0 thoughts on “Old Sturbridge Village

  1. The black and white is beautiful!  Your boys are beautiful too.  David is looking like his older brothers in that picture.  And Caleb looks like your husband.  Sounds like a fun filled day!!

  2. I want to go on a field trip! I have so many fond memories of going places like this with Bri and our homeschool group. Aren’t you pleased with the B&W image. There’s just enough contrast of light and shadows to make it work

  3. Greay pics! Yes! Caleb is delicious looking! LOL! I’ll bet snuggling with him and sniffing his neck when he has been playing in the sun and fresh air is a delight! Don’t you just love the smell of sunshine on children? :- )  I look at all your great pictures and wish that I’d had access to a great camera when my kids were little. My heart took lots of pictures, but I don’t have as many  of the other kind. Of course, since I am not much good with a camera, I probably wouldn’t have been able to take the caliber of pictures you do. You do have a gift!

  4. Today we planned on measuring the square footage of our house… I could be a mean mama and make the kids use that ruler. LOL!!! NAH! 😛

  5. @celebratinglifeandmotherhood – Hi!  Thanks for the comments on these older posts…it was fun to go back and see them.  Rich and I spent some time in apartments, townhouses, and also a house in town for a while.  During those times I would take the kids to parks in order to explore and get all dirty……..but yes, we are now living my dream…to live in the country!  :)So funny that your daughter thought my gourmet meal was yucky.  I’m sure she would not have liked any of it.  LOL  And yes, Caleb is adorable in his overalls, I can’t believe how fast he’s grown, they all have.(hugs)~

  6. @purpleamethyst76 – yes that’s what I try to do too…enjoy the yard, go to the playground and other outdoor places. It’s tricky though to find the time amongst all the indoor resposibilities. We all need to work with what we’ve got!! Content is a good place to be…I’m learning…slowly..but learning nevertheless:)

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