Thanksgiving Snapshots

I hadn’t seen my family since August so it was exciting to get back home.  As soon as my Mom came to the door, I took this picture.  She was saying, “Happy Thanksgiving!!”


The day was a cozy one.  My dad peeled 10 pounds of potatoes for enough mashed potatoes to feed a small army.  We all had a good laugh about it later when I heeped the serving bowl sky high with fluffy white pototoes—and especially when we had all eaten our fill and there was plenty left over.  One of my brothers figured out that Mom had prepared enough for us all to have at least 1 pound of mashed potoatoes each.

My Dad played Stratego with the boys.  Here is a picture of my Dad waiting with patience and perhaps a grain of amusement as Ethan wonders where oh where to move next.

DSCN38520001 DSCN38510001

Ethan’s attire made me smile all day.  I tried to talk him out of the jeans with holes in the knees but he really did think he looked nice enough.  Here he is, with sparkling happy eyes, with his Uncle Isaac.


My mom made three homemade pies: apple, pumpkin and “razzleberry”. . . Dad says that no one makes a razzleberry pie like Mom.  It’s filled with raspberries and blueberries.


The turkey was wonderful.  And Mom’s homemade stuffing was perfect.


 I love this picture of my Mom’s food creations baking in the oven.  What a blessing to have such an abundance of food! 


After the meal was over Mom and I went outside and saw this gorgeous sunset:


I am thankful for my family.  By God’s grace all of us are born-again Christians and what a difference that makes as we interact with one another.  What a difference it makes in our spirits, as we know for sure that we are family now and family for eternity!  I love you all:  Mom, Dad, David, Maria, Nathan, Melissa, Makayla, Amanda, Jason, Naomi, Abbie, Isaac, Brittany, and my own crew:  Rich, Jacob, Ethan, Grace, David and Caleb.

Happy Thanksgiving!

a thankful heart is a happy heart

0 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Snapshots

  1. Oh my goodness!  That sunset!  Doesn’t it make you wonder how beautiful Heaven must be for its beauty to be more magnificent than that, many times over?  Ah, how wondrous is our God!  Praise Him evermore!  Thank you so much for sharing this picture!

  2. Enjoyed your special Thanksgiving Day pictures!  Aren’t times like this so wonderful. Had to smile at your son’s attire, sounds just like my oldest son, the more worn out, the better.   RYC:  I’m not sure of all the details of my cousin’s death (he lives in another state, and my mother’s family is quite large) but it sounded like he was with a girlfriend, and the ex-husband shot them both.  Very sad…

  3. I’m so glad your family is so close!  I wish ours was closer.  It is hard when they are not all believers.  Your mom’s turkey is beautiful!  I wish mine had been that handsome!

  4. Wonderful!  And yes, it’s great that you’re all Christians.  I think that is a rarity in extended family.  But it helps you form such a tighter bond when you have the common ground of your Christianity.  All of your pictures are wonderful as usual. 

  5. “By God’s grace all of us are born-again Christians” …my sister’s sweet Father-in Law said the same thing as we all shared around the table the things we were thankful for.

  6. The food looks wonderful! 🙂 My SIL and I did that once for a family dinner. We just got to peeling and talking and before we knew it, we had peeled all 10 lb! We had lots of leftover potatoes that day too. Blessings

  7. My goodness, Ethan looks so grown up in these pictures, especially that one with your brother.  What a wonderful holiday you guys had.  The proof is in the pictures 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing your pics and your Thanksgiving with your family. I am looking forward to one day being able to sit down at Thanksgiving and be thankful that all of my family are born again Christians. I can’t wait. The food looked wonderful. So happy that you had a blessed day.

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