When was the last time you laughed because of the marshmallows in your cereal bowl?

Happy Simple Pleasure

Giving a baby a bowl of cereal
and hearing him laugh
because of the marshmallows.



You’re so cute and such a blessing, Caylee-bug!  I loved kissing your warm sleepy cheeks this morning!


I’ve been busy this week.  Caleb and David had check-ups on Monday, yesterday we went grocery shopping and to church and today Jacob has a dentist appointment.  With all that driving around it has been a blessing to have a new music CD to listen to.  Here are the lyrics to the song that has been a huge blessing to me all week:

“O Wondrous Love”

O wondrous love that will not let me go,
I cling to you with all my strength and soul.
Yet if my hold shall ever fail,
Your wondrous love
will never let me go.

O wondrous love that’s come to dwell in me!
who am I that I should come to know
Your tender voice, assuring me
Your wondrous love WILL NEVER LET ME GO?

O wondrous love that sings of Calvary,
The sweetest sound this sinner’s ever known;
The song of your redeeming Son,
Whose wondrous love will never let me go.

Chorus:  I’m resting in the everlasting arms,
In the
ever faithful heart, the Shepherd of my life,
You carry me on Your
mighty wings of grace,
Keeping me until the day
I look into your eyes.
Written by Steve and Vikki Cook
from the cd “If Eyes Could See”  The Steve Pettit Evang.Team

I get bogged down at times spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically and I’ve been learning that if I “Turn my eyes upon Jesus, Look full in HIS wonderful face. . . the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace”!  That is why I love this song “O wondrous Love”. . . .it reminds me that HE is my all in all.  I can’t wait to see Him and to look into His eyes.  I just know that I will see the purest love there.

True Love Always



0 thoughts on “When was the last time you laughed because of the marshmallows in your cereal bowl?

  1. 🙂 Did he eat the marshmellows first? That is what my Zanerbug does- I can’t give him lucky charms because he will eat the marshmellows only and then say “more” LOL

  2. Yes, he ate the marshmallows first. . .if you notice the first pictures has LOTS and the 2nd picture has almost none.  🙂
    I just got back from the dentist–ORTHODONTIST to be exact, and the Dr. said that Jacob has severe over-crowding and eventually we will need to pull some teeth and do the whole braces thing.  While we’re at it we might as well get Ethan involved.  They go back in about 6 months.  I had braces when I was a teen and my teeth have shifted so I’m going to get mine fixed, too.  We’re going to get to know this guy REALLY well, LOL.
    I went to Starbucks and a consignment shop and found Grace a few more dresses (thats all she wants to wear. . . .) it’s so much cheaper to get them 2nd hand!!

  3. How cute lucky charms make me smile too. Love the lyrics, I bet that song is beautiful…the one you quote “turn your eyes upon Jesus” is one of my absolute favorites, now I will be singing it all day. Have a beautiful day.~Michelle

  4. I happened upon your site from coolmomofeight’s site.  I love finding joy in the simple things and laughing at the sweet moments that pass all too quickly with my children.  I love the words to that song, I don’t know the tune but I put my own tune to it and have been singing it all day 🙂

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