A Picture


is worth



A thousand words



“He who has put all things in their places
has put me in this place,
and here will I glorify Him.”
(I Cor. 12:20)
Thomas Manton, 1620-1677


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  1. Shanda, What beautiful pictures, I love the one of all your family. The one of your littlest is just beautiful, the colors in the background are amazing.Have fun photographing your beautiful children and beautiful land.

  2. great pics! I especially loved the ones of your kids splashing in the pond with your house in the back (guessing). I  love the feel of it… I love all it says, all it captures. It is childhood in its purest sense; it is a healthy home; and the wonder of sun.

  3. hey! i saw you came to my site and i wanted to say hi 🙂

    i love your pictures! are you “into” photography?
    in Christ alone,hannah =]

  4. Absolutely Gorgeous Pictures!  Wow!!  I love all of them, but especially the one with all of the children’s backs looking forward.  Thank you for the sweet comment on my site!  ~Have a Blessed Day!!

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