August9 (1139)(David, photo by Joanna)

About a year ago Caleb, who loves to read, was reading the book Super over and over.  He even took it upon himself to read the first chapter out loud to me, firmly believing his mom would like it as much as he did.  He was so cute with his book that I took his picture with it.

Last week I came across that old picture and I thought, “Hmmmm, I wonder if the author has come out with a new book in this series?”  I went on amazon and sure enough, there was a new book.  Imagining Caleb’s delight, I promptly ordered it and waited to surprise him.

It arrived a few days later, and because we got the mail late in the evening, everyone was home and in the room watching as I asked Caleb to open the cardboard shipping box containing the new book.  He was absolutely thrilled when he realized what it was.

But, someone else in the room was squinting his eyes in irritation.  “MOM!  Why did you give it to HIM?  I was the one who read those books FIRST!  HE only read them because of MEEEEEEEE!”   The irritated person was David.

I assured him that the book was for him, too, but that it just so happened that I gave it to Caleb to read first.  He stomped around, totally unsatisfied with my answer and convinced that life was unfair.  “No one liked him.”

That night we sent the children to bed at the typical time.

But the next morning David had to be awakened by his sister from a sound, snoring sleep, at 12:45pm.

He stumbled with swollen eyes into the living room where Caleb was curled up on the couch with the wonderful new book.

“DAVE!  What happened to you?” I asked, “Why did you sleep so long this morning?  Are you sick?”

“I stayed up reading Caleb’s book.  He told me I could read the first chapter but I read the entire thing.”

Now it was Caleb’s turn to cry.  His heart was broken because he had given permission to David to read ONE chapter and he “read the whole thing”(320 pages!)……and HE himself “wanted to read it FIRST!”

It was one of those moments when I wasn’t sure if I should have a heart to heart talk with David about respecting not only your brother’s personal possessions but also his *personal privileges*, OR laugh and tell Caleb to never mind, it was all his now.

The name of the book was Villainous.

8 thoughts on “villainous

  1. I’d say, David is one determined boy, along with being curious enough to read the entire book in one night! As for what to do as the mom, I guess I’d do the little respect talk and then the “get over it” one. But, I may have taken the book away from them at bedtime and said, something like, “reading may continue tomorrow!” (I say NOW in my wiser, older years! HAHAHAHAHAHA!(

  2. I wish I had read as much as your kids do when I was their age. That must be one awesome book! I don’t blame him for reading the whole thing. If it’s a good book, only reading one chapter is like eating only one piece of popcorn! 🙂

    That’s a very sweet picture of David.

  3. i saw that FACE before reading the story. Great pic of Davey. I love all of your kids! This story is the best. So fun you got that book, and I relate so much to both boys! I love books too, and have told myself to put one down, yet, still read into the night. Bob calls me his reader rabbit ( like the battery commercial)

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