come for a walk with us

I’m drinking hot tea from my favorite Alaskan mug.

Thanks for the comments on my earlier post. Thankfully, I was able to sleep this afternoon on the couch.  After putting my youngest and the older kids to bed, I turned the fan up to full-blast, cuddled up with a quilt and a feather pillow—and put my 5-yr-old on the other couch with strict orders not to make a peep!  And, somehow an hour went by.

It was very relaxing.

It is so gorgeous outside today.  There is a gentle breeze making my wind-chimes chime and the leaves rustle.  It is bright and sunny, yet quite cool.  

 I took my 2 yr. old and the dog down to one of the ponds earlier and my son was so cute.  I sat on a big rock and watched him throw rocks repeatedly.  The dog chewed things and ran around like his feet were on fire.  I want to make sure he gets LOTS of running time today!

Along with schooling, the kids and I “made the porch pretty” again.  We swept and cleaned it, rearranged the rockers (they had made a tent on the porch yesterday), and picked little bouquets of my garden flowers.  One bouquet is in an old, chipped tea-cup and the other is in an old creamer/pitcher (made by Homer Laughlin China Co.–remember, I love fiestaware, and the HLC co. makes Fiesta, too)  We have pink roses left, and bright dark yellow mums, pansies, and others.  They cheer me up.

DSC_0980 DSC_0982

Of course, my husband is at work today, but on SATURDAY all of us went for a walk together.  Won’t you come along?



We are thinking about having a garage built, possibly next year. My husband and the boys pounded in some stakes to get an idea of how big it should be.







In these next two photos, 10-yr-old is fighting a war.  He attacks bushes and trees like they are the enemy.  He didn’t know I was watching him from the other side of the pond.



Sister, watching her brothers.  Wonder what she’s thinking?


Walking hand in hand.  Helping little brother.  One’s got bare feet–and the shoes were left behind on the trail, to pick up later.



A perfect photo of little boy’s profile. I’m sure I could print it and cut it out, trace it on black paper, and cut that out to make his shadow-profile.  We have to watch this boy carefully on our walks because he likes to slip away and go back home when we’re not looking.


No rest for the weary:


The children with their find: feathers.  They see things through eyes of wonder. . . .and just soak up life.

Our son said, “Do we have to go back home already?  We just got here!”  So, we sat down to let them play and explore just a little bit longer.



I got a letter in the mail from mymeanderings yesterday, and in it was this quote:

“They learn more in three days in the woods than in three weeks in

 the classroom.”  Ronald M. Fisher

And, this one is from my latest issue of Country Living magazine:

“I am rich today with autumn’s gold,

All that my covetous hands can hold. . .

Oh, who could find a dearth of bliss

With autumn glory such as this!”  Gladys Harp



0 thoughts on “come for a walk with us

  1. Oh those hikes in the woods! Out here on the plains, trees are special to me. Today we had an unexpected trek through the tree row on the edge of a field when we took my husband’s lunch out to where he is sowing wheat. The children were ecstatic to see Monarch butterflies collecting in the trees, they found woodpecker holes and armadillo shells. They’ve been drawing things for their Nature Notebooks since we’re home. I agree, What a great classroom!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing!  Your blog and my sis’s (broncomom) are my two favorites.  Your family is so precious…we get to share your joy.  I remember those days with my three boys with such happiness….and yes, tiredness too….but really the best times.  Now the big guys  are married and I just have my 14yr old David (snogerfergany).  We have mommy and son adventures both with our days homeschooling and with youthgrp as I am a leader …that is the blog I comment off of here.  David and I are saying we need to open one for our ramblings so hopefully we will do that soon!  God bless you, glad you are feeling better.  I have those wakeful times and have found when I get up for awhile, read a book or the Bible and pray I get all cold and tired and go to sleep again faster.  I also find that when I am trying to sleep if I think on Jesus I often feel His peace and do go to sleep.    Jenny

  3. Fisher is so, so, soooo correct! After spending many years in classrooms, and now just a few weeks from completing a degree in elementary education, I can vouch for the truth in his words. You and your husband are giving your children the most wonderful childhood and education and memories EVER. Looking at these pictures of your kids and home reminds me of my own family, home, and childhood, and they give me such a warm, homey feeling! God bless you~

  4. That’s exactly what I think she was thinking too :o)  “boys are soooo silly!”…….my goodness…..your property/estate is amazing.  What a wonderful priviledge it is for your family to live there.  You are blessed.
    That black and white “hand in hand” photo is now one of my favorite photos :o)

  5. Glad you are feeling better! I just love your weblog. It’s just so relaxing!! I posted some fresh pictures on my site. Don’t you just love babies? I can never take enough pictures of them:)

  6. I too like that country living mag quote.  I guess my dh had left the volume (on the computer) on last night b/c I was surprised to hear music when I opened your page.  Delightfully surprised, and my kids like it too.  My one year old is swaying back and forth bobbing his head.  Very peaceful. 

  7. Sir Jacob the Bold, Pensive Princess Grace, the Brothers Beloved,  Daddy the tampoline, and a big black dog who keeps away the bears, who could ask for more? Some day they all will treasure these pictures. How I love living now in a place with woods. Blessings and love, M in SC

  8. Oh, my dear…you’ve done it again.  Brought me near to tears with the memories you evoked of me with my five little ones. I love the Fisher quote.  Take care of yourself.

  9. Forgot to say….the Daddy pose reminded my of my boys climbing on Dad.  We called it “under, over, and through”….that is one of the major ways they bonded with Dad after work every day. Jenny

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