ever clutch it?  Ralph Waldo Emerson

After sitting and gazing out the window for a moment, I put my cookbook down, found my camera, and ran outside.  It was the exact shimmery sort of afternoon that Emerson was describing.  I would try to clutch some.  Dinner could wait.


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Dinner was half an hour late.  We had tuna noodle casserole. 

My coffee is here so I must go.  Enjoy your day, lovely ones!  Blessings to you and yours.


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  1. There are so many moments which can only be “clutched” with the heart! My heart takes a lot of pictures!   Love the photos of Grace in her bonnet! Sweet little girl. Your husband is a gem, but then again, so are you!

  2. I’m enjoying my coffee right now with a creamer I just got called “vanilla spiced rum”. It’s amazing! I love that time of day too, we call that shimmery time “the groovy time of day”, something my sister and I made up a long time ago. It truley is that golden magical time that makes you stop and enjoy it’s beauty! Take care sweet friend!

  3. I’d say you clutched it!  Did you make Grace the bonnet?  I love it.  So pretty.  I’m ready for autumn to come here.  Mostly everything is still green.  I did see a branch of yellow a couple of days ago.  I’m ready b/c there is a lovely red maple on my street.

  4. What a sweet husband, Michael does the same but it is diet coke because I hate coffee. I LOVE the first 2 pictures, she is so adorable. ????Are you having problems leaving comments on blogs? It said you had left props on my blog yesterday but I didn’t see a comment and then last night while visiting a few friends I noticed your name on their daily props but no comments as well. I heard a few people are having problems so I thought I would ask.

  5. As I was looking at your pictures, after just receiving a “Good morning, Doris”, from fwren, I thought, I am so blessed to have online friends who keep my thoughts on wonderful things like beauty, friendship, and most of all God’s goodness to us. 
    Thank you.

  6. Your pictures are beautiful!  Our leaves haven’t started changing yet.  Your pictures helped me get even more into the fall spirit! 
    Yes, your hubby is being a sweatheart!  What a thoughful jester!  I hope you have a wonderful day!  It has sure started out good!  🙂

  7. I love your early morning posts!  You capture so much beauty with your camera.  I know it takes a creative lady behind the lense to capture the beauty our Creator has given us.  Thanks!  The coffee is good this morning.  I’m still sipping. 

  8. What a nice thing for your husband to do for you!  I love the shots of Grace in her bonnet — and the trees are really pretty — not something we see in this part of California!  Do have a lovely day!

  9. Some things can wait, like dinner. It’s more important to “clutch” those precious moments that too soon will pass. Hope you have a wonderful day. I have been very busy the past few days, but hope to blog soon.

  10. I viewed many of the same beautiful fall colours today out of my kitchen window. I should go and “clutch” a few with my camera as well. Such an inspiring quote…I love the photos of Grace. Reminds me so much of my fave show of all time Little House on the Prairie ~Smile~
    So no Autumn chicken dinner, huh? Tee hee hee…Nevermind, I’m sure the tuna noodle meal was just as delish!
    Blessings as always,

  11. Beautiful pictures, Shan!  Grace is so sweet in her bonnet.  Your husband is a great guy!  The tuna casserole sounds yummy.  Our trees are mostly bare, and we have had snow already.  It didn’t stick, but it will be here to stay soon!

  12. Not only do you clutch beauty, but you breathe it in, and help me do the same. Thank you for your posts Shanda ~ they always warm my heart. (Your husband is sweet.)

  13. Thank you again for sharing the beauty of your children and God’s creation.  I almost always get tears in my eyes when I look at your posts….because they touch my heart!  I am smelling pumpkin bread in the oven and need to get to homeschooling with my David.  Lord bless! Jenny

  14. What a great day! you had coffee and all, as for the chicken it can wait for those picture’s you share they are truly a gift from god,  the colors are so pretty, and the Tuna Casserole sounds yummy.
                                                GOD BLESS,

  15. Dunkin Donuts coffee is yummy, esp. when it’s bought with love and sacrifice (incidentally, I’ve seen it for sale in stores now, at Target in particular. . .who knew??) Sweet pictures, beautiful quote. . .our autumn is not so gorgeous yet but that’s more due to lack of rain than anything else. There is a lovely yellow tree two houses down from us, however, that I love looking at. Tuna casserole is fine, my kids love it and it cheap and easy. . .sometimes being outside is just more important!

  16. Grace looked just like Holly Hobbie, or little house on the prairie.  My girls wore bonnets. I wish all little girls could were bonnets again to keep out the draft in the cold and the sun’s burning rays in the heat of summer. Clutching the sunshine of autumn with you is a joy. Thanks for such sweet moments embracing my day. Love and blessings dear girl, M in SC

  17. Thank you so much for sharing, I’m afraid I couldn’t go 3 days w/o real coffee…great support from your sweet hubby.  I clicked on the Gymboree site, thanks again..I have young neices/nephews I can shop for online.  Oh, I thought I would ask if I may use the poem from Pooh, it reminds me of my relationship with God.  Thank you again for all your beautiful pictures.  October is my favorite month of the year except for whenever Easter falls on.  love, evalyne

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