5 thoughts on “seth wants to know

  1. I remember that I was not very brave. So when my tooth got wriggly, I was excited because I was growing up, but I was scared that it would hurt or bleed. It got looser and looser and I could turn it almost completely around with my tongue. And one day it just fell out while I was messing with it. And I was very proud of myself.

  2. My first lost tooth wasn’t even wiggly yet. I was swinging on my belly, like they always tell you not to do. I fell out face first and knocked out a tooth. Oopsie.

  3. I was five. Pulled it myself. Always did them myself, because my parents’ remedy was to tie a string on it and give it a yank. Hated that. Who does that anymore? Oy.

  4. The first time i felt my tooth wiggle… I thought I was going to die. literally.
    I don’t remember how it finally came out 🙂

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