David 15

6 thoughts on “David 15”

  1. You’re right…you’ve documented all of the special days, pictures, things they’ve said and done, your feelings about it, what is going on in your own life. What a special gift to your children…especially later in life when it will really mean something to them. 🙂 It’s like you’ve written a novel about your life.

    To those of us who have gotten to know you all from afar, each and every one of you are special and unique and you’ve helped, by your portrayal, for us to know them. Thank you for that.

    Happy Birthday, David! The smile looks great! I got braces in my 40’s, so the feeling of getting those braces off is still fresh in my memory. It’s liberating.

  2. You are so handsome David. Love the new smile. Do you still like science and cooking? Happy 15th!

    So blessed through the years by your blog, Shanda. It has been wonderful to be part of your life,and your family. xoxo. A warm Fall day here, with some fog off the ocean. Bob is still bringing home peppers, cucumbers, and an occasional tomato from the garden. I think our emergency food will be sweet potato, as he says they have taken over the garden plot 🙂

  3. He is a very handsome young man. I hope he has a nice birthday! I read the comments above, and have to say you have a great blog … very encouraging. I always enjoy your photos as well. I look forward to reading your posts, I think you are a blessing to many!

  4. I remember your blog when David was a little fellow. I feel old but blessed to see him grow into a calm, caring, thoughtful young man. Happy Belated Birthday to David!

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