7 thoughts on “a rare bird

  1. Nice pics…all of them. 🙂 Each of your children are unique and beautiful in their own way. I have also enjoyed watching them grow up on your blog. I am wondering if Grace will be going to college or living it home. I’m sure you’ll fill us in at some point. 😉 Best wishes to her, whatever she chooses. She’s already a success. A job well-done, Shanda and Rich!

    • Kara, she’s going to Clarks Summit University in PA. She’s studying to be an English teacher. So these days I’m feeling a little sad, in a good way of course, I’m proud of her, but I will miss her terribly at first. She has so many gifts and we are thankful she can continue her education and use them!!
      Thank you for praying and supporting through the years, it’s all grace!!
      love you. xo

  2. Rare and BEAUTIFUL! And I LOVE that she’ll be studying to be an English teacher. It’s what I wanted to be before I married young and started having babies. I suppose it’s never too late but NOW I’d like to be a librarian instead… Could you imagine???

  3. We would have the BEST collection. And possibly giggle a lot between reading. 🙂 It would be fun. And impeccably decorated. 🙂

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