David's new Curious George book







Caleb was disappointed with the book.  There was no Thomas the tank engine and the sentences were too long and confusing for him.  Maybe he should have stayed in his playpen, look at his face!  He’s thinking, “This book is awful!”

Do you see my new find hanging on the wall?  It is that square open-work iron wall hanging.  I bought it at an antique store for far less than Pottery barn’s prices!  And that’s a vintage light green fiesta plate hanging next to the corner of it.   There is another plate in the opposite corner. 

Waldenbooks is going out of business so yesterday after my doctor’s appt. I went to the mall to see if I could find anything.  I bought:

The entire boxed set of the Narnia series.  It is paperback but the books are heavy, substantial, with sewn binding and full color original illustrations.

A boxed set of “Kit” American Girl books.

3 American Girl mystery books.

An American Girl horse book.

That Curious George book seen in above photos.

# 8 of the Master and Commander series for me.

Betty Crocker’s Cooky book–because my Grandma had the same one. 

I also went to Sears and bought a pair of Lands End gray lounge pants (they are very cute and so cozy) and a red sweater (bright color to cheer me up!) and a pretty tunic shirt (I like the neckline).

My friend Karen watched the kids while I was gone and when I got home she called out the door, “What did you get?” and I said,

“Clothes and Books!”

0 thoughts on “David's new Curious George book

  1. I love the look on Calebs face, too cute. Great finds, you can never have enough books. I am so happy to hear you are feling better and that you got to spend some alone time yesterday, it’s refreshing isn’t it? Have a wonderfu Friday. Love, Michelle

  2. Waldenbooks is going out of business?!?!  Oh no!  I live in a very small town.  The Christian bookstore we had in town closed.  Then the bookstore at the mall 20 minutes away closed and now the bookstore in the mall 30 minutes away is closing!  That leaves no bookstores within driving distance!  It’s all online shopping for me now!  Sadly, I was at that mall (all by myself even!) yesterday and I decided not to walk down to where the bookstore is for the sake of time.  Maybe I’ll have to take a trip down there again sometime this week.  I’ve had my eye on that same cookbook for quite some time now.  Thanks for the sad news!  🙂  I hope that you are feeling better and will be able to feel God’s presence and His blessing!  ~ Allison

  3. Glad you had a sweet time by yourself…..something about new clothes that lifts the spirits, and I guess books, too, if you are into them.  Sadly, I’m not to much of a book worm.

  4. Love all those books!  I just bought some cute Land’s End jeans and shirts a couple weeks ago.  Love their stuff- not expensive and comfy!  Have a good one~ Laurel

  5. I love Curious George! I’m so glad you got to go out by yourself for a little while. That had to do you some good. You can’t do any better than a shopping day where all you get is clothes and books!

  6. First of all, I love your title header (picture of all of the children), I love all of the pictures in the post too!  I love the iron pic too!  Sounds like you had a great time getting some time to yourself too  

  7. Shopping for myself now is a treat. It seems no matter what I always end up in the children’s section though 🙂  I could spend hours in the bookstore with my oldest Luke. Even Wal-Mart’s one book aisle  takes us twenty minutes!

  8. my boys both love curious george! we actually have a curious george sticker book that my *almost* 3 year old gets to put a sticker in each time he uses the potty…unfortunately we have not put a new sticker in the book for 2 days. who knew potty training could be so frustrating?
    I LOVE the new iron wall decoration…completely my style! I have alot of iron things…..they are all in storage right now though…I miss my stuff! (we are living with my inlaws, if you read my blog you will understand)
    Have a great day! Great pics by the way 🙂 So cute!

  9. I love the pictures, it’s sweet to see Rich reading to the little ones.  Caleb is such a trip.  I’m glad you had a nice relaxing “Shanda’s Day Out”.  Love you. 

  10. Fabulous book finds!!  I just love getting things on sale…it’s almost as good as free, but not quite.  Caleb does look miserable sitting there.  Poor guy.  When my boys were smaller I’d make up short sentences for each page so it went a lot faster than reading it word for word.  But now they enjoy hearing every word when I read to them.

  11. Sounds like the best day ever. I saw your new wall decor right away!  I love wrought iron and I have it throughout my home. It’s beautiful and your plate looks so nice too. Great find. So glad you got all those wonderful books. Also, can’t pass up on cute, comfy clothes. Having pictures with your husband and your kids, reading a book, is priceless.

  12. My hubby and I love to browse the antique stores. I love finding that perfect, unique thing. Great shopping – some of my favorite things: clothes and books! 🙂 Love the pictures. Love, Heather

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