"God Can do What Seems Impossible"

The inspiration for my entry today comes from the sunrise.  At 7 this morning I walked right by my big picture window to turn on the tv.  I turned it on just in time for the weather. The network showed their “live camera” shot of the sunrise and everyone at the desk had comments about the rare beauty of it.  The weather man said, “Let’s just forget about the weather report and look at this beautiful sunrise.”  I looked at the picture on the tv and then glanced out my window. . . . .at the sunrise!  I almost missed it!  I grabbed my camera, ran outside (froze) and took some pictures.  Then I got the kids out of bed to see it, too.



I don’t know how God hangs the world on nothing,

Or how he keeps the planets each in place.

I cannot count the sands upon the seashore,

Nor can I count the stars that float in space.


I don’t know how the Lord can save a sinner Or how His grace can cleanse and set him  free.  I can’t explain the mystery of Calv’ry-To think that Jesus died for even me.

But God can do what seems impossible;
God controls eternity.
My mind can never comprehend it,
But God in heaven cares for me.

(upside down)


I don’t know all the meaning of “forever”

Or just how long it’s been since time began.

I can’t explain how Christ Who is eternal

Could come to earth and die for sinful man.

But God can do what seems impossible;
God controls eternity.
My mind can never comprehend it,
But God in heaven cares for me.

are Thy works,
Lord God Almighty.
Revelation 15:3

0 thoughts on “"God Can do What Seems Impossible"

  1. Georgeous!  Isn’t it just too easy to go about our day to day and not see the little gifts God sends us?  You were lucky today to catch this gift before it went away.  The poem is beautiful and mixed with the pictures it brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Beautiful pictures!
    One of the things my father told me when I moved here was to “treasure the Big Sky over Texas.”  We try to notice it now almost every time we go out, the children and I.  They look for the sunsets in the evening, the moon all day long, and the phases each month.  Such splenders are ours for the enjoyment and His for an everylasting glory each day, if we will but “look to the skies!”

  3. Thanks for sharing those pictures.  They are gorgeous.  Maybe you are from Iowa.  I have never seen a sunrise like this in Southern Iowa.  joytobealive, above, is my daughter.  Joy, we just as well admit defeat or hope this lady lives in our wonderful state.  Albert

  4. Those pictures are gorgeous.  Saw you had visited so I thought I’d return the favor.  I’d like to subscribe to you if you don’t mind and I’ll add you to my protected list.
    Where are you from (thus where were those great sunrise shots taken?).
    I have boys, too.  3 of them!

  5. Shanda, you win, hands down.  God is the greatest artist there is.  All we can do is record his paintings and give Him the honor.  I have more mushroom pictures on previous posts.  You are welcome to check them out.  And maybe you can identify some of them for me.  God’s blessings to you and your family.  Albert

  6. These are incredible pictures–seeing God’s handiwork feels my heart with joy!  You are so great with your blogging–the combination of your thoughts, your pictures, and your quotes/poems/prayers.  Thank you!  Reading your blog always makes my day!!

  7. Oh Shanda, that is soooooo very beautiful and touching. What a world our Lord has created. You are so talented and I love the pictures you show us. Thank you Shanda, for being an encouragement to me. All my love, BeverlyMy Christy book has a picture of a young girl standing in a field. We must have different ones. I just pulled mine out of my daughters bookcase to read again. I probably have not read it in 10 years.

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