candy man

10 thoughts on “candy man”

    1. Maria, thank you! It did indeed stick together and we needed that tip. I will let him know. I bought him small square wax papers to twist his taffy into.

  1. That’s awesome! Candy is hard to make. I’ve tried to make peanut brittle three times before and I never did succeed. I think there is a knack to knowing exactly when it’s reached the candy stage. Apparently Dave’s got it!

  2. That boy will never be bored. He is your inventor. I had one like that. My middle. So creative.
    Nice candy mold, Davey-do. Oops. Sorry not sorry. 😉

    1. I love that you still call him that. We still do at times, too. He’s as tall as I am now! He is at that “growing in his sleep and all day” stage….hugs!!

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