“we have this moment, to hold in our hands
and to touch
as it slips through our fingers like sand
yesterday’s gone
and tomorrow may never come
but we have this moment, today” ~ lyrics from a song (I can’t remember who sang it)


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  1. sniff, sniff….reminds me of my 7 yr. old daughter among all the boys, a good mix of girly girl and tomboy, too  =)

  2. She’s so pretty! I’m sure you two had a wonderful time at the tea today. The two pictures with the tulips are so cute. After reading this, I feel the need to go hold and hug my little baby… but she’s already asleep… 🙂

  3. Thanks for checking on us.  Maryn is doing some better.  Less fever.  She’s still not nursing great, but it was better this afternoon than it was this morning.  I know she’ll do better when she starts feeling better. 
    Grace is such a beautiful girl.  I’m so glad you got at least one girl in the bunch!  They are definitely different from the boys!  I hope you guys made some incredible memories today!

  4. Hi Shanda!  I saw your footprint on my site so I thought I’d come over and say thank you for stopping by!  Your pictures are beautiful, and from reading a bit here, I see we have some things in common!  So it was your daughter’s 7 year birthday, today!  She is beautiful, and they do grow so fast!  I have pictures, on my site, of my one and only son when he was 5, and then now at the age of 22!  He’s with his best friend in the pictures..before and after!  They are both going to stay in California for an internship in filmography/photography, and editing at a church in Seaside.  Then home here to Indiana to begin their own business!  I’m going to miss him something fierce!  But I know God has a plan for him, and I’m excited to see it unfold!  I love photography as well…do you mind my asking what type of camera you use?  We are going shopping for one soon, and I want to get a good one, but not too expensive!  You have some wonderful pictures here…such a gift you have!  Well, it was nice “meeting” you, and stop in anytime…my “door” is always open!  You have a beautiful weekend!Blessings,~ Deborah <><

  5. hello dears. . .actually, yesterday wasn’t Grace’s birthday–I took the pictures of her amongst the tulips which reminded me of the time I put her in our neighbor’s flower garden (7 years ago) and took pictures of her.  Sorry for misleading you!  I just thought it was fun to see the change in her after 7 years have gone by.  Her b-day is in November.

  6. You are both so very pretty ~ I absolutely adore that 3rd photo.  That song was sung at our youngest son’s wedding as the bridesmaids walked in.

  7. I cannot believe how fast time goes! 
    I really like the second picture, I like how I can see that you have a bit of pink on as well, and the nice smile you both have!  It is frame worthy Shanda Banda!

  8. Beautiful pictures!  The picture of Grace as a baby brought a tear to my eye.  My Rachel was 7 in December.  She (my Rachel) refers to you as my xanga friend who has a daughter her age.  Thank you for sharing!

  9. Wow.  My LS is not that old yet (2 this month), but she gave up her binky yesterday.  Now when I look at her, all I see is a big girl. 

  10. Oh how sweet….I know how you feel so well, so well….
    Loved all the pretty pics, you are both adorable!  The b/w shot of the back of her sash is really, really neat.  The comment by Finney is great, and I believe it is so true too.
    Thanks for the sweet comment, I’ll send that encouragement and compliment along to Michelle, I know she’ll be blessed by it as well!  : )
    Hugs and blessings!   ~Amelia

  11. I love these pictures! Isn’t it amazing how fast time passes! My Emma will be 5 in just over a week and it seems like I just had her!!! I am with you totally about passing the tissues!!! Oh, and that cake…my sister made it! That is something I could NEVER do! It would just look like a pile of frosting! I do miss them so much! My little brother lives here close to us right now since he is at the college that my husband works at but he is graduating on Saturday and will be moving down south this summer! So sad! The rest of my family lives 7 hours away…it isn’t as far as others live, but it just doesn’t happen often with the kids like you said.I hope you have a great week! I always enjoy looking at your blog! 🙂

  12. Hi Shanda,  Time goes so fast!  Enjoy your children, whatever their ages.  My baby is almost 25 years old.  My oldest is in her 30’s!  My son is 27.  My 2nd daughter died when she was 19 months old, in 1979.  It may seem strange but I think of her as an adult in heaven, like she grew up there instead of here.  I hope to see her again before too long.  I am 64 so it can’t be long now.  Love those children with all the love you’ve got.  They are the greatest treasure you have.  Love them, mold them, teach them His ways.  It is time well spent.  It makes an eternal difference.  Albert

  13. what a sweet stroll down memory lane. 🙂  She’s adorable..and you are too! 😀
    I hope your case of the grumps are well behind you!!! (lol) Isn’t it amazing the burdens and responsibilities us moms bare on a daily basis??  So it’s okay to be in the grumps every once in awhile!
    The picture of your little guy in the overalls is too adorable!!

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