I found this poem this morning and it made me cry.  So often I feel guilty because I’m not “doing more”.  In my heart, I know what I do at home is the most important thing. 



After marriage God called me to the mission field –
A little bundle needing all my care,
A disciple in touch with my life, obedient to all he hears.
Then came some more all in a row.
Everywhere I went, six little arrows in tow.
God had to call me again to His mission field.
I answered, “To China, to Africa, to Israel, oh where?”
His voice was clear, soft and gentle. My ministry arranged –
“My child, you are to polish our arrows,
Preparing them for My call to spread my
Words of life for other nations to see.”
“Lord,” I cried, “Loneliness surrounds my soul,
No other woman stands with me answering your call.
The sacrifice is great.”
Women give way to another’s voice, pulling them away
from their home, far from the quiver.”
Once more I pleaded, “May I go too, Lord, I feel the call
To share with the lost, Life giving words,
To feed the hungry a satisfying meal.”
“My child,” Jesus replied, “You share with your
children salvation and truth.
Feed them meals under your roof.
Discipline them, train them and then lie down in peace,
For sacrificial love have you given to make the world right.
Arise in the morning, open My book,
Teach them into My eyes they must look.”
“Yes, Lord, I replied, “But should I serve you in a more
obvious way?”
“Child, my sweet child,” God spoke once more.
I anointed you to do this work – the high calling of Motherhood.
To show our children the need for my love.”
“Lord,”, I sought out, still not fully convinced,
“Should I sew for those in thread barren clothes,
a Dorcas, a Martha?” “Sit at my feet, my child, listen to me.
Your daughter needs dresses, your sons warm shirts,
The button of your husband’s coat still lies on the table. Pick up your mantle, the rod of Aaron.
Lead my women back to their home.
“Yes, Lord.” Filled and content, I took my position in God’s mission field.
Hungry faces graced my bedside.
Clothed in God’s mantle, children at my side,
I prepared breakfast.









“. . . .teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,

to be descreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands,

that the word of God be not blasphemed.”  Titus 2:3-5


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  1. I love that poem!  Sometimes it is easy to get tired of cleaning and cooking but to look at it as our mission field gives it a whole new light!  Thank you so much for sharing that!
    The pictures are great!  I too like the backwards shorts!  Too funny!

  2. Motherhood IS a high calling! Too many women have “sold their birthright” and are missing so much. Too many children are not receiving the parenting they deserve. Keep polishing those lovely arrows of yours! They will grow straight and true, and they will hit the mark! Now, let’s see… the poem mentioned SIX! But, the other day you blogged “five is nice.” Hmmmmmm………………

  3. Nice poem, Shan.  We must always remember that God instructs us to teach our children.  Thanks for the reminder.
    Love You!
    I love that last picture of David…I see he still wears his pants like usual!

  4. Wonderful poem. There is nothing more important than preparing your children for life after they leave your side. This world needs more spiritual leaders…and home keepers…not matter what path God takes them.Imagine what/where that will be for each…?It saddened me to have people ask me what I did all day…when raising our five. I considered it my most important calling, my JOY… and did not really desire anything else. Oh sure….I did desire a break now and again. I needed that – and so did the children!:o)one. more. thing.the backwards jean shorts…? what a hoot!

  5. Awesome post! 
    That took me back to a day in January 1970 when I had three young children (5, 4, and 4 months), and felt that I was not doing enough for the Lord.  It seemed that all I did was change diapers (we didn’t have Pampers then), pick up toys, cook, do laundry, and clean the house.  I was sitting at my kitchen table crying when I heard an audible voice say, “Doris, right now I need you to be the best mother you can be.  When they are grown, I have other work for you to do.”  
    I will never forget that day – or where I was sitting at the table!  I was not a perfect mother, but, I never gave up trying to do my best in sharing the truths of the gospel with our four children.  And God certainly kept His promise in giving me work to do after our children were grown!  ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. What an amazing poem! It’s exactly what I needed to hear today. Yes, I think I will dote on my little quiver-full some more and teach them and kiss them and adore their every word! (which is sometimes hard to do when going through morning sickness!-all day) I loved the fall picture of your daughter in that sweet dress. So lovely!

  7. I felt very serious while reading this and looking through the pictures and I came to the last one and just had to chuckle.  Gotta love the backwards shorts!!  Thank you very much for this reminder.  Motherhood is a high calling and we sell ourselves short when we think we ought to be doing more.  Have a beautiful weekend friend!

  8. Thank you for sharing that wonderful poem.  There have been times latley I feel I need to be doing more with my children.  With working,  it’s easy for me to say ” I don’t have time” but I’m trying to work on that.  I want someday for my children to look back at their childhood and know they were raised in a christian home.    On the way to work today, I was listening to a christian radio station.  Someone called  in saying they remember when they were little, being raised in a christian home and going to church learning about God.   She said she will never forget that.  It made me tear up thinking that there are kids out their that don’t have that.
    Thank you again for sharing your site.  I have just started my xanga site.  I’m excited to build a relationship with christian ladies so I also can  learn and grow as a christian.

  9. I so needed this today. I’m sure all of us moms have felt they should be doing more. But God entrusted these little souls to us. What a responsibility!And David with those backwards shorts! He just loves wearing his pants backwards, doesn’t he?

  10. Shanda,
    I often feel that way too.  I have always known in my heart though that mothering my children was my mission in life.  I see the fruits of my labor now that they are mostly grown.  My twin daughters (25 years old in Novemeber) one is a 3rd year medical student with a heart to work in the inner city violent neighborhood hospitals,  the other one is a teacher in a private high school teaching math and biology. My third daughter (21 next month) is a junior at a state college.  She is very involved in her church and college Christian Fellowship group.  She is going on a missions trip to the Honduras in January.  My son (now 18) finishing up his last homeschooling course and taking college courses at the local college has such a kind gentle heart.  I am not sure what the Lord has in store for him yet but he is open to what God wants.
    I see so many ways how God has worked in their lives.  Even though there have been times that I have struggled, God has always been faithful.

  11. what a great, great poem.  Thanks for sharing that today, a good reminder that here, right now is where I need to be.
    that last picture cracked me up when I was scrolling down through them….lol…..

  12. You always share such beautiful & touching poems! I have used a similar mindset with my priorities lately; knowing that being home ministering to my family and guiding my children is more precious than being here, there and everywhere for a dozen different ’causes’ during the week.
    Your pictures made me smile! Enjoy your day! ๐Ÿ™‚
    P.S. I made wheat spaghetti today for lunch – you should have seen Abby gobble it down! lol!

  13. Thanks Shanda, wonderful reminder!!!!  I hate to mention it, but…. Caleb is looking so much more like a little boy and not so much a baby…..but, sooooooo handsome, just like his brothers.  blessings.

  14. You know Shanda, I read your poem and was thinking that “I knew this” somewhere in the recesses of my busy mind. Seeing it in print made it pierce my heart. We mom’s ARE important and we ARE going about the Lord’s work as we cook breakfast and do all the other various and sundry things!Our children are watching and listening to our every word and move. What they see and hear is what they will become.

  15. Shanda that was such an a help today to me. I sometimes feel unseen in this world that seems to be always rushing by. Thank you for helping me see today that home is were God has me now with my sweet children and yes I am in his perfect will.

  16. About 14 years a go I was struggling because I saw all these women in our church so busy doing this ministry and that ministry and holding jobs etc.. I kept comparing myself and thinking I don’t know what my role is…what am I to do..but I didn’t have the energy or the desire to go “out there” and work etc… I had two children at home and had just begun homeschooling. I went to my pastor for counsel…who’s wife was an outside the home career woman and who never homeschooled. (Not being critical…just pointing it out for explanation sake) His counsel…”keep searching..there is something out there you can do. Get a job to help with finances at home and to prevent depression.” NEVER did he point me to the role God had intended for me! But the Lord did. I knew this pastor’s answer was not right and I kept seeking…until one day a thin little Bible study booklet on homemaking showed up from somewhere and as I read that I realized “THIS is my ministry!” I got it!!! and have never questioned things again. I rejoice when I see young wives and mothers who understand this and have obeyed the Lord from the beginning of their marriages. So much heartache is prevented. To top it all off…our FORMER church had a Titus 2 ministry to teach the younger women. This is not what they were teaching.AMEN to you Shanda!!!! When I think of a fine example of a Godly wife and mother obeying this verse you posted…I think of you.Hugs to that sweet little backwards Thomas the Tank Engine man too. Is he coming or going? Susan

  17. Dear Shanda, Look (!!!) at all these women who needed to hear this! and you taught them right here the way you do every time you blog! I am so proud of you! Blessings and love (!) M in SC

  18. Lovely poem. Can I ask where do you find your poems and quotes? I love all the thought provoking words you post on your blog. I always know I’m going to come away from your blog with some wise words to apply to my life.
    It is so good to see a woman my age with a larger-than-average family ENJOYING her high calling of being a wife and mother. God bless you and yours.

  19. I love that poem.I’d like to print that one in a really pretty font and frame it to view often!It is sweet and heartwarming and reminds us of how important we are raising HIS people for a future mission.WOW!David’s shorts…LOL!Did he zip and button or snap them at that angle?Blessings,Angie

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