we all wore the same dress

When I was a little girl, the same age as you, I went to school, too.

I started out in a Kindergarten class, just like you.

And do you know what?

My Mama made me a dress, she made it herself, a special little dress for me to wear to school.

“She did?  Where is it?”

It’s right here, this is the very dress that I wore.

And do you know what?

Your sister Gracie wore this dress on her first day of school, too!

Let’s try it on you.

Oh Sarah, it looks so pretty!

Do you want to wear it for your first day of school, too?  Just like Mama and Gracie?


Why not?

“It’s itchy.”

It is?  I can fix that.  What if you wear this pair of soft shorts underneath?  Is that better?

“Okay.  Can I wear my new shoes?”


Mama’s going to miss you but I know you’re going to have a fun day at your school.

I love you.





11 thoughts on “we all wore the same dress

  1. Love this! How special is it to still have that same adorable dress to pass down to your precious girls, Shanda!
    Now their future holds the same treasured memory of their first day of school as yours did! 🙂

  2. So Precious ..and such a pretty dress …handmade by Grandma …how neat is that ….I know how you feel even though my boys are 31 and 36 …I still remember how I felt on that first day ….enjoy your quiet day …. Your precious children will be home soon …Bless you all ..especially Sarah

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