10 thoughts on “hobbies”

  1. Oh Shanda, a hobby is so worthwhile even if it just stays a hobby. Your photos and writing however bless so many people. And who knows where it might take you someday when the little birds leave the nest? A photography exhibit about birds? A photography class? A book? Cards with bird photos? When my kids were growing up, I painted. Now I have fun painting with a wonderful group of ladies, make cards to send to people, give art as gifts, sell my art and use it to speak at churches. It has so enriched my life, worth every penny. Have fun!

    1. Lois, reading this brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for understanding. And I love that you painted then and you paint now and how much it has enriched your life. It IS worth it.

  2. I have to agree with the poster above, your photos and writing I’m sure bless many people. I personally sooo enjoy looking at your beautiful photos and reading your blog. I look forward to it every weekday and am always disappointed on the days you don’t post 🙂 I also agree with the above poster that a hobby is worthwhile even if it only stays a hobby. I do think if you wanted to make money with your photos down the road you could easily do so as you are very talented! As for the guilt, hmm, I think guilt might come from a little voice we are better off not listening to. I think if we are wise with our spending habits, then we can also be wise in spending an extra amount of money on something that is special to us, and that will bring enjoyment to us and to others – all guilt free.

    I don’t really have a hobby. I recently joined Instagram (little.old.lady.online) so maybe you could call that a hobby lol, but it’s with an iPhone 6 and an extra macro lens lol. (I’d never be able to figure out a DSLR camera….) I joined mostly because I like taking amateur nature photos, and I enjoy looking at and following the nature photos of others. After first accidentally following a few non-nature Instagram feeds, mostly of people I know, I decided to only follow nature feeds, but I do visit other Instagram sites w/o following them. As for an online business, nope I don’t have one. I think I have written too much here 🙂 I shall look forward to seeing the photos with your new lens!

    1. I did not realize YOU were little old lady online!! I’ve been enjoying your instagram very much. Thank you for taking the time to write here today, it really helped and encouraged me to hear from you and the others. I especially liked your remark about the voice of guilt not to be listened to!

  3. God made us to be like Him and He is the Great Creator, and we are made to create. You use your words and pictures to make beautiful creations. (Of course, your children are your most beautiful creations.) Your words and pictures bless others. I think my hobbies are reading, cooking, and jigsaw puzzles. I used to sew but that was a long time ago. I also like to take pictures, and enjoy Facebook.

  4. I have always considered my photography a hobby — I have no desire to sell my photos, or to create a business of my photography. I use the photos as I wish, and give away some, but they are not a money-maker. I have never worried about cost — once I purchased the equipment I needed to get started, the costs are very much less than they used to be (the cost of processing has completely disappeared, and been replaced by occasional need for new batteries, or paper, etc for printing. In some ways, it’s the least expensive hobby one could have, when the costs are amortized over the number of photos one can take without additional cost. You do a beautiful job with the equipment you have — a 300 lens will enhance your work and it will become spectacular!

  5. Look forward to seeing what you capture on your new lens. I am happy you got a “get it” and soon will have it! I think it will be fun and many will be blessed from your hobby. 😊 Now one request…
    Just no clear pictures of snakes and all will be well. 😉

    Unfortunately I can not answer any of your questions b/c I am a boring person with no hobbies 😜

  6. I’m so glad to read you are getting your new lens. As others have probably said above, your photos and writing bless us all. You inspire me to take time to notice the little things and to praise God for them. And to take a moment to capture the ordinary. To remind us it’s all extraordinary. I only have my smart phone, though. I could see your hobbies becoming something more as the littles grow up and out of the nest. My hobbies include reading and writing. I don’t spend an awful lot on reading…and sometimes feel guilty when I purchase an ebook for more than $10. 🙂 But it’s how I relax among the busy-ness. And someday…when the kids are grown, I will write more. I’m usually too tired to write much lately but every once in a while a gem comes out on Instagram or Facebook. One of these days I’ll gather them all and put them together. 🙂

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