This is me, first thing this morning, with my new bowl.

Look what I found last night!  For those of you who don’t know me . . . .I collect Fiestaware, made by Homer Laughlin China Co.  My dear friend and fellow xanga member EBABE also collects it.  It’s so much fun.

Anyway, the newest color is HEATHER and I decided to go to MACY’S last night to see if they had anything new.  I entered the store and off in the distance I could see the fiesta display.  I saw a stack of boxes with a big, shallow bowl displayed on the top.  No!  Could it be?  A PRESENTATION BOWL IN HEATHER?????  I walked quickly. . . .and. . . . YES, oh YES, it WAS!  And with gold lettering on the bottom with those thrilling words;  “Exclusively for Macy’s”!!  Should I buy the whole stack?  No, better not.  Not when one bowl is 50 dollars!  I looked in 3 boxes before I found it:  The Perfect One. . . . .and with lots of loving, backward glances I went to pay for my fanastic find.

I went up to the register and it rang up for 53 dollars. 
But wait! 
“Let me go see if that’s supposed to be on sale” said the nice lady.  When she came back, she rang up the bowl again, saying “This is 30% off.  That’ll be 35 dollars!”  I squealed for joy!  Should I go get another one at such a good price?  No.  Better not.  What would my husband say?

So out the door of Macy’s I went, holding the bag with my new fiesta presentation bowl in HEATHER.  The first thing I wanted to do was tell a friend.  Not just any friend, my fiesta partner-in-crime, Lea Ann!  (and let’s face it, she’s the only one I know personally that can truly share my joy when it comes to fiesta!)

Shanda and Lea Ann. . . . . .April 11, 2006, at Lea Ann’s new home in TX.  I’m holding the LILAC DISC PITCHER that she GAVE me, and now she says I have to give it back. . . . . .


  1. Fiesta!!! There is a name I haven’t heard in awhile.
    I have sort of collection, but I don’t buy the new.  There once was a time where the phrase “vintage turquiose fiesta”, made my heart skip a beat. My collection is not big, but I still love it. I have some displayed in my kitchen, even painted my trim to match LOL! I have other pieces, packed away waiting for the day I have a safe place for all of it.
    What is your most favorite piece? I lean towards the Tea Pots, large and small, also love the shape of the pitchers juice and water.
    Great find! I bet you felt like doing a little dance, when you found out it was on sale too!

  2. Pretty color!!! I am not into Fiesta ware, but I can understand your excitement. I was like that with Longaberger baskets for a while. 🙂 On sale is even cooler!! 🙂 Be blessed.Enjoy your new find. :)Melody

  3. Yeah!
    Did you HAVE to use the picture of me with the funny face?  That’s what I get for demanding my pitcher back!
    I called my Macy’s, and I, too, can own a piece of tableware history for a mere $35 dollars.  Now, if you hear of a strange bank robbery in Texas where the lady only demands $35, quickly turn off the TV.
    And, granted my heist is successful,  your lilac pitcher is safe in CT.

  4. You are so cute, I found myself actually rooting for you and your find.  What a blessing for you and how you bless us with your joy.  I may have to take up collecting Fiesta, but I do have a small collection of, (maybe three) roosters.  I love the sound of a rooster, it brings back memories of my staying with my great aunt on a farm in west Texas.  Oh well, what a great sharing. God bless, Evalyne

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