Fiesta Finds

I collect dishes, but not just any dishes!  FIESTA!  I found a lady who lives less that 15 minutes away from me who wanted to sell some.  I went to her house to pick it up today.  I bought:  1 “radioactive red” plate, a set of light green salt and pepper shakers, a cobalt mixing bowl, a MEDIUM GREEN (the rarest color) teacup and a cobalt large teapot.  All are vintage.

0 thoughts on “Fiesta Finds

  1. My goal is to have SOMETHING in each color ever produced.  Only a few more left! 
    In fiesta there are “vintage” colors and “Post86” colors.  (There were some years in between when it wasn’t produced anymore–in 1986 they reintroduced the line.) 
    There are some collectors who have every shape in every color!  I cannot imagine!  🙂
    Yesterday I was THRILLED because Chef Brockett on Mr. Rogers was stirring his tapioca pudding in a vintage cobalt mixing bowl!  And the ivory and light green bowls were there, too!  🙂 LOL

  2. I haven’t visited your site in a while mostly b/c I couldn’t remember what it was (and since Joanna had disabled her comments, I couldn’t just click on it).  Your fiestaware is great.  Is it pretty expensive?

  3. Joanna, the lady had bought them at an auction with the purpose of reselling them.  She doesn’t collect them for herself, she sells things in an antique store.  That is how I discovered her. 
    The teacup is medium green, an old color.  You have a “shamrock” mug–new, although the colors are similar they are not the same.
    Melody, I use most of my fiesta, but some of it is for decoration.  For example, the large teapot is something I will probably never use–I don’t drink tea!  And, the medium teacup is too valuable to use (at least for me!!)

  4. Congrats, Purple!  I think you bought the best investment of her lot!  It is great to have something in medium greeen, but I think the bowl is my fav.  Glad you got it!
    Don’t drink tea?  EVER?  Even ebabe likes a lady-like cup now and again!
    Sorry I haven’t kept up; it’s getting harder, you know?  Trying to keep things smooth here for those who have to live with me.  :  )

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