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Okay, so I’m reading a great book right now.  I’m only on chapter 8 but I’ve already decided to share some quotes with you and to give this book away to one lucky commenter.  Yep, you heard me!  I’ve fallen for the delight of doing a giveaway!

Anyway, after reading the first 7 chapters of this book I was so inspired that I got Jacob, Ethan, and David up out of their beds (they have rest time every day when they read or draw while I have quiet time) and sent them outside to get as dirty as they wish.  It’s that good.

The title of the book is:

Created for WORK, Practical Insights for Young Men

By Bob Schultz


Here are some quotes from my favorite chapter (so far) titled, “Dirt”:

“If we weren’t digging in the woods, we dug by the river.  We made canals, little waterfalls, and small lakes from rocks and mud.  I can’t imagine life without digging!’



“To gain my respect, a boy doesn’t have to look like a pig returning from the wallowing pit.  I take my hat off to any boy who can dress formally without squirming and complaining.  However, he also ought to be content while covered with slime if a task requires it, like the respectable fellow who pumped out our septic tank last spring.”




“A man needs the internal grit to stick his face into the dusty winds of adversity that blow through life.  He also needs the determination to stick his hands into grease and mud to accomplish the assignments given him.”


“The man who stays close to the dirt tends to stay close to reality.  There’s something in farming, logging, or ditch digging that keeps his thoughts down to earth.”

“It’s not that you have to live in good old farm soil to grow healthy.  The point is, don’t be too proud to get dirty and never let dirt stop you from accomplishing your tasks.  Refusing a job because you’ll soil your hands is the mark of a man who hides from life instead of one who dives in and conquers it.”


“If you are one of the millions of boys and men who enjoy dirt, remember that it doesn’t belong everywhere.  It’s extremely thoughtless to walk onto a freshly mopped kitchen floor with muddy hunting boots. . .a good man considers the property of others.  Therefore, he’ll try to keep his dirt to himself.”


“There are two things you never want to get dirty regardless of the job.  One is your heart and the other is your mind.  We tend to get things mixed up.  There is a tendency for men to stay away from the dirt of hard work and then pollute their minds with pictures and imaginations.”


“God’s man desires to keep his soul clean.”

“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”  Genesis 3:19


The boys in my life:  my precious Brothers: David, Nathan, and Isaac.  my wonderful Sons: Jacob, Ethan, David, Caleb



There is a lot more to this book than DIRT.  It’s about developing a manly and godly work ethic.  It would make a great read-aloud book for a Father and Son(s). Leave a comment and tell me if you want your name in the drawing.  On Monday, October 8th, I will draw one name out of a “hat” (or, whatever’s handy).  Winner receives a brand-new copy of the book.


0 thoughts on “DIRT—free giveaway—

  1. We have 3 sons and 2 grandsons.  The picture of the dirty seat of the pants reminds me of a photo on my May 1 post.  Our oldest grandson’s mother, our daughter-in-law, loves to read.  They live by a creek and a woods and our grandson absolutely loves exploring and being in the creek and fishing and all that stuff ~ she would love to read this book and I would love to give it to her to read (after I read it, of course!)  For sure, count me in ~ if I am the lucky recipient, I will pass it on and on and on ~ 

  2. I’m not in the running for a book on raising Godly men…but I did enjoy the comments and agree that there is just something about dirt that keeps you “grounded”.  I love to dig in my gardens…that is when I get my best “quiet time”.
    Did you get your package yet????

  3. Sounds like a great book.  I am dating a man with 4 boys and one girl.  I also had 12 boys and 1 girl in my class last year and this year am at 10 boys and 3 girls.  I am reading “Bringing Up Boys” by Dobson.  Have you read it?  Blessings!

  4. Oh, please count me in, too! I love a good book, and that one sounds excellent. Boys, dirt, and hard work – mmmmm. My favorite of the quotes is the fifth: “Refusing a job because you’ll soil your hands is the mark of a man who hides from life instead of one who dives in and conquers it.” Just as true for us ladies as the men!I agree with Aunt Gwen – that book could be enhanced with the pictures of your boys!

  5. I have three boys!  Go for it.  You can add me to the drawing.
    CUTE pictures of the kids, by the way.  Those are some handsome boys.  How in the world did you end up with 3 brothers and 4 sons?  LOL!~

  6. Those pictures remind me of a few that I have taken recently of my babes.  It still surprises me how drawn to dirt, water and mud puddles that my boys are.  We took them to a corn maze on Saturday and the oldest spent the majority of the time with his head down, dragging his feet through the dusty path!!  It was driving me crazy!!!  I wanted him to enjoy the corn maze and all he could do was focus on the glorious dirt all around us.  All of that to say, I would love my name in the drawing!  If I don’t get the book I will probably order it anyway.  I love reading.  I am always up for books about boys since I am with ours the majority of the time. 

  7. Shanda. . .I’m new here, but I found you through my dear friend, Roseteacup. She told me to visit your site, so here I am. I loved your post and I want to be in your drawing. I am the stay-at-home mom of four precious boys ranging in age from 1 1/2-almost 9. They are incredibly dirty people! Playing in the mud, digging in our back”yard”, exploring in the woods behind our house are all among their favorite activities. I find myself in a constant battle against dirt—on my floors, on their persons, on their clothes, under the kitchen table. . . I think I need this book to maybe understand that dirt can be my friend! I love the quotes, and this is very relevant to my everyday life. . . Thanks for the awesome post; I’m glad I found you.Lelia (LolaGirl)

  8. Put my name in the hat–on the very top right where you are going to reach………ha!  This sounds like an EXCELLENT book!  We live in the big city……I really wish there was more (real) dirt here for my son to dig into…as well as trees to climb….creeks in which to play….ponds in which to swim….   Thank you for sharing this book’s quotes and your precious pics of your family.

  9. You know, I always tried to stop my four boys from digging in the mud and your post made me think it’s not such a bad thing after all.  Maybe I wouldn’t mind so much if they didn’t make my backyard a mud pit!   My oldest son, who’s nine could use a few lessons in developing a good work ethic too.  No matter how I try to teach him to slow down and do things right he wastes his time rushing through them and having to do it all over again.   Thank you for offering this wonderful book up.  Whoever “wins” I hope they use it to it’s potential and find as much joy out of it as you. 

  10. I’ll leave the book for one of the younger mothers since my sons are beyond my control now…LOL.  What an absolutely beautiful post.  I don’t know how you find the time to put these things together.  Maybe I’ll do some giveaways to get rid of some of my books:)

  11. I love this post!  I enjoyed all the quotes and I know you’re boys will benefit from this book your reading.  You don’t have to put me in the drawing since I don’t have kids. Love, lish

  12. you are able to give your children the kind of childhood i can only dream of giving mine. i am so glad for your family and yet my heart grieves when i see your blessings and my lack of the same. i rejoice in your dream life and pray that mine becomes that way someday soon.

  13. Pleeeeese put my name in the “hat” 🙂 Sounds like a wonderful book! I have 2 girls and then a boy…I am always really tickled by the differences God placed in a man and women to serve their own special purpose. 

  14. Wow! this was so wonderful! My boys have become men. Thankfully they all know how to get their hands good and dirty within the confines of the properly allotted space. I loved this post so much. I loved the formal suit and tie picture followed by the mud on the jeans bottom. Now that (!!) looked familiar. I love you darlin’, M in SC  (I am so glad Lelia found you.)

  15. I think I may need to read that book.   My husband and son (9) help my father in law farm.  My son get’s so dirty, he loves to take things apart and put them back together.   I have to say,  I remind myself it’s ok for him to get dirty and that the clothes he has on my come clean or may not come clean.   Please count me in.

  16. Dear Shanda, How precious is this! I love the one of the boys in their suits followed by the more realistic mud on the back of the blue jean shorts. I loved the quotes. My boys are men now and I sweetly recall all of the mud moments and getting dirty delights I didn’t always appreciate. I am so glad Lelia found you. I am glad I found you to. Yes, come and we will share that thermos of coffee together! blessings and lots of love, m in sc

  17. Okay that is twice I thought my comment didn’t record and I wrote it again.  Hum more for this technically challenged granny! sorry! and I meant it both times! love you!

  18. Please count me in as well Shanda! Although my boy is still a baby, he will be a man before I know it!
    RYC: I don’t have a fall Gooseberry, but I have a few of the smaller ones from the new ‘Our Favorite’ collection. I use the breakfast one all the time!
    You are a blessing as well, my friend!
    I have remembrance of thee in my prayers… 2 Timothy 1:3

  19. sounds like a very good book! I am not sure that i would have very much use for it right now, considering the point of my life that i am… but maybe sometime down the road (such as when i wam married and have a family)
    so i guess count me in, too, please!

  20. 44 comments! What a blessing your posts are to people! God had given you a wonderful ministry of worship and praise through this blog.I just read your post from a few days ago when you took a walk with the family~  LOVED IT.it just brought such joy and ppeace to my spirit.How I hope we get to meet some day, ((((HUGS))))

  21. What an AWESOME post Shanda. It sounds like a wonderful book and with 5 boys I am sure I would LOVE it, could you put my name in your hat to please?
    Ps) I bet you will use a feista bowl instead of a hat

  22. Wowee!! Look at all your comments! God has not chosen to bless me with a son at this time, so let someone else win the book! (but I am writing the title down for future reference – just in case a boy joins us some day! ;))

  23. Please count me in. I would so love to read this book. I have never deprived my son of dirt. Much to his shear pleasure. He is still growing, so I have time to read this book and learn.Ahhhh…to be a child in your home! I think there it would be the most splendid place to grow up and be loved. Richest blessings to you and your beautiful family!Susan

  24. I love those quotes .You have inspired me to want to read that book. Especially as a mom of 4 boys. I am probably pregnant now with boy number 5 but my girls want a sister.(shhhhhh) :o)Blessings,Angie

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