and all along….

I looked for the tiny ring all over the house.
Not only I, but my whole family.
Under the radiators.
Under the beds.
In all my jewelry boxes.
In the pigs on my kitchen windowsill.
On the piano.
Under all the furniture.
Down the drain.
In the bedding.
Under the fridge.
On the counters.
Behind washer and dryer.
In the lint drawer.
In my bed.
In the bathrooms.
In the couch (twice) cracks, cushions.
Under throw rugs.
In the bookshelves, behind them, under them.
In the clothes in my dresser, pockets of jeans, coats, and aprons.

I searched diligently for an entire week, I vacuumed, dusted, swept, moaned, groaned, cried, howled, sighed, talked about it incessantly, offered rewards, and had nightmares all because of my beautiful lost Tiffany ring.  By the end of the week, I began to accept the fact that it was lost forever.  I even began dropping it from conversations with my loved ones.


We had another snow storm on Saturday, so on Sunday after the skies cleared up and the snow melted off the roads I thought I would get out of the house with the kids.  I got myself dressed and thought I would put a ring on my right hand, which felt rather blank without decoration.  (I’ve been punishing myself by not wearing any superfluous rings.  Maybe deep down inside I felt they were safer in the jewelry box.)


I was alone in my quiet bedroom as I walked over to my dresser.  I lifted the lid to the glass dish in which I keep my rings …..


I chose one and slipped it on my pointer finger.  It was a purple stoned ring that I bought at Brimfield with my sister a few years ago.


It felt loose and seemed a bit too flashy for shopping at the mall with the kids so I took it off and put it back.


As I placed it in the dish, I took a moment to see if there was a different one to wear.  At the very same time……I saw my missing ring.

It had been hidden inside the purple one.  (see above photo)  I had looked in the dish several times, even stirred the rings around with my finger, and never saw it.

I stood in shock for a moment and then picked it up.  I felt nothing but disbelief and shame.  I slipped it on my finger and walked out of my room.  I didn’t feel like celebrating, I felt rather stupid, but I knew after all my fussing I had to do something so I loudly announced, “I found my ring!!” to the family.  The children groaned when I told them where it was.


And now it’s back on my joyous finger again.


17 thoughts on “and all along….

  1. I think most of us do things like that from time to time so please don’t feel bad about not seeing it there. I’m just glad you found something that was special to you that you’d thought you’d lost. 🙂

  2. So Glad ….I have done things like that ..and I know how the loss feels and the frustration that accompanies it all …

    Don’t worry Shanda …it will get worse as you get older …ha! ha!

    Sometimes I can’t remember where I put the salt yet alone a precious ring

    Happy days Janet

  3. Oh dear, oh my…. Alls I can do is smile. :). Jeremy lost his keys one day. I searched and tore up the house. Offered rewards but they could not be found…. Sound similar? He got home after a long day and they were in his pocket of his fleece jacket tucked in a corner.. that he was wearing All Day!!!! Ok so don’t feel happens to the best of us! So glad you found it! Rejoice it was safe all the time! 😉
    Love you!

  4. I am so happy for you that you found your ring! And don’t feel bad about not seeing it, I think it was hidden quite well. As fort he kids, when they are older and do something similar (because it happens to all of us), maybe they will be able to look back and remember this story.

  5. So happy for this ending!!! It speaks of a Father’s love and care. And now you know every inch of your house and sofas and all. =)

  6. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY for you!! Don’t worry we have all done stuff like this!
    I’m the same way even for things that don’t matter so much, because when I miss place something it BUGS me until I find it, I can’t imagine if it was a ring that is so special to you! Congrats on finding it , glad it was safe in it’s place just waiting on you to see it!!

  7. I saw on FB that you lost it but didn’t comment…(I was nursing and it was a pain to do 😉
    I checked back and you still hadn’t found it. But now it’s found! Yay!!!

    A while back my engagement ring was missing. I took it off at a party we were having when I washed dishes. I always put it in this little ring dish and when I went to put it on later that night…it was gone. I searched EVERYWHERE for days. mom was talking to my sister in law and told her I lost my ring. She nearly died..she had taken it as a joke the night of the party..put it in her pocket and waited for me to go for it so she could watch me get nervous. She forgot about it, went home and threw her jeans in the washing machine. So days later…my ring was found in the bottom of her washer!!! She felt so bad she took it to a jeweler and had it professionally cleaned on her way to drop it off at my house. Haha.
    I was so relieved and thought it was funny…but while I was looking..oh boy, that wasn’t fun…it was my engagement ring!!!

  8. Did you think of Anne of Green Gables? You cannot go to that Ice Cream Social until you tell me the truth! Haha.

    Seriously, sheepish those these things may be (and who hasn’t experienced something of the sort?) what a relief to find them in a safe place all along. Thanks Lord!

  9. Yay, we can all celebrate with you that it was found. Oh my, we have all had moments like that. Bob calls me a detective, because I can find things, but I think it is getting harder, especially when I put things somewhere for “safe keeping” , and forget where that is!

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