Be Still my Heart, Now What?

More of Caleb’s pursuits:






So, I put him in his HIGH CHAIR with some BOOKS.  He was in it for HALF AN HOUR. . . .What do you think he did the MOMENT I let him out?

Yep.  Right back at it.

I guess I better move the chair.


0 thoughts on “Be Still my Heart, Now What?

  1. I’m sorry!! That’s just too cute!!!  My boys are grown and married now and I really miss those days!  Not the work, but the amusement!   Enjoy him! 
    Good thing that’s a heavy chair and doesn’t tip!
    God bless you.

  2. Adorable!  what a darling adventuresome little boy! We have 6 boys, but the youngest is 4 now.  I happened across your site from someone else’s. I have enjoyed reading here. blessings on caring for your little ones! 

  3. Oh my, I had one of those too.  He’s almost 5 now, but was a big handful, not really naughty, just busy!!  Someone told me to write down for one day all the things that he got into.  It’s very interesting to read the list now that he’s out of that stage.  They change so fast, and it’s easy to forget what they were like.

  4. I love those jammies, the one peice kind, makes me want to cuddle them!!!
    I know I should say something about Caleb, but that chair is beautiful, I love the mission style and the stain, very nice, does this go to the dinning room set?

  5. I have FOUR of your Calebs!  I’ll have to snap some pictures of them doing things like that.  My two year old likes to climb on the kitchen counter to retrieve a bottle or cup for himself! 

  6. Yep, I have one of those too. A climber.Let me know how long it takes him to pull the chair back over or find something else to climb on to reach his goal. ;)BlessingsMelody

  7. I found your site from someone else’s, and find it very interesting !  We have 7 grown children, and when two of them were small they were into so much, (one of them pushing a chair to the stove, climbing up, sitting on the burner, turning it on, and having the marks of the rings of the burner on the upper leg) before I saw what was happening.  For years our “regular” chairs were put away, and we only used folding chairs, which they let alone as long as they were folded and set up against the wall.  I would look at my husband and say “If we can get these two raised to teenage, we’ve done a good job” !  They are both grown now, and we did get them raised (as well as the other 5) !

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